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Story of Apollo and Mercury - Noël Coypel.

Hermes was known to be a cunning trickster, stealing things from the other gods and hiding them in unbelievable locations. 
When Hermes was still an infant, he once went out his cradle and started an adventure to Pieria, in Northern Greece. His aim was to steal the cattle from his half-brother Apollo.
Hermes discovered the herd very soon. One by one, he started pulling the hoofs out of the cows’ feet and re-attaching them in the reverse order. The same he did to his own sandals. Then he took the herd, which now seemed to be walking backwards and hid the herd inside a cave. Finally, he returned to his cave in Mount Cyllene in Arcadia.

Apollo soon found out that his herd was missing and started searching all around. The traces he saw on his way were nothing but confusing and led the god to despair.
Of course, Apollo was the god of prophecy, so he soon found out the thief and went furiously to Mount Cyllene to find Hermes in his cave. Little Hermes was peacefully sleeping inside his cradle, but Apollo didn’t bother- he grabbed the infant and took him up to Mount Olympus to be judged by their master Zeus, the king of the gods.

Before the eyes of Zeus, Hermes first denied everything, but in the end he had to confess. Zeus found the story quite amusing so he didn’t punish Hermes, he only asked from him to return the herd. Regretful of what he had done, Hermes then offered Apollo his lyre as a present. The lyre was a musical instrument Hermes had created all by himself out of the shell of a tortoise.
To compensate Hermes for his kindness, Apollo returned the gesture by giving Hermes a golden rod to guide the herds. From that moment on, there was peace again in Mount Olympus and a strong friendship began between Hermes and Apollo.

placement asks
  • sun:what makes you feel like you?
  • moon:do you have problem with trust?
  • rising:how/what do people say you come off as?
  • midheaven:what do you want to be when you grow up?
  • venus:do you flirt more knowingly or unknowingly?
  • mars:when was the last time you got mad and why?
  • mercury:who's your go-to person when you need to talk?
  • jupiter:when was the last time you got lucky?
  • saturn:what are you the weakest and strongest at?
  • uranus:are you rebellious and do you act upon it frequently?
  • neptune:what was your best dream and why?
  • pluto:what is your biggest aspiration and why?
  • lilith:what's your biggest turn on in someone?
  • aries:what's your favorite sport to play?
  • taurus:are you a dog or cat person?
  • gemini:are you introverted or extroverted?
  • cancer:when was the last time you cried and why?
  • leo:what makes you the most confident?
  • virgo:what's your strongest subject in school?
  • libra:what's your favorite make up brand?
  • scorpio:what's your most kept secret?
  • sagittarius:do you like to party?
  • capricorn:what's the last book you've read?
  • aquarius:do you believe in aliens?
  • pisces:how frequently do you remember your dream?

The solar system is all set to give a rare celestial show. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will all be visible from Earth when they appear in a diagonal line on Wednesday, Jan. 20. It’s the first time the five bright planets, so called as they can usually be seen easily with the naked eye, have aligned in such a way in more than 10 years. The phenomenon will continue until Feb. 20.

Venus with Mercury and Cupid - Antonio Allegri Correggio.

The oil on canvas is a mythological scene consisting of Mercury as a teacher to young Cupid, and his mother Venus standing close by. All three Gods are nude and placed in a small clearing in a forest. Because Cupid seems intently focused on the lesson that Mercury is presenting to him on a page, and because Venus has the gentle, supportive smile of a mother, a sentiment of family and togetherness is established in the scene, which erases any potential atmosphere of eroticism. The painting’s soft contours, and the silky appearance of the hair reflects Da Vinci’s impact and influence on Correggio; however, the natural illumination causing the unique three-dimensional effect is typically Correggio’s signature, and a genuine display of his renowned artistic talent.

Mercury Signs

Mercury represents how you think, communicate and your intellectual abilities.

Aries: quick-thinking, spontaneous, frank, witty, headstrong, restless

Taurus: patient, thoughtful, practical, deliberate, narrow-minded, one-track mind

Gemini: articulate, witty, versatile, unbiased, flippant, gossiper

Cancer: diplomatic, reliable, tenacious, intuitive, irrational, capricious

Leo: creative, articulate, confident, leader, overbearing, conceited

Virgo: unbiased, analytical, logical, meticulous, remote, clinical

Libra: charming, diplomatic, communicative, social, insincere, indecisive

Scorpio: perceptive, intuitive, insightful, quick-thinking, harsh, intrusive

Sagittarius: sincere, open-minded, clever, cultured, irreverent, grandiose

Capricorn: methodical, grounded, reliable, discriminating, unimaginative, devious

Aquarius: inventive, objective, progressive, social, clinical, unrealistic

Pisces: imaginative, intuitive, philosophical, receptive, evasive, gullible

Surprising(?) things about the mercury signs (in elements)

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are very hard-workers, despite being known for being more playful. They can sit down and study/work for hours, and be the one to harshly say “shush” if needs be. In fact, a Fire mercury has so much drive, that they are pretty like to do this. Nothing comes between a Fire mercury and what they hope to achieve

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are known for working to the bone, and whilst they are capable of working to an excess, they’d much rather get the work done efficiently and to a good standard, and then relax or have fun. Working to excess (more than they need to to complete a task) is actually not something an Earth mercury is found of doing.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will never appear to work particularly hard, but somehow their work is in on time and done impeccable well. No one knows how they do it, but the guess is that they study/work behind the scenes more than they’ll admit to their peers.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces do take pride and care in their work, even if they aren’t always seen doing it or talking about it. They like it to look neat and professional and work is always taken seriously. Whilst they don’t seem to be fussing over it, in their head they have a clear plan of what needs to be done.

the Mind of the Signs

Communication style, learning and study habits, and the creative capabilities of Mercury through the zodiac:

Mercury in Aries:  A daring desire to hunt information and become an intellectual independent; learning is a conquest which is won with fierce focus. The mind is sharp & aggressive, the imagination explosive & creative; can be insensitive and lose interest quickly.

Mercury in Taurus: A relaxed and deliberate lounger, the mind takes its time when reaching a decision, and grasps the personal usefulness of information when it is conveyed through the 5 senses; ideas are realistic, full of common sense and guilelessness. Imagination blossoms when it touches the material world; can be stubborn.

Mercury in Gemini: An observant child who watches the world with rapt interest; nervous and jumpy thoughts and ideas. Words are a weapon, and the rapid-fire mind shoots poetic, humorous, and intelligent remarks, always searching for exciting ways of expressing the inexpressible; can be superficial and lack focus.

Mercury in Cancer: A soothing sentimentalist who takes care, and is considerate of thoughts and opinions in order to ensure a sense of safety; remembers feelings and moods associated with information, reflects on meanings behind words. Imagination is thoughtful and rhythmic, with photographic memory; can be timid

Mercury in Leo: A richly dramatic imagination made for public consumption; the mind is contagiously creative and capable, spouting stylish and often entertaining remarks. Fierce focus and passionate involvement allow the intellect to devour as much knowledge as it desires; can come across as arrogant.

Mercury in Virgo: A modest and matter-of-fact mind competent and equipped to understand systematic thinking, relies on details to fully comprehend the essentials; purity of purpose is integrated into every thought with the intent of being skillful and precise; imagination finds expression in relatable and commonplace occurrences; can be visionless and lack depth.

Mercury in Libra: A charming diplomat seeks the middle ground by evaluating and comparing information and relaying it harmoniously; objective and unbiased, communication is effortless and lucid. The imagination is full of abstractions that can only be expressed through non-intellectual ways; can be lazy.

Mercury in Scorpio: An instinctive strategist, determined to pierce the heart of furtive information, passionately and fearlessly endeavors to be on top; imagination is stirred by keen observations. Avidly strives to uncover the mysteries and intrigues of the psyche; can be damaging.

Mercury in Sagittarius: A broad minded truth-seeker, with eyes on the future, defends justice and freedom with zeal; positive and audacious, the restless interest seeks information that inspires and motivates. Ideas are enormous and take on a life of their own; can be indiscreet.

Mercury in Capricorn: A resourceful and organized bricklayer who methodically plans every step of the intellectual and creative process; ideas are well thought out and wise; imagination is utilitarian. Prefers to learn heuristically, gaining knowledge through experience; can be dogmatic.

Mercury in Aquarius:  A satellite, driven by high-powered curiosity, collects and inspects information; the natural mind of an engineer that sees in blueprints, with a vibrant and resourceful imagination. Learns at light-year speed, and is often far off into the future, dreaming of innovation; can be unreasonable and lose interest.  

Mercury in Pisces: An intuitive lake of intelligence and compassion that reflects the thoughts and vibrations of its surroundings; beneath cloudy thoughts lays a colorful imagination that is desperate for expression. Often quiet and gentle, the ears are always tuned into the frequency of feelings; a great listener; can be impressionable.

