Toxic chemicals found in beached pilot whales in Scotland

Scientists have found clear evidence that whales are absorbing high levels of toxic heavy metals, with cadmium found in the brains of pilot whales which washed up in Scotland

The research shows for the first time that cadmium – known to pass into the brains of infant and unborn whales - had also passed across the so-called blood-brain barrier in adult whales.

They said their findings also suggested that mercury concentrations could be increasing high enough in the seas “to lead to additional toxic stress in the long-lived marine mammals”, with higher concentrations increasing with age.

In three of the whales aged nine years or older, the mercury concentrations were higher than the toxic levels which would cause severe neurological damage in humans. 

Mercury in some of the beached whales brains was at levels high enough to cause severe neurological damage in humans, say scientists. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA

After much struggle, trial and error, sobbing, and 2 months I finally finished this piece. This was designed in mind to be a tshirt design which will go live on Teepublic sometime tomorrow.

I also managed to save a lot of inprogress pics so expect a process gif. For now I’m gonna head off!

I feel like Sailor Mercury is so underappreciated. I gave her hair some more movement and body. But still kept it very close to the original.

Aviation Week Ad: From the February 6, 1961 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology, this ad from Haynes Alloys points out that their special product is used as the outer skin of the Mercury capsule.

These early ads are swell because the artwork is all hand drawn and colored. Good illustrators/artists were in big demand. Even Andy Warhol started out as an ad artist (shoes)!

Aviation Week (2/6/61)

The solar system is all set to give a rare celestial show. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will all be visible from Earth when they appear in a diagonal line on Wednesday, Jan. 20. It’s the first time the five bright planets, so called as they can usually be seen easily with the naked eye, have aligned in such a way in more than 10 years. The phenomenon will continue until Feb. 20.

Mercury Signs

Mercury represents how you think, communicate and your intellectual abilities.

Aries: quick-thinking, spontaneous, frank, witty, headstrong, restless

Taurus: patient, thoughtful, practical, deliberate, narrow-minded, one-track mind

Gemini: articulate, witty, versatile, unbiased, flippant, gossiper

Cancer: diplomatic, reliable, tenacious, intuitive, irrational, capricious

Leo: creative, articulate, confident, leader, overbearing, conceited

Virgo: unbiased, analytical, logical, meticulous, remote, clinical

Libra: charming, diplomatic, communicative, social, insincere, indecisive

Scorpio: perceptive, intuitive, insightful, quick-thinking, harsh, intrusive

Sagittarius: sincere, open-minded, clever, cultured, irreverent, grandiose

Capricorn: methodical, grounded, reliable, discriminating, unimaginative, devious

Aquarius: inventive, objective, progressive, social, clinical, unrealistic

Pisces: imaginative, intuitive, philosophical, receptive, evasive, gullible

the Mind of the Signs

Communication style, learning and study habits, and the creative capabilities of Mercury through the zodiac:

Mercury in Aries:  A daring desire to hunt information and become an intellectual independent; learning is a conquest which is won with fierce focus. The mind is sharp & aggressive, the imagination explosive & creative; can be insensitive and lose interest quickly.

Mercury in Taurus: A relaxed and deliberate lounger, the mind takes its time when reaching a decision, and grasps the personal usefulness of information when it is conveyed through the 5 senses; ideas are realistic, full of common sense and guilelessness. Imagination blossoms when it touches the material world; can be stubborn.

Mercury in Gemini: An observant child who watches the world with rapt interest; nervous and jumpy thoughts and ideas. Words are a weapon, and the rapid-fire mind shoots poetic, humorous, and intelligent remarks, always searching for exciting ways of expressing the inexpressible; can be superficial and lack focus.

Mercury in Cancer: A soothing sentimentalist who takes care, and is considerate of thoughts and opinions in order to ensure a sense of safety; remembers feelings and moods associated with information, reflects on meanings behind words. Imagination is thoughtful and rhythmic, with photographic memory; can be timid

Mercury in Leo: A richly dramatic imagination made for public consumption; the mind is contagiously creative and capable, spouting stylish and often entertaining remarks. Fierce focus and passionate involvement allow the intellect to devour as much knowledge as it desires; can come across as arrogant.

Mercury in Virgo: A modest and matter-of-fact mind competent and equipped to understand systematic thinking, relies on details to fully comprehend the essentials; purity of purpose is integrated into every thought with the intent of being skillful and precise; imagination finds expression in relatable and commonplace occurrences; can be visionless and lack depth.

Mercury in Libra: A charming diplomat seeks the middle ground by evaluating and comparing information and relaying it harmoniously; objective and unbiased, communication is effortless and lucid. The imagination is full of abstractions that can only be expressed through non-intellectual ways; can be lazy.

Mercury in Scorpio: An instinctive strategist, determined to pierce the heart of furtive information, passionately and fearlessly endeavors to be on top; imagination is stirred by keen observations. Avidly strives to uncover the mysteries and intrigues of the psyche; can be damaging.

Mercury in Sagittarius: A broad minded truth-seeker, with eyes on the future, defends justice and freedom with zeal; positive and audacious, the restless interest seeks information that inspires and motivates. Ideas are enormous and take on a life of their own; can be indiscreet.

Mercury in Capricorn: A resourceful and organized bricklayer who methodically plans every step of the intellectual and creative process; ideas are well thought out and wise; imagination is utilitarian. Prefers to learn heuristically, gaining knowledge through experience; can be dogmatic.

Mercury in Aquarius:  A satellite, driven by high-powered curiosity, collects and inspects information; the natural mind of an engineer that sees in blueprints, with a vibrant and resourceful imagination. Learns at light-year speed, and is often far off into the future, dreaming of innovation; can be unreasonable and lose interest.  

Mercury in Pisces: An intuitive lake of intelligence and compassion that reflects the thoughts and vibrations of its surroundings; beneath cloudy thoughts lays a colorful imagination that is desperate for expression. Often quiet and gentle, the ears are always tuned into the frequency of feelings; a great listener; can be impressionable.

Mercury in the Houses
  • 1st House:thinks about their identity, uses intellect to carve out an identity
  • 2nd House:thinks about values, uses intellect to accumulate, create, and protect things of value
  • 3rd House:thinks about ideas, uses intellect to collect and share ideas
  • 4th House:thinks about the past, uses their intellect to reminisce
  • 5th House:thinks about art, uses their intellect to express themselves
  • 6th House:thinks about work, uses their intellect to get chores done
  • 7th House:thinks about others, uses their intellect to manage partnerships
  • 8th House:thinks about occult studies, psychology, and conspiracies, uses their intellect to gain power
  • 9th House:thinks about philosophy, uses their intellect to create and preach a worldview
  • 10th House:thinks about their reputation, uses their intellect to create success
  • 11th House:thinks about the future, uses their intellect to benefit humanity
  • 12th House:thinks about dreams, fantasies, and symbols, uses their intellect to find a spiritual connection