Archaeologists thrilled by lucky discovery of 2,000-year-old Roman god figurine

The 1,000th officially recorded archaeological find of the year in Yorkshire is a mercurial one. Registered on May the 15th – the day of the festival of Mercury – a 2,000-year-old figurine of the Roman god, found by Dave Cooper while he was metal detecting in a field near Selby, is a remarkable reminder of Roman times.

“It honestly was pure coincidence – but a very happy one,” says Rebecca Griffiths, the Finds Liaison Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme at the York Museums Trust.

“I recorded this object on May 15th, which just so happens to be Mercuralia – the Roman Festival of Mercury.

“Mercury was the god of commerce and so merchants would sprinkle their heads and merchandise with water from Mercury’s well, near the Porta Capena, to appeal to the god for luck in their endeavours.” Read more.

Planets and their meanings

SUN: Your ego, the inner you, your essence, the unchanging part of you. Represents your will, determines the expression of that will. Dictates your fundamental character and core. 

use on posts about: personality, ego, nature, basic traits 

MOON: Your emotional nature and instinctive reactions and emotional responses. How you behave in instances where you haven’t had time to think things through, your knee jerk reactions. The moon represents your greatest need. It shows how you nurture others. 

use on posts about: emotions, sadness, happiness, self-image, emotional response

MERCURY: The planet of intelligence and communication. It governs your rational and intellectual facilities, such as perception, reason, memory, speaking, and writing. It reflects your capacity to collect, sort, and communicate your knowledge. 

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VENUS: Love, pleasure, beauty. Your capacity to express and enjoy affection, and to attract and appreciate the things of the world. Defines the type of people you draw to yourself. Defines your sex appeal, love affairs, the arts, beauty, affection, harmony, and friendship.

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MARS: Conflict, aggression, physical energy, sex drive, forcefulness, aggression. Your ability to turn ideas into action, your passion, your temper. How you act when you are blinded by anger or lust.

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  • Sun:Our inner and outer glow
  • Moon:The person we become when we need our mother
  • Mercury:The chatterbox in the mind
  • Venus:Senses, the music of the heart
  • Mars:Directed energy, impulse, surges
  • Jupiter:The voice of celebration, encouragement, the treasure map
  • Saturn:The critical parent voice
  • Neptune:What we seek for redemption
  • Uranus:Light bulb 'eureka' moments
  • Pluto:The soul's manuscript

MESSENGER probe, which has been orbiting Mercury since March 2011, is nearly out of fuel and will smash into the planet tomorrow (April 30). As a tribute, NASA released a new MESSENGER video.

MESSENGER mission (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging), launched in August 2004, has delivered a lot of amazing finds. “The mission discovered a surface rich in diverse chemistry. It sensed a bizarrely offset magnetic field. It photographed strange "hollows” where material seems to have boiled away into space under the scorching sun. It mapped vast volcanic deposits, found that the entire planet has shrunk by as much as 7 kilometers [4.3 miles] in radius, and, of all things, uncovered deposits of water ice in the depths of polar craters where the sun never shines.“

Earlier this week, NASA released these false-color photos showing various surface details to learn more about the minerals and surface processes of the Solar System’s innermost planet.
image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington