mercury sign key words

your Mercury sign is how you communicate with other people

Mercury in…

Aries: blunt
Taurus: sensible
Gemini: witty
Cancer: gentle
Leo: enthusiastic
Virgo: humble
Libra: kind
Scorpio: passionate
Sagittarius: invigorating
Capricorn: honest
Aquarius: spontaneous
Pisces: welcoming


Preparation of Silver Tetraiodomercurate(II) for a demonstration.

Silver Tetraiodomercurate(II) is a quite special compound, since it’s thermochromic. It changes color from yellow to orange/red when heated:

Silver Tetraiodomercurate (Ag2HgI4) is yellow at room temperature, but when it’s heated above 50 °C, it turns orange. Since the color change is reversible, when it is cooled back to room temperature, the color changes back to its original color.

The compound was prepared from mercury(II)-iodide (that red powder on the first picture) and some potassium iodide with a little silver nitrate. The silver nitrate was added to the solution of potassium tetraiodomercurate (K2HgI4,   what was previously prepared from mercury-iodide and potassium iodide). The addition of the silver salt caused the immediate precipitation of the yellow colored silver tetraiodomercurate (as seen on the gif).

What happened? This:

HgI2 + 2 KI + 2 AgNO3 –> Ag2HgI4 + 2 KNO3

The Meaning Behind The Signs

Sun: This describes your basic nature and personality traits. 

Moon: This is your instinctual self.

Rising: This is how you see others.

Midheaven: This represents your overall visible achievements and sense of responsibility. 

Mercury: This is how you communicate and perceive information. 

Venus: This represents how you give and receive love.

Mars: This represents how you express anger and your drive.

Jupiter: This is how you express generosity and tolerance.

Saturn: This represents the limits you set for yourself. 

Uranus: This is how you react to surprises and represents your rebellious side.

Neptune: This represents your reception beyond the five senses, such as feelings of inspiration or foreboding. 

Pluto: This represents how you search for truth but also power and destruction. 

N. Node: This represents the imbalance in things you do well and things you have to work at. 



So I stuck my hand in there despite the fact he hates me and he just calmly licked me

I expected him to disentangle himself just because he hates me and… he chose now to be calm. Nice. So he licks me, looks at me, and finally moves to climb on my hand after I move it to his other side. 

I pull my hand away b/c I’m terrified of him but he did pull his legs down and sit on the branch like ‘What? you want something?’


  • Sun:Our inner and outer glow
  • Moon:The person we become when we need our mother
  • Mercury:The chatterbox in the mind
  • Venus:Senses, the music of the heart
  • Mars:Directed energy, impulse, surges
  • Jupiter:The voice of celebration, encouragement, the treasure map
  • Saturn:The critical parent voice
  • Neptune:What we seek for redemption
  • Uranus:Light bulb 'eureka' moments
  • Pluto:The soul's manuscript

Real Photos from Mercury 

Mercury is the innermost planet in the solar system, only 58 million kilometres to the Sun. It’s only slightly larger than our Moon and just as rocky, with extensive plains, heavy cratering, mountains, highlands and valleys. Its atmosphere is thin and any geologic activity the planet once experienced is now extinct, so impacts from comets and asteroids are preserved exquisitely. Mercurcy’s thin atmosphere also means that it has trouble retaining heat, so temperatures fluctuate hugely: up to 430 degrees C on the surface during the day and as low as -180 degrees C at night. 

Mercury is one of the least understood planets in the solar system. Only two spacecraft have ever been sent there. Mariner 10 visited in 1974-75, and MESSENGER was launched in 2004 and is still orbit, continually learning about this small but violent planet. The images above are from these missions. Click the images for captions.

(Image Credit: NASA)

Mercury Throughout the Signs

Mercury influences the way our minds work, how we think and how we make communicate with others. (Your Mercury placement is either the same as your sun sign or the sign before/after it, this will impact your personality) To find your placements use ASTROLABLE .

Aries: As a quick thinker you don’t beat around the bush, problems are solved in the most straightforward way possible. You enjoy an occasional debate, you get straight to the point. Concentration can be a problem sometimes, you tend to leave everything till the last minute staying up all night to cram in information you barely have any interest in.

