You see life in terms of: (how you communicate)

  • You are able to make others aware of issues that are powerful and influential but not obvious. 
  • Free-thinking and non-judgmental is a way you help others to express themselves openly. 

But tend not to see: ( how you fail to communicate)

  • What others are actually feeling because you are too busy with some theory of how things ought to be  or how others ought to be feeling.
  • You fail to see that others are not so far- seeing as you are. 
understanding what things in your chart mean:
  • sun/star sign:your conscious
  • rising/ascendant:how others see you
  • moon:why you do what you do/your soul & how you think
  • mercury:how you communicate & make decisions
  • venus:love, money and what makes you happy
  • mars:basic body attraction, aggression & sexual desires.
  • jupiter:how we express our generosity & improve our lives
  • saturn:our limitations & fears
  • uranus:individuality
  • neptune:your dreams & goals
  • pluto:your ability to transform/rebirth
  • lilith:your dark side
  • asc node/north node:your goals in life
  • south node:what you need to work on in life
  • Aries:Thick lines, strong angles, sometimes spiked
  • Taurus:Curvy lines and streamlined
  • Gemini:Sharp lines but gentle swirls
  • Cancer:Crooked and faint
  • Leo:Circular, spiral, and curlicue
  • Virgo:Small curves and even-lined
  • Libra:Curved swirls, decidedly "feminine"
  • Scorpio:Heavy, straight lines with sharp angles
  • Sagittarius:Jagged curls, indistinct lines
  • Capricorn:Hard lines, small letters
  • Aquarius:Lightly pressed, weird and uneven lettering
  • Pisces:Large curls, firm pressed lines
  • To calculate your Mercury sign, click the link and follow the instructions

If you liked the Galaxy Eggs that have been making the rounds for the last couple days, you’ll love these Astronomy Eggs by William Krohn! He & his family painted eggs for the Sun, all the planets, the Moon, Pluto, the Big Dipper, a nebula, a spiral galaxy, and even a black hole. Clever!!!

H/T Plutosgems


What the Planets in your Chart Mean
  • Sun:Your sun sign is your ego and your core being. The Sun represents yourself, your being, your personality, and just what it is exactly that makes you a unique individual. The Sun represents how you face the world in your every day life. When someone asks you "What's your sign?" You are typically telling them your sun sign. The sun rules Leo.
  • Moon:The moon represents our deepest personal needs, our quirks, and our unconscious. Your moon sign is your inner self, your emotions, and it explains the person you are deep inside. It is also sometimes where a place where hatred, jealousy, and fear is found. The moon rules Cancer.
  • Mercury:Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury represents the thought process, and it governs communication, exchanges, intellect, awareness, learning abilities, intellectual capacity, and thought process. Mercury is also a representative for traders, teachers, attorneys and messengers. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.
  • Venus:Planet of Love & Money. Venus represents artists, traders, and all occupations related to seduction and beauty. Venus describes your love life, leisure, affections, and how you behave in romantic relationships. Venus also represents greed, materialism, hypocrisy, and laziness. Venus rules Taurus and Libra.
  • Mars:The Planet of Passion. Mars happens to be the "action" planet of the zodiac. Energy, passion, ambition, competition, drive, and determination are all in Mars' realm. Mars describes how you command and take action. It symbolizes how you come to terms with situations, and overcome obstacles. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio.
  • Jupiter:The Planet of Luck. Luck and good fortune are associated with Jupiter. Along with wealth, glory, success, and honor. This planet represents people in power, professors, teachers, and political figures. Jupiter represents your self-confidence, leisure, accomplishments, and growth. Jupiter rules Sagittarius.
  • Saturn:Planet of Karma. Saturn represents work ethic, responsibility, multi-tasking, time, age, and tradition. Saturn is your ambition, your observations, and your work ethic. Saturn symbolizes old age, when a person typically loses interest in unnecessary material items, and gains more interest in retirement and solitude. Saturn is associated with the wise, the elderly, and all people who can help us overcome an obstacle such as counselors, teachers, nurses, and medical practitioners. Saturn rules Capricorn.
  • Uranus:Planet of Rebellion. Uranus represents disruptions, unforeseen events, changes, new situations, revolutions, and independence. Uranus represents your creativity, your mind, your uniqueness, your ideas, and your ability to adapt to change. Uranus rules Aquarius.
  • Neptune:Planet Of Illusion. Neptune represents art, all forms of glamour, creativity, addiction, illusion, dreams, and sensitivity. Neptune represents your dreams, sensitivity, artistic ability, and ability to read others. Neptune rules Pisces.
  • Pluto:Planet of Power. This is the ultimate story of good and evil. Pluto represents all that is hidden, secrets, destruction, intensity, death, obsession, kidnapping, viruses and waste. Pluto represents your sexual energy, deepest instincts, obsessions, secrets, deep self-questionings, and anxieties. Pluto rules Scorpio.

Aquarius. air + fixed. 

Aquarius Sun x Aquarius Moon x Aquarius Mercury x Aquarius Venus 

Those born between January 20th and February 18th are born with their sun in Aquarius. As an air sign, Aquarians often exist in their head - and use this toward achieving a greater purpose in humanity. Their purpose in life is to be the humanitarian of the zodiac and will find themselves (eventually) working towards helping the public in some way. Often called the “rebel” of the zodiac, Aquarians might be attracted to revolutionary ideas, eccentricities, and anything innovative. Often represented as the water bearer, Aquarius’s water represents knowledge, and providing to the public. Aquarius sun people are often extremely independent, not necessarily in a lonely sense, but in more of an “original” sense. They are often seen as being “cool” or “aloof”, but beneath their quirky, chill exterior lies a humanitarian heart of gold.


Whats the Surface of Mercury Like?

The surface of Mercury is marred by an impressive number of craters. The cratering is deeper than on most terrestrial planets because of its lack of an atmosphere. A thicker atmosphere would have slowed impacting bodies, making the craters more shallow. Less than half of the surface of Mercury was mapped until recent images from MESSENGER were interpreted by NASA.

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mercury is the young student fascinated by learning, who loves to outsmart and pull pranks on his schoolmates

venus is the artistic schoolgirl who develops a crush on every boy she meets and writes incredible poetry about each one

mars is the short-tempered jock who understands more through grabbing and threatening rather than listening

jupiter is the historian who always guesses right on their tests and stays after class to ask their teacher more about old religion & mythology

saturn is the studious introvert juggling AP classes and extracurriculars, acing everything but spreading themselves thin as paper

uranus is the spunky rebel who dyes their hair different each month and campaigns for a hundred ways to improve school policy

neptune is the galaxy-minded inquirer who doodles their brain creations on paper, building entire worlds in their head before hearing their teacher

pluto is the mysterious dark child, looming the schoolyards brooding with the intensity of their mind, feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders