mercury dimes

Hello again Peashooter.

Fasces were used suprisingly often in official imagery until the middle of the last century.

e.g. US Mercury Dime, 1919 - 45.



—Thank you, believe it or not I collect US, English, and Canadian Junk silver coins. I have a lot of old mercury dimes along with silver Roosevelts, Washington quarters, and various Canadian silver quarters and dimes. I’t’s my treasure horde that I’m keeping safe from Hobbits and for investment purposes, I just stick them all in a big jingly Crown Royal bag.  I love the design of those old Mercury dimes, especially the front with the Mercury head.

I also collect silver bullion rounds and ancient Roman coins.

Does anyone know where I can get a sizable handful of Mercury dimes, low-grade, not for collecting but for, you know, witchcraft? I know ebay etc and I’m sure I’m capable of hunting down a reputable dealer on my own but I’m just curious if anyone has the hookup here or know any good online shops to go to since I’d like to buy local/buy witchy. Also open to trades if you’re looking for, uh, rocks? Spirit art?

Also interested in other silver coins of similar grade or steel pennies.