Aries Mercury: An idea machine.

Taurus Mercury: Every word is a thought out decision.

Gemini Mercury: Skilled communicator.

Cancer Mercury: Can’t turn down a chance for emotional sharing but is protective over ideas.

Leo Mercury: The world is their podium.

Virgo Mercury: Critical about speech, modest about ideas, but has a blunt undertone.         

Libra Mercury: Stays in the middle of ideas and opinions.                   

Scorpio Mercury: You will hear what they have to say.

Sagittarius Mercury: Scattered yet forthright preacher.

Capricorn Mercury: Methodical communication and concrete ideas and opinions.

Aquarius Mercury: The natural story teller and observer.    

Pisces Mercury: The ultimate sympathizer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


As I am working on publishing the book for this series, I finally finished working on the introduction to the our favorite heavenly bodies! It’s character profiles in the form of story telling! Enjoy!

the signs in a group chat
  • aries:WHAT IS GOING O N I'm going to fight someone what is happening oh my god hoe I will hit you
  • gemini:i luv salsa (:
  • cancer:WTF😭😭😭😭 why would u say that u know how I feel like I just don't understand why you would put me in that situation
  • leo:ok if I send you guys some pictures of dresses will you help me pick which to wear I have 23
  • virgo:can we go about this in an orderly fashion?? no?? okay... ANARCHY
  • libra:*doesnt actually participate and waits till it's over to look and discovers 2107 unseen messages*
  • scorpio:why are you sad.... who must I kill friend.... OH you're not sad never mind I was never ehre
  • sagittarius:friends !!!!!! heloo?!! hello. hey. lol where r u @
  • capricorn:*is too busy doing productive things to be in a group chat*
  • aquarius:ok aside from your problems.... who wants to talk about things that actually matter
  • pisces:*slept through the whole conversation and doesn't even read it when they wake up*
Type of Advice Each Element Gives

*Check Sun and/or Mercury’s element

Advice from Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): The Fire signs put a lot of passion into their words making you feel like you are in good hands. They have a tendency to cut you off when you try to unload, but it is usually because they are fueled up with ideas and theories on how to solve your problem. However, their speaking pattern might be sporadic because they have the tendency to not think before speaking when they are experiencing a high amount of passion, making their kind words a little hard to follow. They are more likely to speak their mind about the situation and be forward with how they feel. Be cautious with applying their advice to real life, though, because they might have unintentionally created a more dramatic emphasis to the situation which can cause greater harm than good. People under these signs take it personally when somebody they care about gets hurt.

Advice from Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): The Earth signs like to tackle situations practically to get problems solved as easily as possible and to avoid several complications that may later arise. They will listen to everything you have to say and only intervene when necessary so you can be assured that your problem will be heard thoroughly. They honor the details of your problems and will ask for clarification in the story so the can process the best possible solution. They prefer to look at the multiple dimensions of the situations and refrain from bias, but sometimes their care for you can make them fail this tactic. After having time to think about the situation, they will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. They will lay out the truth and call you out if you did something wrong. They can also show their more cynical side about the outcome, but they honestly aren’t trying to scare you with their advice. The conversation itself may be cut short, but only because they delivered everything that they needed to say and they weren’t going to flesh out advice that won’t be needed. 

Advice from Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): The Air signs will approach your problems logically and will be able to execute their thoughts well verbally. They appear have their ears open and are ready to obtain the information needed to find a solution. However, they rely on the key information rather than the small details. They tend to turn the focus on the bigger picture for you, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to know everything. Their advice will be given through a conversation rather than one blurb of words, so be prepare to talk about it! They encourage you to speak your mind and only stop talking about the problem if you feel like you are done sharing and will try to be as optimistic as possible. They are capable of seeing the situation from many different view points and often will share a variety of solutions to the conflict and the possible outcome that could happen if you follow their advice. As comforting and caring as their words can be, you should be aware that they might only tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. These actions may hurt you slightly when you need to overcome the problem because they prefer to see your mood shift to a positive one and not make the advice sour if they say something that could you could take the wrong way. 

Advice from Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): The Water signs will take you in and nurture you until the damage is done because your emotional well-being is what they believe is the most important, not necessarily if the problem is fixed as much as thoroughly as possible. They may not always say exactly what they want to say with advice, but you can tell that they care about you a lot and want to see everything become better. They are great observers and will especially pick up on emotional queues that you are showing and will formulate their solution based on that. If you are having trouble getting your point across, they will most likely pick-up on your train of thought because of their increased observation skills. They will encourage you more than anything to act on your emotions and to speak your mind about what you think you have been wronged. 

virgo are idealists at heart. and this is where the association with perfectionism comes in. it’s like virgos have a pristine idealism. to perceive the best that something can be, in put in a method to bring it into reality takes a wicked imagination and acute logic. but being mercury ruled and mutable can be confusing - just ask gemini. mercury can be deceptive, hence being known as the trickster. the mutable quality perceives multiple perspectives and can be a little unsteady. maybe the idea of what is perfect keeps changing. or he is too idealistic to feel content in reality. virgo is my favorite sign. i think they are as perfect as you could get, i wish they could see themselves the way i see them