Mercury in the Houses
  • 1st House:thinks about their identity, uses intellect to carve out an identity
  • 2nd House:thinks about values, uses intellect to accumulate, create, and protect things of value
  • 3rd House:thinks about ideas, uses intellect to collect and share ideas
  • 4th House:thinks about the past, uses their intellect to reminisce
  • 5th House:thinks about art, uses their intellect to express themselves
  • 6th House:thinks about work, uses their intellect to get chores done
  • 7th House:thinks about others, uses their intellect to manage partnerships
  • 8th House:thinks about occult studies, psychology, and conspiracies, uses their intellect to gain power
  • 9th House:thinks about philosophy, uses their intellect to create and preach a worldview
  • 10th House:thinks about their reputation, uses their intellect to create success
  • 11th House:thinks about the future, uses their intellect to benefit humanity
  • 12th House:thinks about dreams, fantasies, and symbols, uses their intellect to find a spiritual connection
Dominant Planets

Generally speaking, a planet becomes our dominant if it’s in one of it’s ruling signs (E.g. If you are mercury dominant with a Gemini mercury) or it has many aspects with (other) major parts of your chart. Obviously, there are other ways, but you can read about those here.

First of all, I want to talk a little about what “Dominant” actually is in astrology. We have dominant signs, planets, elements and types. In astrology, it means the sign/planet/etc you are most like and identify with the most. With signs, this is obvious: “I am Libra dominant, therefore I identify the most with Libra”. In planets, we may be better at dealing with the thing in which they rule. For example, someone with Moon dominant may be better at dealing with their inside thoughts and feelings! If you want to know what each planet means, I suggest going here.

Also, with a planetary dominant, it is important to remember that planet is still within a sign. So, whilst the planet is your dominant, you will express the ways of the planet in a way that that sign would. For example, if I am Venus dominant, and my Venus is in Taurus, I will be good at expressing my love and understanding it, but the expression itself will be very much like the sign Taurus.

Anyway, this is how each planetary dominant may manifest within a person:

Ordered by the planet and how it is as a dominant, a word for the sign which you have it in. The sign the planet mainly rules is highlighted.

Sun: Ruling over Leo, the Sun represents the ego. It is thought to represent The Father, The Hushand, and The Leader. Someone of Sun dominant may find it easier to take charge and be certain in their aspirations. Sun also represents courage and generosity, but pride and self-centeredness. Someone of this dominant may encompass this traits more than others.

A word for Sun when in…

Aries//Passion, Taurus//Willful, Gemini//Generous, Cancer//Nurture, Leo//Prideful, Virgo//Straight-Forward, Libra//Peace, Scorpio//Courage, Sagittarius//Feisty, Capricorn//Reliable, Aquarius//Blunt, Pisces//Loving

Moon: Being ruled by Cancer, the Moon is the opposite (feminine) version of the Sun. Someone of Moon dominant may be more in touch with their emotions, and thus more understanding of others’ emotions. On a bad day, they may also be more reckless of their own emotions. A Moon dominant knows how they feel and think, making it easier for them to be in touch with their conscious.

A word for Moon when in…

Aries//Powerful, Taurus//Stubborn, Gemini//Relaxed, Cancer//Family, Leo//Independent, Virgo//Self-critical, Libra//Indecisive, Scorpio//Deeper Emotion, Sagittarius//Dreamland, Capricorn//To the point, Aquarius//Deep Thoughts, Pisces//Others

Mercury: This Dominant is probably the most straight forward, as it means you probably find communication easier. I don’t mean less stressful or nerve-racking (as these are not determined by astrology), but I mean that you can easily state what you think or feel and don’t often experience a loss of the “right word”. A Mercury Dominant is good at planning in the sense of when to meet or where, because of their good communication.

A word for Mercury when in…

Aries//Spontaneous, Taurus//Relaxed, Gemini//Laid-back, Cancer//Empathetic, Leo//To the point, Virgo//Precise, Libra//Neutral, Scorpio//With power, Sagittarius//Warm, Capricorn//Concise, Aquarius//Blunt, Pisces//Sympathetic

Venus: Venus being the sign of love, someone of Venus Dominant may find themselves being very compassionate towards people. They may find it easier to express themselves or show their love. Venus Dominant can make someone more empathetic as they show love for generously.

A word for Venus when in…

Aries//Powerful, Taurus//Strong, Gemini//Fun, Cancer//Loved, Leo//Passion, Virgo//Humble, Libra//Quiet, Scorpio//Deep, Sagittarius//Spontaneous, Capricorn//Modest, Aquarius//Playful, Pisces//Romantic

Mars: This is the sign of drive, passion and sex. For this reason, energy comes in abundance to a Mars Dominant. Therefore, if this is your dominant, you may have a heavy drive in all your work and events. A Mars Dominant may always seem to be bursting with passion, because this is exactly what they are. 

