mercury mountaineer

List 10 songs you’re vibing on currently, then tag 10 mutuals. I was tagged by @toast-gh0st thank you very much!!

1. Call It Dreaming (Iron and Wine)

2. Still (The Japanese House)

3. The Louvre (Lorde)

4. I AIN’T GOT TIIIIIIIIIIME (Tyler, the Creator)

5. This Year (The Mountain Goats)

6. Stretch Your Eyes (Agnes Obel)

7. Mercury (Planetarium)

8.  Empty Churches (Giles Corey)

9.  Death With Dignity (Sufjan Stevens)

10. Hero (Family of the Year)

I will tag my greatest enemies:
@nolongerbrokenbell, @iiriidescent, @winged-beloved, @throughtheazaleas, @ayyeeeitsthisbitch, @herbertwest, @radishboy, @americancarcrashheart, @missreehms, @sundaymorningandimfallin


UPDATE: These shots were taken of the suspects and their vehicle.

  • They own a Mercury Mountaineer; Silver on the bottom and brown, grey, or black on the top.
  • They are a heavy set couple, in their 20s with a young child.
  • We believe they live in the area around 62nd Ave between 49th St and 34th St in St. Petersburg, FL

If there’s anyone in the area who knows of them or sees them, please let me know immediately.