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whichh mercurys tend to be more serious and which ones are more goofy?

Generally, feminine Mercury signs are more serious and masculine Mercury signs are more goofy

Air Mercurys can try to lighten the mood often, they like and sometimes even prefer comfortable, light energy

Fire Mercurys likes to entertain, want to make people happy and laugh. Likes a laid back energy like air Mercurys

Earth Mercurys can refrain from talking too much unless it’s important to them or they’re close to the person/people they’re talking to

Water Mercurys can be very sarcastic if they want to be but they usually only want to talk to people who want to talk to them

For everyone looking for lgbtq representation in kpop, look no further!! 

Choi Hanbit, leader of rookie girl group Mercury and supermodel, is a transgender woman!! Mercury has a new song coming out today (You can watch the teaser here), and it’s really important that we support them.

The four members of Mercury, Sehee, Seoa, Hyena, and Hanbit (left to right), are super nice! They interact with fans over Instagram all the time. I have had all of them reply to a comment of mine at least once, and they also like my posts occasionally on both my personal account and mercury fanpage. 

You can find interviews and mercury-related videos on @mercurykpop ! Please support them!! The more support we show Mercury, the more successful they will be, and they really deserve it. Lgbtq kpop fans also deserve to have an idol to look up to, and Hanbit is more than perfect for that role.

Check out their debut music video below!

mercury signs

aries mercury: makes decisions quickly, honest, direct, hates wasting time, likes to get straight to the point, motivated, enjoy a challenge. 

taurus mercury: practical, grounded, witty, steady, sensual, great memory, don’t enjoy being rushed to make decisions, opinionated. 

gemini mercury: good listener, open minded, talkative, like to learn about lots of different subjects, curious, naturally flirtatious.

cancer mercury: empathetic, nostalgic, defensive, don’t enjoy being distracted on a task, natural speaker or writer, like routine, sentimental.

leo mercury: artistic, expressive, wise, persuasive, boastful, make friends easily, can over exaggerate, enthusiastic.

virgo mercury: interest in detail, helpful, analytical, feel as though they need everything that is happening, good common sense, critical.

libra mercury: tactful, diplomatic, searches for equality, idealistic, need mental connections to others, appear shallow, argumentative, try to make others happy.

scorpio mercury: honest, see through the fake, attracted to the unknown, good at keeping secrets, skeptical, critical, want to help others.

sagittarius mercury: big ideas, enthusiastic, philosophical, positive, confident, fearless, vision over detail, have a thirst for knowledge, sarcastic.

capricorn mercury: steady, methodical, like to see tasks through to the end, concentrate well, organised, don’t like wasting time.

aquarius mercury: detached, entertaining, see the world differently, love debates, alert, enjoy slight chaos, see the big picture.

pisces mercury: prefer to listen than speak, unpredictable, vulnerable, artistically inclined, disorganised, spiritual, lack confidence.

You Guys Know What I Want To See? (RWBY Headcanon)

Ren and Mercury having a foot fight.

like, just at the library; Ren’s studying away quietly when suddenly Mercury plops himself down across the table from him with a handful of comics. Ren barely gives him a second glance; he’s just one of those exchange students from another school, right?

but then Mercury stretches out his legs, knocking Ren’s under the table. Their eyes meet, Mercury with one of those wotcha gonna do about it expressions, and Ren calmly shifts his legs to one side. But Mercury finds this entertaining - he purposefully kicks out again, catching Ren across the calf. Ren raises an eyebrow and moves once more, until he can no longer take the constant nudging and kicking and lashes back; subtly at first, taking Mercury by surprise. Mercury, who rallies quickly, is not one to be perturbed, strengthens his kicks. Ren kicks back, and soon they’re outright glaring at each other, comics and study books forgotten, kicking and catching each other across the shins, in the ankles, their shoes and boots scuffing and the table beginning to shake as they bang their knees and shoot out harder and tougher kicks, neither one of them willing to back down.

i mean seriously.

look at his legs.

and Mercury’s.

…they’d probably get so wrapped up in their foot fight that they’d end up destroying the desk and probably kicking each other right out of their chairs for Ozpin’s sake.

The Mercury Signs and Their Favorite Topics to Talk About

Aries Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Themselves.

Taurus Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Food, sensuality, and possessions.

Gemini Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Gossip and lots of it! Facts, trivia, and humor too.

Cancer Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Their imagination and others imagination and secretly they like talking about their feelings.    

Leo Mercury favorite thing to talk about: They want to put on a show. They talk about whatever entertains others.

Virgo Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Health, self-improvement, work, and talents or skills.

Libra Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Relationships, their imagination, and maybe a little gossip.

Scorpio Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Sex, relationships, emotions, their general opinion, and sex.

Sagittarius Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Philosophy, about their travels, adventures, and general experiences.

Capricorn Mercury favorite thing to talk about: The news, pop culture, celebs, and the scandalous people or higher ups they know.

Aquarius Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Their opinion and different ideals that exist, and they might love to debate.

Pisces Mercury favorite thing to talk about: Anything but reality.