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 hey guys!! so to thank everyone for following me ( this extra piece of trash )!! i seriously really want to thank yall, but since the old 400 celebration continuation thing isn’t great, i decided to do name aesthetics, name edits ( or url ) and hp blogrates !

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“Ceremonial magic is the ancient art of invoking and controlling spirits by a scientific application of certain formula. A magician, enveloped in sanctified vestments and carrying a wand inscribed with hieroglyphic figures, could by the power vested in certain words and symbols control the invisible inhabitants of the elements and of the astral world. While the elaborate ceremonial magic of antiquity was not necessarily evil, there arose from its perversion several false schools of sorcery, or black magic.”

- Manly Palmer Hall: The Secret Teachings of all Ages

AN:I’m reposting this cuz last night I did it and tumblr was being a difficult to me.

(Note: This information has been made by me, though I do give credit to kingdomofmongrels, kumafromtaiwan, and gandalfthegregarious for both introducing me to this theory as well as providing some information regarding the topic. The photo used is from the talented saskyang who is one of the first to draw out some fanart for the theory. Thank you all!)

So ever since Yang first got her arm cut off, I wasn’t convinced that it would stay off. Mainly due to the Post credit scene in Volume 2. I didn’t think it was a dream, but more of a flash forward on the grounds that Raven speaks. Yang wouldn’t have a clue what her mother sounds like on account of her leaving before Yang could even remember her.

As well as the fact that…..well it would be pointless. Why would we have our time wasted with that scene when the next volume we get clear confirmation that Raven is Yang’s mother? The moment we saw her on the train a great deal of us thought it was Yang’s mother, the way she looks down at Yang and doesn’t immediately leave gives us that indication.

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