mercury mirror

7th House Mirror ♀
  • Sun in the 7th: Discovers their individualism and self-realization through mirroring the self-expression and vibrancies of others
  • Moon in the 7th: Finds awareness of their emotions and psychological needs through mirroring the moods, habits and temperaments of others
  • Mercury in the 7th: mirrors the opinions and thoughts of others, eventually formulating their own arguments, perceptions and self-analyzation/reflection
  • Venus in the 7th: mirrors the affections of their lovers and behaviors in their social relations as to build their own values, peace of mind, and love principles
  • Mars in the 7th: reflects the anger, desires and passions of others as to eventually find their own inner spark, independence and fighting spirit
  • Jupiter in the 7th: reflects the inner 'god' of others as to discover their inner road map and higher states of consciousness that reveal a more spiritual, knowledgeable and jubilant temperament
  • Saturn in the 7th: mirrors the patience and growth of others as to find a sense of responsibility, maturity, self-respect and timeless wisdom within
  • Uranus in the 7th: finds their genius, eccentricity, and inspiration in others as to discover their own unique, progressive and individualistic temperament, eventually generating universal love and social-cause awareness
  • Neptune in the 7th: reflects the angels, sensitivity, and idealism of others as to find their psychic consciousness and realize their vision of saving others and through others, discovering self-redemption.
  • Pluto in the 7th: the demons, intensity and power-complex of others is projected onto the individual and through the darkness of others they see the darkness in themselves, transforming and finding awareness of their angels, influential intuition and self-control/self-empowerment.
  • Mercury in the 1st house: Hermes's Halo
  • Mercury in the 2nd house: Violin thoughts
  • Mercury in the 3rd house: Pixie Pocketbook
  • Mercury in the 4th house: Makes home headlines
  • Mercury in the 5th house: Trumpet thoughts
  • Mercury in the 6th house: Brain butterflies
  • Mercury in the 7th house: Mind mirror
  • Mercury in the 8th house: Natural hypnotist
  • Mercury in the 9th house: Perceptive Professor
  • Mercury in the 10th house: Thought castles
  • Mercury in the 11th house: Wi-Fi Mind
  • Mercury in the 12th house: Escaping my own mind

Photos from Kennedy Space Center last week, finally! It rained a little bit but it was sooooo fun (even better than Disney two days later :’)). More photos and stuff below the cut!

It was so neat seeing Gus’ Mercury suit (he’s so compact!! my love!) and all their personal things like Wally’s jacket and Deke’s knife and John Young’s kneeboard. And there’s a big life-sized version of that photo of the Mercury Seven by the F-106,, yes I took a photo with each of them:

The tour to the Saturn V Center was awesome (the VAB is huge?? like HUGE?) and the Apollo 1 exhibit there was beyond great. I love the pictures and personal items they had for each of them, like Gus’ cozy hunting gear and Ed’s track shoes and Rog’s Eagle Scout uniform and cookbook :’) We were there kinda early and I’m glad it was mostly empty. I knew I’d be emotional but seeing the hatch was just… really, really intense and hard. I took some photos and I haven’t looked at them that much because it’s rough,, but I took this one with the photo of Gus I carry around with me everywhere:

As sad as it was, it was also really neat to hear people talking about them. Little kids learning about them, older people remembering what it was like, idk I’m so used to people in my everyday life not even knowing who they are that it was a real welcome change to see them treated like supermen. “A hero remembered never dies.”

The rest of KSC was so fun; seeing Atlantis was AWESOME and climbing through the little ISS (meant for kids asldfkdlfskjsd) and all the engines and boosters and telescope models, I already can’t wait to go back 😭 Like the Apollo 1 exhibit, the shuttle disaster memorials were really really nice. It was nice to see what their families chose to display for each of them, like Rick’s bible and cowboy boots and KC’s favorite book and Greg’s biking trophy. I didn’t know they had pieces of each shuttle on display, that kind of caught me off guard. The Space Mirror Memorial was cool too, it was a little drizzly by that time so I had it to myself lmao, it was nice to see everyone honored like that, even the ones who usually aren’t like Ted and Elliot and Charlie and C.C. I wish Ed Givens was included as well, and I hope someday he will be.

Anyways I had an awesome time and I can’t wait to go back ASAP!!!!!!!

