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Good night, innernets. #prebedtimebath
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Did y’all see this Brittney Griner dunk?  👀

shadowalex2000  asked:

Aside from Hummingbird, do you ship any other ships?

Eclipse/Black Sun
Emerald x Mercury
Phoenix (Tai x Raven)
Ozpin x Glynda
Roman x Neo

!Bonus round!
Summer x Being alive
Oscar x a straight answer from Ozpin
Qrow x alcohol

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 hey guys!! so to thank everyone for following me ( this extra piece of trash )!! i seriously really want to thank yall, but since the old 400 celebration continuation thing isn’t great, i decided to do name aesthetics, name edits ( or url ) and hp blogrates !

to enter :

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

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