mercury signs communication styles
  • aries:direct, provocative, impulsive
  • taurus:patient, realistic, deliberate
  • gemini:curious, witty, quick
  • cancer:heartfelt, thoughtful, emotional
  • leo:confident, energized, dramatic
  • virgo:methodical, analytical, thorough
  • libra:eloquent, diplomatic, sympathetic
  • scorpio:penetrating, intuitive, persistent
  • sagittarius:honest, enthusiastic, expansive
  • capricorn:structured, focused, commanding
  • aquarius:eccentric, progressive, inventive
  • pisces:imaginative, empathic, adaptable

explaining your personal planets: sun, moon, venus, mars and mercury & your rising (1st house) position with the cake analogy. hope this is helpful!

message me if you want me to explain your placements (sun, mercury, moon, rising, venus and mars) + how your cake would be like according to your placements. for $8 (through paypal, credit or debit card).



A small collection I started last year of 22×15 cm watercolor SM ilustration. I’ve modified Sailor Moon a little because she was the first I did and after Inner senshi… I saw her a little simple xP As you can see if you put them together it looks like a full planet. Hope you like it!! ^^ 🌙✨

understanding what things in your chart mean:
  • sun/star sign:your conscious
  • rising/ascendant:how others see you
  • moon:why you do what you do/your soul & how you think
  • mercury:how you communicate & make decisions
  • venus:love, money and what makes you happy
  • mars:basic body attraction, aggression & sexual desires.
  • jupiter:how we express our generosity & improve our lives
  • saturn:our limitations & fears
  • uranus:individuality
  • neptune:your dreams & goals
  • pluto:your ability to transform/rebirth
  • lilith:your dark side
  • asc node/north node:your goals in life
  • south node:what you need to work on in life

anonymous asked:

can you state the planets and their signifigance. example: mars- controls or defines your xyz

sun - your personality, your ego, your self and consciousness; rules leo

moon - your emotions, the way you express them, your subconscious; rules cancer

mercury - communication, how you communicate, learning; rules gemini + virgo

venus - the way you love, how you express affection, what you find beautiful; rules libra + taurus

mars - your passion, your desires, your instincts and aggression, courage, determination; rules aries + scorpio

jupiter - luck, faith, spiritual growth; rules sagittarius

saturn - laws and rules, hardships, childhood; rules capricorn

uranus - imagination, intuition, openness, independence; rules aquarius

neptune - your dreams, drugs, perception-deception; rules pisces

pluto - death, taboo, regeneration; rules scorpio