 A word for Mars when in…

Aries//Stubborn, Taurus//Powerful, Gemini//Equal, Cancer//Protective, Leo//Unmatched, Virgo//Just, Libra//Neutral, Scorpio//Passionate, Sagittarius//Willing, Capricorn//Ambitious, Aquarius//Unstoppable, Pisces//With Empathy

Jupiter: This planet is thought to represent self-confidence, abundance and luck. It is associated with wealth and glory. A person of Jupiter Dominant may be quite confident around people and generous. Jupiter is almost like the Santa Claus of the Dominants. Representing abundance, they give an get in abundance.

A word for Jupiter in…

Aries//Materials, Taurus//Giving Gifts, Gemini//Parties, Cancer//Giving Time, Leo//Glory, Virgo//Giving To Be Just, Libra//Items, Scorpio//To Have, Sagittarius//Wanting Wealth, Capricorn//Money, Aquarius//Sheer Luck, Pisces//Wants

Saturn: Saturn is almost the opposite of Jupiter. Saturn is toughness and limitations. Whilst Jupiter Dominants were out-going people, Saturn Dominants are the introverts. They are the ones who observe with quiet ambition, rather than take to the dance floor in a sudden moment.

A word for Saturn in…

Aries//Held Back, Taurus//Observing, Gemini//Quiet, Cancer//Peaceful, Leo//Ambition, Virgo//Sussing Out, Libra//Waiting For Their Chance, Scorpio//At Home, Sagittarius//Trapped, Capricorn//Tough, Aquarius//Knowing The Limits, Pisces//Feeling Okay

Uranus: Ruling Aquarius means only one thing, this Dominant is the planet of thought. Uranus Dominant thinks outside the box and has a semi-permanent stage of dreamland. It is all about the “What if” questions with these people. Usually, they like to try and better the world, even though sometimes they seem indifferent to society.

A word for Uranus in…

Aries//Big, Taurus//Setting Limits, Gemini//Fresh, Cancer//With Emotion, Leo//Dreaming, Virgo//Trying For Realism, Libra//In Thought, Scorpio//Depth, Sagittarius//Lost, Capricorn//Straight, Aquarius//Inventive, Pisces//New

Neptune: When you rule Pisces, of course you’re gonna be the planet of dreamers. A lot like Uranus, the “What if” questions are a big love of Neptune Dominants, and damn can you tell! They are the ones dreaming up completely unrealistic ideas and almost living in a fantasy. They are often more gentle than other Dominants.

A word for Neptune in…

Aries//Outstanding, Taurus//Will, Gemini//Questioning, Cancer//Thinking Of Love, Leo//Huge, Virgo//Ponder, Libra//Stray Thoughts, Scorpio//Deeper Meaning, Sagittarius//Paths, Capricorn//Inventive, Aquarius//Imagine, Pisces//Dreamland

Pluto: This planet is thought to represent death, questioning yourself deeply, as well as mystery. A Pluto Dominant may often question the truth of things or the bigger questions of life. They appreciate a mystery and digging deeper inside of someone. Sometimes, their self-questioning can become too much for themselves. 

A word for Pluto in…

Aries//Deep Questioning, Taurus//Second Guessing, Gemini//Indecision, Cancer//Realistic Emotion, Leo//Simple Mystery, Virgo//Realism, Libra//What And Why, Scorpio//Deeper And Deeper, Sagittarius//”If”, Capricorn//Bigger Picture, Aquarius//More Than This, Pisces//Realities

– If you want to know why I put the word(s) for a certain sign, just send them to me with the planet and sign and I will explain. A lot of them are vague versions of a bigger idea I had in my head, so feel free to ask –

Planetary Retrogrades of 2016 🌟

1) Mercury Rx - 01/15/16 @ 8:06 pm - Direct 01/25/16 @ 4:50 pm

2) Jupiter Rx - 01/07/16 @ 11:40 pm - Direct 05/09/16 @ 8:14 pm

3) Saturn Rx - 03/25/16 @ 6:01 am - Direct 08/13/16 @ 5:50 am

4) Mars Rx - 04/17/16 @ 8:14 am - Direct 06/29/16 @7:38 pm

5) Pluto Rx- 04/18/16 @ 3:26 am - Direct 09/26/16 @ 11:01 am

6) Mercury Rx - 04/18/16 @ 1:20 pm - Direct 09/26/16 @ 9:20 am

7) Neptune Rx - 06/13/16 @ 4:43 pm - Direct 11/19/16 @ 11:38 pm

8) Uranus Rx - 07/29/16 @ 5:06 pm - Direct 12/29/16 @ 4:29 am

9) Mercury Rx - 08/30/16 @ 9:04 am - Direct 09/22/16 @ 1:31 am

10) Mercury Rx - 12/19/16 @ 5:55 am - Direct 01/08/17 @ 6:44 am

(found in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2016)

