Três planetas alinhados ao por do Sol.
Three planets aligned at the sunset.
Credit: @astrogram
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The Zodiac as Art & Why

Aries: dance
The intensity and freedom in dance complements the whirlwind of energy that is Aries. There need not be technique for it to be beautiful, and this gives the Cardinal Fire sign the space to release their electricity through movement in a display of untamed & elusive intensity.

Taurus: landscaping
Taurus long to live in a world of manifest beauty. They have an eye for aesthetic refinement and a taste for palpable delight; these things could be put to good use in the dirt, among trees, within flower buds. They could return Earth to its Eden state, one backyard garden at a time.

Gemini: painting
The Gemini mind, full of noise and vividity, is perpetually fabricating mental pictures. Their heads may overflow if they don’t release some of it. The blank canvas never interrupts; it absorbs the message and beauty that is placed upon it in the form of color and brushstrokes of genius.

Cancer: photography
Cancers live in memories. They cherish beautiful things gone by perhaps more than they savor the present. To be able to capture their lives and immortalize themselves & the things they adore through the art of photography would save them from trapping themselves in homes that the past has burned down.

Leo: acting
Performing emotions is a concept the passionate Leo will be fascinated by. Nothing is real under the spotlight, and at the same time, it’s the only thing that is real. The stage is a sanctuary where the lion is allowed to roar as loud as they can, to set themselves on fire and be showered in applause for it.

Virgo: drawing
The tip of the pen or pencil which drags crisp lines across a bright white page is a metaphor for Virgo’s pursuit of perfection. There is precision, prestige, and purity in the visual elegance of picture-making which is something that matches the Mutable Earth sign like nothing else can.

Libra: fashion
Libras belong in the imaginary heavens they are capable of creating. Their perceptible, corporeal sophistication would fit in amongst angels in costume, the caricatures of loveliness, the twinkling lights and sparkling catwalk; they would have everyone in awe, and they would finally be at home.

Scorpio: cinematography
Film can be one of the sickest art forms, and it is always one of the rawest. There are no lies in cinema, and yet, when fictional, it is all lies. It allows the Scorpion to uncover and lay bare the bloody truth without staining their hands, gives them the freedom to let all the secrets spill without telling anyone a thing.

Sagittarius: sculpting
Sagittarius are always looking for something to make their mark on, whether it be a city or a person. They want to leave behind the signature of their experience. They can mold philosophies with their bare hands and display the wilderness of their discoveries in the marble or clay for all to admire.

Capricorn: architecture
Building empires is what the Capricorn was made for. They are destined to rule over the kingdom they put together brick by brick, whether it is large or real enough to live in or not. A tangible masterpiece to call their own would by the kryptonite of their self-doubt & worldly silence.

Aquarius: music
Music is inexplicable. It’s the sweetest form of sorcery, an alien language, the foreign yet familiar exchange of ideas and emotions through often wordless waves of sound. It allows the boundless Aquarius mind to explore and delve deep into their creativity, to experiment, to express their genius.

Pisces: poetry
Nothing penetrates the soul like a well-crafted poem. It can gently caress you or cruelly batter you, save or kill you, fill you with love or hate, open or close your eyes; either way, it will send you into rapture, whether purely delightful or bittersweet. It gives Pisces a place to show who they really are beyond the fog.

(Check moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.)

thoughts on planetary rulerships & different expressions

☿  MERCURY- communication, the mind. Gemini & Virgo

  • Gemini talks before thinking (extroverted)
  • Virgo thinks before talking (introverted)

♀  VENUS- love, art, beauty, peace. Taurus & Libra

  • Taurus seeks peace within their core (fixed)
  • Libra seeks peace among others (cardinal)

MARS- energy, drive, desire. Aries & Scorpio

  • In Aries the energy is outwardly expressed (martian)
  • In Scorpio the energy is patiently contained (plutonic)

♃  JUPITER- the higher self, expansion. Sagittarius & Pisces

  • Sagittarius expands universal knowledge and ethics 
  • Pisces expands universal conscience and compassion (+neptune)

SATURN- discipline, self-control, structure. Capricorn & Aquarius

  • Capricorn builds structure to improve it (earth)
  • Aquarius questions structure to revolutionize it (air)

i behave (sun sign)

my behavior is (house of sun)

i feel (moon sign)

my feelings are (house of moon)

i think (mercury sign)

my thoughts are (house of mercury)

i express grace (venus sign)

my grace is (house of venus)

i act (mars signs)

my actions are (house of mars)

aries: assertively

taurus: indulgently 

gemini: dynamically

cancer: tenderly 

leo: emphatically 

virgo: conscientiously 

libra: passably

scorpio: secretively

sagittarius: righteously

capricorn: professionally 

aquarius: distinctly 

pisces: aimlessly 

1st house: apart of my embodiment 

2nd house: excessive 

3rd house: communicated 

4th house: protective

5th house: theatrical 

6th house: a service 

7th house: apart of my shadow 

8th house: a secret

9th house: perceptive 

10th house: public 

11th house: receptive 

12th house: incognizant

The sun illuminates, individualizes, or blinds what it touches.
The moon deepens, submits to, or adopts what it touches.
Mercury tricks, enlightens, or manages what it touches.
Venus beautifies, arouses, or seduces what it touches.
Mars ignites, brutalizes, or compels what it touches.
Jupiter inflates, dumbfounds, or intoxicates what it touches.
Saturn constricts, fortifies, or coaches what it touches.
Uranus electrifies, personalizes, or disturbs what it touches.
Neptune submerges, softens, or conceals what it touches.
Pluto destroys, exposes, or controls what it touches.


this is Mercury, they’re a 3 member girl group that just debuted today!!

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Moon signs feeling sorry/apologizing

Aries: will not accept they were in the wrong so easily, will put up a big front about why they were right. will eventually grow tired and try and make it up to you by offering a truce.

Taurus: doesn’t want to talk about it or a apologize, they’re so stubborn you wont get anywhere, tries to make up for it by buying you gifts.

Gemini: admits they messed up just to get it over with, tries to explain how they messed up and what led them to it. the matter is closed quickly, there’s still lingering tension afterwards though.

Cancer: feels deep sorrow and may cry because they feel so guilty and don’t like confrontation. apologize even if they shouldn’t be the ones who are apologizing.

Leo: this is how it goes “OKAYYYY!!!! MY BAD!!! YOURE RIGHT!!! GOSHHH! THERE!!!! BUT ITS STILL YOUR FAULT!!!” 10 minutes later is trying to snuggle with you.

Virgo: looks you in the eyes, you can see them crumble and panic inside searching for a way to make things better, tries anything, cooking, hugs, offers to watch your favorite show even if it is Tinkerbell, tells you how right you are

Libra: immediately takes back whatever they said or did and makes things fair and equal for you. Doesn’t like to feel any tension in the air so they try to make things right as quickly as possible. Whatever you want they will do if it will take all the negativity out of the air.

Scorpio: has been watching your every move and payed attention to everything you have said, they will use this to manipulate their way out of apologizing

Sagittarius: apologizes fairly quickly but doesn’t go down without a fight, they know they rarely ever hurt others purposely and if they do its an accident so they will not let you make them feel like a bad person.

Capricorn: apologizes after some debating, still wont let it go but you can see that they know deep down they are sorry.

Aquarius: they know they are guilty but somehow they win you over?? wont apologize if they feel like they have you wrapped around their finger. they wont kiss and make up…just kiss

Pisces: naturally know right from wrong, will feel overwhelmed with the urge to say sorry and do whatever they can to make things right again. will literally fix whatever’s been done, no matter how big or small.

*this can apply to mercury signs as well*