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Humour in the archetypes

I think I’ve written about this before somewhere, but I thought I’d update my thoughts a bit..

So there are placements that indicate that humour will be a big theme in the chart such as Mercury aspects and Jupiter aspects, especially to the Sun and Venus. Mercury positively aspected to Jupiter too. Mercury and Jupiter in the third house. Gemini and Sagittarius energies. Although I’d add Virgo and Pisces onto this list too, though that may be personal taste.

But each archetype, each energy, has its own, unique flavour of humour too…

Aries: A bold and sometimes even brash humour, quick timing that doesn't often take into account political correctness, yet also has quite a childful and sweet underlying quality to it. A definite duality to this sense of humour.

Taurus: A dry and sarcastic humour, where some may not even realise they are joking in the first place. Can even be quite sharp. Not particularly a deeply intellectual sense of comedy, but something that can point to the absurdity of everyday situations.

Gemini: A quick witted and swiftly changing sense of humour, where it is difficult to pinpoint this sense of comedy to just one type. Mostly, it seems intellectual, where puzzles and wordplay make an appearance, but depending on the crowd they find themselves speaking to, this can change greatly.

Cancer: Quite a changeable and literally loony sense of humour, which can incorporate humour and seriousness depending on what direction they take. It may be as simple as physical humour, facial expressions, or something more intellectual, but there is something consistently expressive about their style of comedy.

Leo: Rather physical and slapstick, a theatricality to their humour. There needs to be some kind of visual element for Leo to find comedy in a situation, not just something intellectual or long-winded. Quite larger than life humour, but still often somewhat light.

Virgo: Combines a Mercury quick wit with a grounded, Earthy humour. Can pick up on the little things that others may miss, almost a nuanced humour. They aren’t flashy and theatrical but like Gemini, may be good with wordplay and other Mercurial themes when it comes to comedy.

Libra: An often sweet and light sense of humour, with emphasis on how we relate to each other. Almost a conversational sense of humour, where rather that the spotlight only appearing on one person, there can be a rapport with others. Often very intellectual and clever.

Scorpio: A somewhat dark sense of humour that can take controversial or uncomfortable conversations and add some irony or comedy to make them more accessible to the people around them. They have this way of revealing the truth of matters through comedy. Something that lingers and to think about even after the humorous moment has passed.

Sagittarius: A sense of humour that can be light and full of wisdom or bold and controversial, maybe even depending on the mood of the situation. They don’t hold back their words or views, even if they could cause offence, often aiming to reveal a certain amount of truth no matter who may disagree. 

Capricorn: A sarcastic and often adeptly timed humour, where they manage to infuse even one comment with an often understated but impactful style of comedy. May find humour in the idiocy of the actions of themselves or others, and can be both self-deprecating and aimed at others too.

Aquarius: A quirky and individual sense of comedy, one that is often unexpected and thoroughly original. Even when it comes to humour, they don’t play by other peoples rules, merging one style with another to make an often eclectic wit. Yet, it often has emphasis on a rather intellectual and intelligent style.

Pisces: A witty sense of humour that often includes impersonations and mimicry, able to take on the traits of others in a close likeness. They have the ability to appear as all things to all people in a way, not only gifted in caricatures of others, but in adapting their sense of humour to their company.

anonymous asked:

what are ur thoughts on virgo sun girls 💭

some of the bossiest bitches if they have aries and leo placements. but generally, they can be the most uplifting people

they are one of the few signs that i actually find funny when they get heated. their rants are 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻to listen to bc it’s always something that is SOOO relatable but you just couldn’t pinpoint exactly why it pissed you off

but a VIRGO can 🙌🏻 that mercury wit really comes out when they get annoyed, i think that’s why it can be kinda fun to troll a virgo lmao

personal gemini placements call for multiple sides of the situation

gemini sun=multiple identities taking on several roles during the lifetime, the one you met yesterday is not the one you will see today 

gemini moon=multiple forces at work in the subconscious, the emotions are never the same

gemini rising=multiple ways at looking at the world, a child-like wisdom

gemini venus=multiple ways of showing affection, the butterfly that flits from one thing to the next

gemini mercury=multiple minds working in one, never silent & at odds with each other constantly 

gemini mars=multiple warriors ready to use their mercurial wit to fight for what they’re passionate about 

“Gemini’s symbol - the light, changeable breezes of early summer, here today and gone tomorrow” (Isabel Hickey)

Mercury in the Signs

Mercury in Aries: Quick-witted, Straight forward, Sharp
Mercury in Taurus: Careful, Melodious, Sturdy
Mercury in Gemini: Intelligent, Witty, Curious
Mercury in Cancer: Reflective, Intuitive, Gentle
Mercury in Leo: Creative, Loud, Boastful
Mercury in Virgo: Intellectual, Sharp-witted, Accomplished
Mercury in Libra: Critical, Fair, Social
Mercury in Scorpio: Passionate, Observant, Sharp tongued
Mercury in Sagittarius: Philosophical, Honest, Enthusiastic
Mercury in Capricorn: Serious, Methodical, Disciplined
Mercury in Aquarius: Thoughtful, Indifferent, Unorthodox
Mercury in Pisces: Imaginative, Artistic, Inspirational

