1969 Ford Mustang Shelby G.T. 500 SCJ Convertible
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Well, my Bucket List is one item shorter.

I went out to get the paper a few minutes ago, and Venus caught my eye. Just below it, and slightly to the left was Mercury. A slight turn of my head, and there was Saturn. A little more turn, and Mars came into view. Then, with still more turn of my head was Jupiter. It took me a moment to realize, but I had just seen all six naked-eye planets without moving from the spot in which I was standing. So, I stood there in the crisp morning air until the salmon-pink glow of the rising sun caused Mercury to fade from view…

I almost went in to wake everyone up, but I knew that by the time i’d gotten them all out there, it would have been too late.

Maybe tomorrow morning.

night-the-neko-and-cat asked:

Ami I have two books this time no spoilers since I really didn't mean to do that last time. The books are by Louis Lowry. Idk if you have read them or not but the books are Number the Stars and Gossamer. Still have no clue what Gossamer means though!!!


  1. a fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders, which is seen especially in autumn.
  • used to refer to something very light, thin, and insubstantial or delicate.
placement asks
  • sun:what makes you feel like you?
  • moon:do you have problem with trust?
  • rising:how/what do people say you come off as?
  • midheaven:what do you want to be when you grow up?
  • venus:do you flirt more knowingly or unknowingly?
  • mars:when was the last time you got mad and why?
  • mercury:who's your go-to person when you need to talk?
  • jupiter:when was the last time you got lucky?
  • saturn:what are you the weakest and strongest at?
  • uranus:are you rebellious and do you act upon it frequently?
  • neptune:what was your best dream and why?
  • pluto:what is your biggest aspiration and why?
  • lilith:what's your biggest turn on in someone?
  • aries:what's your favorite sport to play?
  • taurus:are you a dog or cat person?
  • gemini:are you introverted or extroverted?
  • cancer:when was the last time you cried and why?
  • leo:what makes you the most confident?
  • virgo:what's your strongest subject in school?
  • libra:what's your favorite make up brand?
  • scorpio:what's your most kept secret?
  • sagittarius:do you like to party?
  • capricorn:what's the last book you've read?
  • aquarius:do you believe in aliens?
  • pisces:how frequently do you remember your dream?

The solar system is all set to give a rare celestial show. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will all be visible from Earth when they appear in a diagonal line on Wednesday, Jan. 20. It’s the first time the five bright planets, so called as they can usually be seen easily with the naked eye, have aligned in such a way in more than 10 years. The phenomenon will continue until Feb. 20.