  • Mercury in the 1st:An autobiography
  • Mercury in the 2nd:A recipe book
  • Mercury in the 3rd:An encyclopedia
  • Mercury in the 4th:A home living magazine
  • Mercury in the 5th:An arts and crafts book
  • Mercury in the 6th:A medical textbook
  • Mercury in the 7th:A thesaurus
  • Mercury in the 8th:A psychology textbook
  • Mercury in the 9th:A holy transcript
  • Mercury in the 10th:A newspaper
  • Mercury in the 11th:A technology handbook
  • Mercury in the 12th:A fairy tale
❀ the flower analogy ❀

Think of the Sun sign as a flower vase. This flower vase represents your core personality and interests. The first thing people notice though, are the flowers in the vase, so your Rising sign represents the flowers. The smell of the flowers, the feel of the petals, represents how your Mercury sign communicates your thoughts. The shape of the vase, the color, reminds us of how Venus expresses their style. What’s in the vase, pebbles, water, or maybe glass beads? What’s on the inside represents our Moon sign - our emotions and thoughts which we keep hidden.

The Lilith Signs: The Blessing and The Curse.

Our Lilith sign shows us what we desire and most times who we really are deep inside, it shows us the flaws and our dark side; but the Lilith sign isn’t all darkness there comes a blessing with our dark side. 

Other Planets you can use: Sun, Mars, Pluto, and Mercury.

Aries // You often become the dominant one/the leader, this is a blessing because you can lead people the right way. It is a curse because you become power hungry very easily and may not always have the best intentions or don’t always know when to back off.

Taurus // You often become stubborn and stick to being independent, this is a blessing as you work best alone and like being your own boss but it’s a curse because you may need other options and working alone often leads you to become greedy and materialistic.

Gemini // You often aren’t attached to people, this is a blessing as there are people who are negative for you and you can easily cut them out. This is a curse because when you dont have the best intentions you easily can find yourself going around and hurting people out of boredom.

Cancer // You often like to be logical and not open to hearing others opinions on stuff you aren’t informed in. This is a blessing as it keeps you calm and you often are able to call out bullshit but it’s mostly a curse, you are going to have to leave your shell and explore the world eventually and face the truth; don’t be so moody about it.

Leo // Much like Cancer you aren’t open to others opinions, and arent open to compromising. You are your own leader; kind of like Taurus, this can be seen more as a curse but it also can be seen as a blessing equally. You are proud of who you are and you stick to that but sometimes who you are isn’t healthy for you.

Virgo // You are very much like Gemini when you dont have good intentions, you can easily go around and hurt people that’s your curse. You are good at getting information out of people, whether you choose to do good things with that information this is your blessing.

Libra // You can be very selfish, which can cause you to be possessive of your close friends. This is a blessing because you tend know who to protect your close ones from if you see something isn’t right with the person. This is a curse because you fear being alone and if you feel someone is taking your friend away you make sure whoever is a “threat” backs off.

Scorpio // You are able to copy someone else to mask your true being. This is a blessing because you can often protect yourself and still not be as reserved and still have fun, but it’s mostly a curse and a habit you don’t even know you do. People usually get fed up with you cause they never know where they stand with you; as you are never really yourself.

Sagittarius // You tend to feel the need to play games with peoples minds with your ability to sooth them, your blessing is you can help people a ton with anxiety but your curse is that you can drive people crazy with your mood swings and mind games.

Capricorn // You are clever and innocent, but not close to anyone. No one knows whether to trust you or to leave you. Your clever always thinking mind confuses a lot of people, and can often accidentally pushing people away, that is your curse but you are very innocent and have a true soul not many can see that is your blessing.

Aquarius // You are often like Libra mixed with Sagittarius, selfish but mostly manipulative with a lot of mind games. You give the best advice and know what to say and thats your blessing, but you rarely have the best intentions; you snap at people and lure them back with guilt and that is your curse. 

Pisces // You have two sides of you, a calm healer that heals people and helps and an angry destructive side that you cant control. Your healing spiritual side is hard for you to embrace so your subconscious turns to your other side, that is your blessing and your curse, you have to remember to keep balance.