The Garden, she noticed upon first touching the earth, was too small. The walls pressed in, too tall and too dark. She felt the grass under her feet, soft and new and unharmed, not a single blade broken. Winds blew through the Garden, and then past it. They said to her: feed us. Follow us into the desert. Walk next to us, carry nothing but the sun with you. But when she turned her face to the sun God said, you would turn your back on this man, and for what? But she did not see a man; she saw only what Mattered and what Did Not Matter. She saw the grass, broken only under Adam’s feet, and she saw the sky. The sun. The mercury-still mirror of the lake. She saw herself. And she turned to face God and said in a voice louder than He had given her: to walk, Lord, free of the chains you would have me wear. To walk.
—  VII: Lilith 

K y l e’ s    M i x t a p e: p l a y [x]

Air (feat. Astrid) - Shawn Mendes // And The Snakes Start To Sing - Bring Me The Horizon // Animal - Neon Trees // Anthem Of The Angels - Breaking Benjamin // Baby Came Home - The Neighbourhood // Bad Romance - Lady Gaga // Bein’ Green - Frank Sinatra // Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert // Broken - Lifehouse // Can’t Sleep Love - Pentatonix // Clarity - Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider // Collide - Howie Day // Dark Doo Wop - MS MR // Deja Vu - 3OH!3 // Dirty Dancing - New Kids On The Block // Dreams - Fleetwood Mac /// Dumb - Nirvana // Everybody Hurts - R.E.M. // Even Flow - Pearl Jam // Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus // Fashion Of His Love - Lady Gaga // Find A Way - Safetysuit // Fix You - Coldplay // Flaws - Bastille // Gasoline - Halsey // Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran // Go The Distance - Hercules // Goner - Twenty One Pilots // Gypsy Woman - Anarbor // Hallelujah - Panic! At The Disco // Heavy In Your Arms - Florence + The Machine // Hold Me - Fleetwood Mac // Hold The Line - Toto // Human - Christina Perri // I Saw Water - Tigers Jaw // I’m Still Here - Johnny Rzeznik // I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends // Impossible - James Arthur // Just A Dream (feat. Christina Grimmie) -  Sam Tsui // Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door - Guns N Roses // Light - Sleeping At Last // Love Me Like You Do (Orchestra) - Ellie Golding // Madison’s Favorite Toys - Fly Away Hero // Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson // Mary - The Death Riders // The Memory - Mayday Parade // Misery - Maroon 5 // Mercury - Sleeping At Last // Mirrors - Justin Timberlake // More Than Words - Extreme // Monster - Skillet // My Body - Young The Giant // Never Going Back Again - Fleetwood Mac  // Never Gonna Leave This Bed - Maroon 5 // Nightingale - Demi Lovato // No Angels (feat. Ella) - Bastille // No Scrubs - TLC // Not Meant To Be - Theory Of A Deadman // Numb - Linkin Park // Paralyzed - Mystery Skulls // Pair Of Wings - Justin Timberlake // Poor Unfortunate Souls - Fly Away Hero // Rape Me - Nirvana // Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac // Rosanna - Toto // Secrets - State Champs // Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind // Serve The Servants - Nirvana // Seven Wonders - Fleetwood Mac // She Is - The Fray // Show Me How To Live - Audioslave // Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon // Stay - Mayday Parade // Territorial Pissings - Nirvana // There She Goes - Sixpence None The Richer // The Trick To Life - The Hoosiers // Turning Page -  Sleeping At Last // Uneven Odds - Sleeping At Last // Vienna - The Fray // The Weight - Shawn Mendes // Who You Are - Jesse J // Yellow - Coldplay 


Sailor Moon items

Henshin Deivces and Weapons

Silence Glaive (Saturn), Space Sword (Uranus), Deep Aqua Mirror (Neptune), Twinkle Yell (Chibi Moon), Holy Grail (Sailor Moon S), Moon Tiara (Anime 1992), First Tiara (Sailor Moon Crystal), Moon Tiara (Manga 1992), Second Tiara (Sailor Moon Crystal), Third Tiara (Sailor Moon Crystal), Crescent Moon Cutter (PGSM), Mars Dagger (PGSM), Chibi Moon Rod (Chibi Moon), Venus Dagger (PGSM), Mercury Sword (PGSM), Jupiter Spear (PGSM), Holy Moon Chalice (Sailor Stars), and Legendary Sword (Manga and PGSM).

Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon Crystal:
Moon Brooch - Sailor Moon (1992) - center
Moon Brooch - Sailor Moon Crystal (2014) - Top Right
Mercury Pen - Above Moon Brooch
Mars Pen - Right to Moon Brooch
Venus Pen - Under Moon Brooch
Jupiter Pen - Left to Moon Brooch
Luna Pen (Sailor Moon) - Top Right corner

Saior Moon R:
Moon Crystal Compact - Sailor Moon R - Center Left
Mercury Star Power Stick - Left to Moon Compact
Mars Star Power Stick - Right to Moon Compact
Jupiter Star Power Stick - Under Moon Compact
Venus Star Power Stick - Left to Jupiter Star Power Stick

Sailor Moon S:
Cosmic Heart Compact - Right to Uranus Lip Rod
Uranus Lip Rod - Left to Cosmic Heart Compact
Chibi Moon Compact - Under Cosmic Heart Compact
Neptune Lip Rod - Right to Chibi Moon Compact
Pluto Lip Rod - Right to Neptune Lip Rod
Saturn Lip Rod - Left of Moon Brooch and Left of L

Sailor Moon Super S:
Prism Heart Compact - Under Mercury Crystal Pen
Mercury Change Rod - Left to Moon Crisis Compact
Moon Crisis Compact - Right to Mercury Change Rod
Mars Change Rod - Right to Moon Crisis Compact
Jupiter Change Rod - Under Moon Crisis
Mars Change Rod - Far Right Bottom

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars:
 Eternal Moon Article - Below Prism Heart Compact
Sailor Change Stars - Maker under Jupiter Star Power Stick, Healer under Jupiter Change Rod and Fighter between Mars Change ROd and Jupiter Change Rod.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon:
Luna Teletia S (Sailor Luna’s transformation item) - between the Bracelets and Sailor Moon Crystal Moon Brooch.
Heart Moon Brooch - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003) - Top Left
Jewelry Star Bracelets - around the Heart Moon Brooch

Moon Stick - 1992 - Sailor Moon
Moon Stick - 2014 - Sailor Moon Crystal
Moonlight Stick - 2003 - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Cutie Moon Rod - Sailor Moon R
Spiral Cutie Moon Rod - Sailor Moon S
Moon Kaleidoscope - Sailor Moon Super S
Eternal Tiare - Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Princess Sword/Harp - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 45

mercury darts quickest around the sun, an expression of gemini and virgo’s rapid traveling mental acuity. their startling wit and comedy reflects the ability to speed up common sense and observation. these signs are interested in facts, details, and knowledge. they are interested because mercury is so easily bored. the difference is awareness, self analysis, and control. virgo knows when and how to hold the tongue. gemini has the drunk tongue, letting thoughts tumble and slip out without forethought. gemini is mercury disinhibited. virgo is mercury refined and considering. and this reflects the changeable nature of mercury, the archetype that mirrors, adapts, and glides effortlessly between dimensions of consciousness

Thing that I noticed and mid-theories in BTS- Blood sweat and tears mv

1. Daedalus and Icarus.

In Greek mythology Daedalus was a craftsman . He had a son Icarus. Once Daedalus built wings from feathers and wax. Father and his son were testing out new vehicle. Icarus was too enthusiastic and he flight too high, warmth of the Sun melted the wax and he fell down and died from the fall.

Now the question how it is connected to BTS? First of all- WINGS. The series of short films with the title “Wings” and motive that was used in them.

Second. The paintings.

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus  by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. We see it in the scene of Taehyung jumping off the balcony.

The Lament for Icarus by Herbert James Draper. It is located in the room with Jungkook on the swing.

Further in the mv, when boys are running out of the ‘museum’, Jin stops and is looking back on something. Then Taehyung comes to him and covers Jins’ eyes. Now we can see some  glimpses of someone covered in some kind of curtain. The curtain rises and shows off kneeling Taehyung with revealed remains of wings on his back.

After this we see what Jin sees after Tae uncovers Jins’ eyes. We see a statue of man with black wings. The statue probably just appeared because it isn’t visible earlier in the mv. Jin comes to the statue and kisses it.

It is possible that Taehyung is compared to Icarus or even is a Icarus. He was also carried by emotions (I need you mv, where he killed his father or his sisters’ boyfriend). And his reaction was a reason of his failure.

Jin might be a equivalent of Daedalus. He gently kisses a statue (of Taehyung?) as a sign of mourning. In the mv we also could see a midified version of Pieta by Michaleangelo. Which shows Virgin Mary with dead Jesus Chris on her lap. Both the myth and the Pieta in some ways shows a suffering of parent after losing own child.

The thing I’m completely clueless about is why the figure of Jesus in mv is unfinished. It still looks kind of like raw stone.Maybe is it because of things that wasn’t finished during the lifetime? Because Christ died when he almost finished his mission on Earth so the statue in the mv isn’t finished like his?