Taurus: You are a steady thinker, your parents might have worried about you in your childhood as you are often slow to learn, nevertheless once you grasp an idea you will remember it. Stubbornness is something you should keep an eye on, keeping an open mind is essential. You often find yourself in a rut and often times you are proud of this.

Gemini: Since Mercury rules Gemini its influence will be much stronger. You want to communicate, you want to be heard and your opinions have to be shared, it doesn’t matter who hears you. Your are quick and multitasking should not be a problem. Facts bore you, you make decisions quick but you also like to change your mind, so slow down and think bout it first. You are also great at adapting.

Cancer: You have an exceptional memory. Constantly daydreaming, you need to realize that your imagination sometimes goes a little over board, so when things go the opposite direction you get extremely upset. But you are also creative, so try to use your imagination by perhaps making art or writing. You venture into the past a lot, nostalgia is often present.    

Leo: A practical individual, you are great at organization and planning. Always determined, you have a great mental energy and are usually good at keeping concentrated. Enthusiastic, you like to exaggerate sometimes and help others. Sometimes you can be stubborn and a little inflexible, parents should keep an eye on this as this tends to emerge at a young age.   

Virgo: Like Gemini, Mercury also rules Virgo so its influence is also increased. You don’t have problems when it comes to assessing any situations or problems. You are practical and tend to use your common sense. You feel safe when you have planned exactly what you will do and say in any given situation. You tends to get very nervous in situations you don’t have much knowledge on.

Libra: Your thinking is on the slower side but, you love to communicate with friends ans those close to you, you are very sympathetic and understanding. You like to take your time when answering questions, your speech is slow. Procrastination and poor concentration are oftentimes present too. You don’t like controversial subjects as you like to keep the peace between anyone you meet. You are a charming and delightful person to be around.

Scorpio: Logical, intuitive and intense. You have the mind of an investigator, you want the truth and you will have it. Determination is a strong point, you would make a great detective or psychotherapist. You like to venture deep into yourself. You are an introvert and have a hard time opening up. You are oftentimes fascinated with the occult and other mysteries of this kind.

Sagittarius: Although having your Mercury fall into this sign might not be the best thing to happen it can work. You like to learn new things and you should keep learning because you truly do need intellectual stimulation. You have trouble with keeping interests and being consistent, this is something you should definitely work on. Travel is a strong desire you have, if you can’t physically travel try learning new languages and reading books about your favorite countries. 

Capricorn: You might be a slow thinker but, you are still able to make sense of any situations you are in because you are practical and constructive in your thinking too. You like math, you don’t gossip much, ambitious but also pessimistic. Determined, you calculate every move. Be careful not to make up excuses for any lack of self confidence you might come across. 

Aquarius: You are quick and original. Your ideas differ from other people and when you speak, you speak with intelligence. Friendly, helpful, you don’t take long to solve a problem. You might have some weird hobbies, the humanitarian in you likes to bring injustice to light. You might have a hard time relaxing and sometimes you can be just a little too stubborn. 

Pisces: Your mind is a little messy, you are lot more intuitive than organized and you make decisions on a whim. Sometimes you can be a bit careless yet you still try to be considerate and sympathetic towards others. And although you aren’t the most practical when it comes to your thoughts, your intuition rarely lets you down. You tend to imagine the worst outcome possible, so make sure to take care of yourself. Sometimes you can be deceitful but you don’t really want to hurt others. You are also a shy individual who should spend some time working on your confidence.

MESSENGER probe, which has been orbiting Mercury since March 2011, is nearly out of fuel and will smash into the planet tomorrow (April 30). As a tribute, NASA released a new MESSENGER video.

MESSENGER mission (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging), launched in August 2004, has delivered a lot of amazing finds. “The mission discovered a surface rich in diverse chemistry. It sensed a bizarrely offset magnetic field. It photographed strange "hollows” where material seems to have boiled away into space under the scorching sun. It mapped vast volcanic deposits, found that the entire planet has shrunk by as much as 7 kilometers [4.3 miles] in radius, and, of all things, uncovered deposits of water ice in the depths of polar craters where the sun never shines.“

Earlier this week, NASA released these false-color photos showing various surface details to learn more about the minerals and surface processes of the Solar System’s innermost planet.
image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington