Três planetas alinhados ao por do Sol.
Three planets aligned at the sunset.
Credit: @astrogram
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i behave (sun sign)

my behavior is (house of sun)

i feel (moon sign)

my feelings are (house of moon)

i think (mercury sign)

my thoughts are (house of mercury)

i express grace (venus sign)

my grace is (house of venus)

i act (mars signs)

my actions are (house of mars)

aries: assertively

taurus: indulgently 

gemini: dynamically

cancer: tenderly 

leo: emphatically 

virgo: conscientiously 

libra: passably

scorpio: secretively

sagittarius: righteously

capricorn: professionally 

aquarius: distinctly 

pisces: aimlessly 

1st house: apart of my embodiment 

2nd house: excessive 

3rd house: communicated 

4th house: protective

5th house: theatrical 

6th house: a service 

7th house: apart of my shadow 

8th house: a secret

9th house: perceptive 

10th house: public 

11th house: receptive 

12th house: incognizant


Q: How is it to be a trans person in South Korea? Have you ever suffered from prejudice? How did you deal with it?

Hanbit: When I worked as a model I lost a lot of chances of participating on auditions because I’m transexual. However, I never gave up. I believe in myself and love myself, that’s why I got this far.

Q: What message would you leave for LGBT K-pop fans?

Hanbit: Don’t hide. Love yourself and have a dream. You’ll be happy, I’m sure.

(source ; translated to english by @sunjis)

I Talk About... (Mercury Sign)

Aries: …topics that fire me up.

Taurus: …my prized possessions.

Gemini: …anything I can think of.

Cancer: …anything close to my heart.

Leo: …my hopes for myself.

Virgo: …intelligent topics.

Libra: …the things I love.

Scorpio: …taboo and mysterious topics.

Sagittarius: …where I want to go.

Capricorn: …my future goals.

Aquarius: …issues with the world.

Pisces: …my dreams.

crystallizedginger  asked:

hello ~ what do you mean by "the planets are the things we have to overcome in order to master these areas of life" ? thanks for your work!

planets in the houses

  • sun: shows the center of our life, something that is so important to us that our own ego or lack of confidence is in the way
  • moon: where our heart is, where we feel needy and look for comfort, but are too sensitive to find a sense of ease
  • mercury: an area that we are very curious about but one that we tend to rationalize too much and overthink
  • venus: where we struggle because we are overly fixated on pleasing others and not offending anyone
  • mars: where we want to prove our potency but our own sense of competitiveness and blind aggression is in the way
  • jupiter: an area where we are confident and optimistic and dont see our shortcomings and the ways in which we lack
  • saturn: we want to show our competence but are numbed by insecurity and anxiety
  • uranus: where we need to be free. rebelling for the sake of rebelling keeps us from doing what we actually want
  • neptune: a deep need for connection that is hindered by a naive or deluded view of of this area
  • pluto: where we feel powerless and want to feel power. we hang on to something but need to learn to let go

so, basically, if you have a lot of planets in one house, there’s also a lot of challenges in that house

Gemini & Virgo - The Mercury Sisters

Gemini and Virgo is the story of two sisters. And Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, the great story teller, so he wrote his most amusing tale for his winged children. Gemini is the drunk Virgo. Virgo is the focused Gemini. Gemini is the animated Virgo. And Virgo is the sensual Gemini. Both sisters were born during the mutable season, so they flow with the winds of change and adaptable dynamism. But the Gemini sister’s eye colour changes a little, and the way she speaks, she styles her hair in braids then curls then bows then sleek, she dresses like a New Ager in the week following a rocker. She is experimental and playful. She enjoys playing with different personalities and modes of expression. The Virgo sister is self analytical and conscious, she stores away personalities like files, opens the draw for the right moment, and hides parts of herself away. Like Mercury, the two sisters are neither feminine nor masculine, but dual and androgynous, handsome and youthful, with eyes of light and the curiosity of the young. They share a cupboard, and the Gemini’s side is full of colours and bright shades, while the Virgo sister adorns in the aloe green and sublime neutrality, reflecting the earth child inside. They both make for brilliant conversationalists and communicators. But the Gemini sister seems to radiate centrepiece at a party, wine in hand, seducing all through their engaging and stimulating conversation. She is confident, free, and wild when she is releasing the butterflies from her throat. Though her tongue always seems to slip, and words tumble out that make mistakes. And it’s up to the calculative and strategic Virgo sister to save her. With her incredible skills of observation, psychological probing, and ability to strategize the correct words, a Virgo knows how to charm with the ingredients of language. The Gemini sister strews magazines and books around, consuming wikipedia and all the wi fi to satiate her love of learning and mental amusement. The Virgo sister keeps her textbooks, and files, and documents, and novels in neat piles, alphabetically listed and colour co ordinated, seeking to apply the information she has acquired in service oriented and practical formats. The Gemini sister is more concerned with ideas and pockets of trivia, while the Virgo sister reigns in on fact and logic, ensuring that her information is correct. This is what makes for great conversation between the pair, and they often stay up long into the night, with their hyperactivity and sleeplessness, lost in discussion and reverie. With her room a mess, the bills piled up, and her diaries strewn with different handwriting, the Gemini sister seems quite more scattered, mischievous, and distracted than her formulaic, reflective, refined Virgo sister. The Gemini sister enjoys bringing two worlds together and fusing oppositions. The Virgo sister breaks down information into digestible components. 

The Gemini sister’s wings flitter from cloud to cloud, stitched with the pages of books, impractical and in a daze, blowing message bubbles into the ether. The Virgo sister’s wings are sewn with leaves and eucalyptus trees, searching for curatives in her mind and earth like a medical box. The two sisters are primary school teachers and express the labor of Mercury, the ruler of early academics. The Gemini sister enjoys teaching through anecdotes, audio, and group conversation. The Virgo sister utilizes hands on activity, technology, and concentrated pre planning. They herald the messenger in every day life. They can change in the blink of an eye. They are both brilliant and witty, loquacious and flirtatious, active in their expression and talking with their dancing hands.


Weaknesses of the Mercury

*Check Mercury

Mercury in Aries, can be possessive, illogical or unreliable.

Mercury in Taurus, can be stubborn, possessive or moody.

Mercury in Gemini, can be overly nervous, stressful or self-centered.

Mercury in Cancer, can be manipulative, too considerate or negative.

Mercury in Leo, can be unfocused, controlling or obsessive.   

Mercury in Virgo, can be fearful, judgmental or secretive.  

Mercury in Libra, can be unmotivated, easily offended or inflexible. 

Mercury in Scorpio, can be critical, secretive or overly passionate.

Mercury in Sagittarius, can be impulsive, uncoordinated or aloof.  

Mercury in Capricorn, can be ignorant, verbally violent or intolerant.   

Mercury in Aquarius, can be too secretive, insensitive or too sarcastic. 

Mercury in Pisces, can be naïve, uncoordinated or unfocused.

Pt. 1-  Weaknesses of the Venus

Pt. 2-  Weaknesses of the Mars 

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Rules Leo and exalts in Aries

MOON ☽ ☾ ○ ◯
Rules Cancer and exalts in Taurus

Rules Gemini and Virgo, exalts in Virgo

Rules Taurus and Libra, exalts in Pisces

Rules Aries and Scorpio, exalts in Capricorn

Rules Sagittarius and Pisces

Rules Capricorn and Aquarius, exalts in Libra

Rules Aquarius

Rules Pisces

Rules Scorpio

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