2. Fallen Angel

Jin is here looking at the painting named The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Painting shows two Biblical scenes from the beginning and end of the world.

- exile of rebel angels from Heaven. Which in the Bible is the first fight between good and evil.

- Archangel Michael killing a seven headed dragon. In Book of Revelation there are described two beasts. One that “rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns”. The appearance of second is pretty much unknown.

 Going back to fallen angels. As we all know angels have wings. The most stereotypical image of angel is a beautiful human with wings and blonde hair. Which one of our boys has both? Yep, Taehyung. Maybe is Tae some kind of fallen angel? He already shown his roguish and rebellious side in I need you mv, Run mv and his Stigma short film.

There is one more thing about Pieter Bruegel, one of his most famous works is The Seven Deadly Sins and The Virtues. He did a series of allegories of grotesque sinners and virtues with odd headpieces. Which reminds me of Jins’ teaser photos. It is also possible that Jin and Taehyung are portrayed as  opposites.

3. Kain and Abel. Adam and Eve.

Again the Bible. Adam and Eve were the first humans. But because of Satans’ trap they were exiled from paradise. Satan in the form of snake convinced Eve to eat a fruit from the forbidden tree.In many versions this fruit was an apple.

Hello there.

In this case Jimin is the figure of Eve. And Adam, maybe it’s J-Hope? Because they were together in hospital or Yoongi because their short films were connected.

Kain and Abel. They were brothers, long story short Kain killed his brother. After the murder Kain was stigmatized. Again Tahyungs’ short film title was Stigma. Also a loud thing across ARMYS. Demian by Herman Hesse. Book that is a large part of some theories. One chapter of it “Kain”. Main character was talking with Demian about Kain and misunderstanding of his figure. Demian claimed that Kain probably hadn’t killed his brother, but people scared of his stigma were talking behind his back and that is how the story was created.

Another important part of the plot is the way of understanding the world by the main character. Sinclair always was seeing world as two parts: good and evil. At the beginning he was part of the good side but as the time passed he slowly became part of dark side. At first by mistakes of youth. Sounds familiar?

4. Perseus and Medusa.

See this little guy on the left?

This is him. His name is Perseus and he just killed the Medusa.

This poor girl was turned into a Gorgon (human with snake hair, that could turn a living creature into a stone just by making an eye contact with it) by jealous goddes. He defeated her using a winged shoes of Mercury and mirrored shield. Even after death her gaze was so powerful that it stayed in mirror of shield. It still could petrify.

In past short films there was the image of mirror. In one of past theories I saw that broken glass or mirror symbolizes broken promises. In case of BTS it was RapMonster and Taehyung.

In the mv there is also breakage in the mirror, but this time it’s Jin. His face break a few seconds after the face on Virgin Mary on Pieta. Another comparison?

5. Mother

In a couple of short films there was this picture of woman holding a child. Probably mother with her child. Also look at Jin in past mvs like Run or in Prologue. He was taking care of boys, driving the car, taking photos etc. Kind of like a loving mother would. Another little thing is that J-Hopes’ short film was named Mama.

6. Chaos

“ One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.“

Friedrich Nietzsche

The meaning of this quote is something like you must stay in chaos, push yourself to the limits to become a better version of you (the dancing star).

In my opinion this could mean that boys had been pushing themselves to the edge, risking almost everything to repair the mistakes of their past. To get out of the labyrinth of mistakes (Forever young mv).

7. Eden

Eden is a biblical garden of peace, a paradise. It was the garden that Adam and Eve was banished from. There are two scenes in the mv. One with all the boys sitting at the table, and second only Jin is there and he’s standing on the table.

♥♥♥ I know it was messy but I hope you understood my path of thinking. ♥♥♥

edit. I forgot about adding one thing. The number seven. There is seven members, dragon had a seven heads and there is seven deadly sins.

edit 2. Thank you <3


The pictures aren’t mine. Credits to owners.


Refined reflections. Gorgeous mirror glass made to look like mercury glass brought the sparkle and shine to an evening celebration. Transform mason jars, lamps, candlesticks and almost any finish in-between to a beautiful mirror finish. Easy to make, it’s as simple as spraying Rust-oleum Mirror Glass Finish Spray Paint and letting it dry if you want a full mirror shine or dab with a wet paper towel for an aged look. It goes from a steely gray to a high-style shine in just fifteen minutes. Trust us, it works. Wonderful way to spruce up everyday accents and make them extraordinary.

What goes great with this project? A playlist. Get your weekend “To-Do” to a “Ta-Da” listening to our favorite songs this week: