"With air, we can create music and place ourselves in harmony with the things we need to take each step on our path. The wand is the tool of air, directing our spirit allies in the orchestra of our spells. The wand is a tool of intellect, helping us to extend our reaches to the heavens above. Truly a unique gift to the magick worker. When we raise our wands to the sky, we’re announcing that movement within and around us is about to begin. When working with the power of air and movement, we’re doing mercurial work, or workings that relate to the realm of Mercury, god and planet of travel and communication. The wand is a tool that Mercury uses to gain passage to the destination of his choosing. For Mercury is the only deity in the Greek pantheon who is allowed to travel to all places, known and unknown by human or god. Working with the mercurial energies allows us to open to gates of possibility. The wand is the “key” we use to open doors previously closed to us. When we open the gates of possibility, we realize that our true potential is limitless."

- David Salisbury
The Deep Heart of Witchcraft: Expanding the Core of Magickal Practice

Image Credit: RareEarthGallery @ DeviantArt

explaining your personal planets: sun, moon, venus, mars and mercury & your rising (1st house) position with the cake analogy. hope this is helpful!

message me if you want me to explain your placements (sun, mercury, moon, rising, venus and mars) + how your cake would be like according to your placements. for $8 (through paypal, credit or debit card).

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A small collection I started last year of 22×15 cm watercolor SM ilustration. I’ve modified Sailor Moon a little because she was the first I did and after Inner senshi… I saw her a little simple xP As you can see if you put them together it looks like a full planet. Hope you like it!! ^^ 🌙✨

understanding what things in your chart mean:
  • sun/star sign:your conscious
  • rising/ascendant:how others see you
  • moon:why you do what you do/your soul & how you think
  • mercury:how you communicate & make decisions
  • venus:love, money and what makes you happy
  • mars:basic body attraction, aggression & sexual desires.
  • jupiter:how we express our generosity & improve our lives
  • saturn:our limitations & fears
  • uranus:individuality
  • neptune:your dreams & goals
  • pluto:your ability to transform/rebirth
  • lilith:your dark side
  • asc node/north node:your goals in life
  • south node:what you need to work on in life
planets in the 1st house & your appearance

moon- feminine, round face
mercury- young andd lively
venus- pretty!!
mars- masculine
jupiter- enlarges your face
saturn- jaw line
uranus- makes you tall
neptune- ethereal look
pluto- lots of make overs. change!

(how to find what’s in your first house: http://zodiac—signs.tumblr.com/post/107023932109)

planets in the 1st house & your family

sun- you understand your role & you need everyone to be happy 
moon- you have strong empathy for your mother’s sadness, you act moody
mercury- you were quick to avoid conflict 
venus- you want to be loved so you act charming and beautiful
mars- your family tried to dominate you so you tried your best to tame them
jupiter- you may have felt left out so you tried to express yourself more to appear confident
saturn- you had someone silence you
uranus- you found out that humor and originality made your family happy so you developed that in you
neptune- your parents guilt was projected onto you. you tried to heal them or hurt them even more
pluto- you felt lost in a crazy family so you had to learn how to control things

(how to find what’s in your first house: http://zodiac—signs.tumblr.com/post/107023932109)