March 1, 2015-yeah! hope for spring starts today, this week we work on our emotional and spiritual selves.

The Moon is in protective Cancer most of the day, with 2 small irritating aspects to Neptune and the Sun while we slept-which may have created some crazy but psychic dreams. The Moon stays quiet the rest of the day with no aspects until after she enters Leo at 6:53 PM and changes our response to outside stimuli from internalizing to vocalizing. This evening we are more vocal, emotive and full of life.

Mercury sextiles Uranus and then opposes Jupiter today, bringing a wealth of new ideas, surprising revelations and an abundance of quick witted discussions. You will want to go out and share your knowledge with close friends and express your emotions to loved ones. Group dynamics concerning money and/or exciting plans are cooperative and strong but our ideas can be overinflated. Be careful to stay within some boundary lines for a more effective solution. Jupiter and Uranus hang together all week with a Full Moon entering the fray on the 4th, so many opportunities will present themselves but not all need to be taken advantage of just yet. be selective and true to yourself first.

The Leo Moon has a small aspect to Chiron later tonight that boosts our self confidence and helps us stay on the right track.

stay grounded with some patchouli oil mixed with sweet orange and keep a carnelian close by.

anonymous asked:

can you state the planets and their signifigance. example: mars- controls or defines your xyz

sun - your personality, your ego, your self and consciousness; rules leo

moon - your emotions, the way you express them, your subconscious; rules cancer

mercury - communication, how you communicate, learning; rules gemini + virgo

venus - the way you love, how you express affection, what you find beautiful; rules libra + taurus

mars - your passion, your desires, your instincts and aggression, courage, determination; rules aries + scorpio

jupiter - luck, faith, spiritual growth; rules sagittarius

saturn - laws and rules, hardships, childhood; rules capricorn

uranus - imagination, intuition, openness, independence; rules aquarius

neptune - your dreams, drugs, perception-deception; rules pisces

pluto - death, taboo, regeneration; rules scorpio


Demonstrating an explosive: mercury(II)-fulminate!

Mercury(II)-fulminate and other fulminates are quite interesting compounds, the fulminate anion’s chemical composition is identical with the cyanate anion (fulminate: -CNO, cyanate: -OCN), only the sequence of the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen is different. With the this small difference something important also changes: cyanates are white powders, doing nothing when heated, while fulminates (especially silver and mercury and other heavy metal fulminartes) explode upon heating

Interesting fact no. 1: when mercury fulminate detonates one of the decomposition products is elemental mercury what is left behind on the surface where it exploded (in the case on the surface of the paper) and it lets us see where did the “reaction happened”. 

Interesting fact no. 2: the famous chemist Justus Liebig when he was a teenager published an experimental writeup (his first publication) about how can we prepare safely silver(I)-fulmite what is also a powerful, light, heat, friction and everything sensitive explosive. 

planets in a nutshell

Sun - your ego, your external personality summed up. Warm, welcoming, popular, generous, confident or insecure. Think of Leo.

Moon - your internal personality, your deepest feelings and emotions. Nurturing, motherly, passive, emotional. Think of Cancer.

Mars - your aggressive tendencies, strength, go-getter attitude, sexual desires. Choleric, fiery, active. Think of Aries (to a certain extent Scorpio).

Venus - where you see beauty and love. Indulgent, romantic, attractive. Think of Taurus or Libra.

Mercury - your thought process and its expression. Punctual, unstable, quick, witty. Think of Gemini and Virgo.

Jupiter - your higher learning and success. Ever-changing, expanding  whatever it touches. Think of Sagittarius (or Pisces).

Saturn - your biggest challenge, your teacher. Commanding, restrictive, organized, rewarding. Think of Capricorn (and to some extent of Aquarius).

Uranus - your rebellion and humanitarian efforts. Always going against the norm, detached, intellectual and helpful. Think of Aquarius.

Neptune - your illusion, dreams and subconsciousness. Glamorous, meditative, delirious. Hard to grasp. Think of Pisces.

Pluto - your obsessive tendencies. Possessive and controlling, powerful and dark. Represents death, destruction and rebirth. Think of Scorpio.