mercury lounge

Alex Turner at Mercury Lounge, November 15, 2005. This was Arctic Monkey’s first show in the US. They came to sound check straight from the airport and were all a bit shell shocked when I met them. It was a great show. They were supposed to play two nights at Mercury but got bumped up to Bowery Ballroom the next night. Their manager told them that Bowie was coming the next night and they were just like “Holy shit!”

This is the very first picture I ever took of Ed.
He had just stepped onstage on his very first American show here in NYC.
It was January 30th, 2012, exactly four years ago today.
I almost didn’t make this post because I get all nostalgic and shit and he’s gone away to do some ginger stuff so I can’t tell him how proud I am of his artistry, his accomplishments and how good he has smelled during all these years.

I’ve met the greatest people (people that have saved my life in many ways) just because I didn’t think twice to buy that $12 dollar ticket and go see this dude right here. And I don’t want to say I love him because I probably don’t but yeah, I do love him. Maybe. Kinda. A lot.

Anyway. I don’t want to get sappy.
So yeah, Ed played Mercury Lounge on January 30th, 2012 and it was his very first and greatest American show. The more you know!


 Ed Sheeran- “She” Mercury Lounge NYC by meghand425