Mercury:7th house 💍📝💍

-quick witted and mentally alert

-possible talents in communicating with others,debate

-usually up to date on news and events

-communication is very important to you in relationships

-like working with a partner rather than alone
-good for psychology,law,public relations,sales

-partners can be intelligent and well educated,yet unstable and dishonest

-you may choose to marry young or your partner may be considerably younger than yourself

-could possibly marry more than once

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My cousin is a Gemini and he's so good at telling people he hates to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to going there. My sister is an Aquarius and is like an evil genius and somehow always knows how to get what she wants from our parents, and literally everyone who meets my Libra bff love her. What's up with air signs?! What's the secret?

Air signs are masters of the communication plane, they know what to say and when to say it. Gemini has the Mercury wit and knows how to get anybody laughing. Venusian Libra is a charmer and a pleasant and diplomatic energy to be around. The Saturn composure and quirky Uranus of Aquarius give them an odd yet loveable mask, they know when to be serious and when to let loose.

The air signs are cosmically intertwined.

Gemini and Libra share Venus, Gemini is esoterically ruled by it and Libra is exoterically ruled by it.

Libra and Aquarius share both Saturn and Uranus. Saturn exalts in Libra and co rules Aquarius. Uranus esoterically rules Libra and exoterically co rules Aquarius.

Gemini and Aquarius share Mercury, Mercury exalts in Aquarius and is exoterically ruling Gemini. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury.

mercury signs
  • I don't have any tags for the mercury signs on my blog and figured you could all use this as a ref too!
  • aries mercury: you’re quick thinking. you’re candid and direct, you get to the point. you think well on your feet. you will do anything to win an argument. its hard for you to focus for too long. you’re not very tactful and you’re very restless.
  • taurus mercury: you take your time making decisions, you’re stubborn once you make up your mind. you have an incredible memory. you’re very sensual and have well-defined taste. you prefer to learn through demonstrations. people take you seriously.
  • gemini mercury: you’re quick witted and eclectic, people might think you’re scatterbrained. you have a lot of knowledge on a lot of topics. you’re very sensitive to your environment. you make decisions very quickly and they often turn out well.
  • cancer mercury: you are very sensitive and withdrawn. you’re shy and very thoughtful. you’re a very good listener. you hate arguments and will go out of your way to avoid them. you like routine and you’re loyal and patriotic
  • leo mercury: you speak with style and authority. you’re very dramatic in a way that makes you a good storyteller. you’re a natural leader and people are inclined to follow you. you make friends easily and are comfortable in the spotlight.
  • virgo mercury: you’re good at taking care of practical matters. you’re detail oriented and your friends and coworkers appreciate you because of this. you’re logical and have good common sense. you have a dry sense of humour and are very sincere.
  • libra mercury: you’re very pleasing. you’re a natural diplomat. its very important that you have a mental connection with those who are close to you. you strive for perfection and are always looking to compromise. you’re friendly and broad minded
  • scorpio mercury: you like to get to the heart of things. you’re passionate. you’re good at strategy, and you are smart and work by instinct. you’re very loyal and will defend those you care about to your last breath. you’re a good motivator and secret keeper.
  • sagittarius mercury: you’re optimistic and have big dreams. you have a great thirst for knowledge. you’re not very organised. you might be quite sarcastic, and you’re blunt and to the point. you are very open minded but often quite prejudiced.
  • capricorn mercury: you’re slow and methodical. you’re very productive and mentally active. you’re very practical and dislike frivolity. you’re a powerful thinker. you think things through before committing. you often feel that you need to prove yourself
  • aquarius mercury: you like to break the rules. you’re very observant and sometimes detached. you don’t like schedules but you’re surprisingly organised. you can come across as intimidating to others because of your god complex. you’re openminded but stubborn
  • pisces mercury: you’re not detail oriented and you tend to get caught up in the feelings and emotions around you. you’re indirect and dreamy. you’re a good listener and communicator. you can be quite naïve, and you’re very compassionate.

Virgo, while slightly more subdued in animated qualities than their fellow Mercury ruled sign Gemini, still have that quick moving, whirring quality about them, a mind and body that can be caught with the shakes and the nerves. They are like the more sensible of the tricksters, but can be tricksters none the less, that Mercury wit and quick humour still gracing them. 

Anyone with Virgo or Gemini in their chart in a prominent position likely burns their energy just sitting there because of their nervous idiosyncrasies, bobbing of the limbs and twitching of the fingers.

Mercury Signs

The style of communication we use, how we make decisions, how we pick up, process, absorb, and exchange information are dictated by Mercury’s placement by sign of the zodiac.

Aries Mercury: quick thinking, direct and to the point 

Taurus Mercury: takes their time with decisions, stubborn, careful and meticulous 

Gemini Mercury: quick-witted, eclectic, knows a lot of random knowledge (would be great at trivia)

Cancer Mercury: sensitive, withdrawn, deep thinker, reflective, great listeners 

Leo Mercury: love sharing their knowledge with others (may come off as know-it-alls), persuasive, warm, good-willed 

Virgo Mercury: high strung, practical, organized, proud, detail oriented 

Libra Mercury: diplomats, have a need for fairness, perfectionist

Scorpio Mercury: passionate, gets to the heart of things, loves to help others

Sagittarius Mercury: optimistic, dreams big, thirst for knowledge, advocates for freedom of thought

Capricorn Mercury: LITERALLY THE SMARTEST PEOPLE EVER. FEAR THEM. tries to put the world into perspective, methodical, hard working, organized

Aquarius Mercury: expressive, trouble makers, breaks rules to get to what they want to know, interesting, quirky, insightful  

Pisces Mercury: gentle, driven by emotion, poetic mindset, great listeners and conversationalists, dreamy

abnormally-absurd  asked:

mercury signs and swearing?

Aries Mercury: Someone with an Aries Mercury may or may not curse a lot but because this position is open, honest, forward, and sometimes blunt their cursing can be very sudden and even in your face. Because Aries is associated with anger the most likely time someone with this influence will curse is when angry.

Word of choice: F$%k

Taurus Mercury: This Mercury sign comes off as very serious in their communication style. Because of this when they curse they mean business and in an interesting way they might connect cursing to maturity.

Word of choice: MotherF$&*#!

Gemini Mercury: This quick-witted position might have scattered curses but one thing is for sure, they can get creative with their cussing or even with covering up their curse-words.

Words of choice: Gold-digging wank stack or Fartknocker

Cancer Mercury: The Cancer Mercury is known to be the intuitive connector and is usually best at portraying emotions and works with a lot of unspoken communication. Because of this a cold stare might be their form of cursing or a direct insult type of curse to boil your blood and offend.

Words of choice: B**ch or B****rd  

Leo Mercury: This bold sign is likely to just give you the finger and because of their bravery uses curses that call you out.

Words of choice: A-hole, F-boy, JackA**, or D*ck

Virgo Mercury: Virgo Mercury might find cussing to be vulgar and is the least likely to cuss out of all the Mercury signs but because of their bluntness their curses come out hard.

Word of choice: DumbA**

Libra Mercury: Because this Mercury is associated with tact their cussing is likely to come out from pure reaction to an event or person. 

Words of choice: Shit or damn.

Scorpio Mercury: This intense sign is most likely to put a lot of movement into their cussing. Vulgar gestures and teases might be their style along with harsh words.

Words of choice: C***sucker or Horsef***er

Sagittarius Mercury: This is the position who is impulsive with their curses and might do it a lot.

Word of choice: Son of a b^%&*

Capricorn Mercury: Now this is an interesting Mercury because some Capricorn Mercury can find cussing to be too immature and not classy while others give into their earthy bluntness and curse like a sailor.

Words of choice: Arselicker or f*ckety f*ck f*ck

Aquarius Mercury: This sign uses swearing for a purpose, they are either calling you out or using the words in aid to their complaining.

Word of choice: Pain in the A**

Pisces Mercury: When this Mercury decides to curse which may or may not be a lot they are doing it as apart of emotional warfare. They target a certain person or even a group of people.

Word of choice: FatA**

Mercury - Communication (Aries -Virgo)

Aries in Mercury

Aries often doesn’t get enough credit for how intelligent they are. This sign is the visionary of the zodiac. Mercury in Aries loves to start new things, and get excited about new ideas that may seem challenging to others. As communicators they are straightforward and often make decisions quickly and speak in the heat of the moment. They can often come across as impatient. They become extremely irritated by indecisiveness.

Taurus in Mercury

Taurus is a very ‘down - to- earth’ sign, they posses a lot of common sense. They are generally very pleasant people who others feel comfortable being around. They communicate in a practical way, much like the other earth signs. Taurus takes their time and thinks about the consequences before making a decision, but they are very decisive and know what they want. It is very hard to convince a Taurus to change what they believe.

Gemini in Mercury

Naturally ruled by Mercury, Gemini’s are quick witted and logical thinkers. Because of this they tend not to let emotion or gut feelings influence them. They are known for being open-minded and good with words. Gemini generally has a good sense of humour and will incorporate this into their communication skills. They tend to make decisions quickly, but as a flexible sign nothing they do is set in stone.

Cancer in Mercury 

As a water sign, Cancers are emotional. For this reason they often communicate with feeling. For this reason it’s best to pay attention to how a Mercury in Cancer communicates rather than paying attention to what they are saying. Mercury in Cancer tends to be a very reflective sign, always looking back on the past, and they can remember it quite well because Cancers tend to have remarkable memories. They will often make decisions based on past experiences. 

Leo in Mercury 

 A speech from Mercury in Leo often leaves people enthusiastic and motivated. This is because these people speak with great passion and strongly believe in what they preach. For this reason they are also naturally very persuasive. Leo can also be very defensive if someone disagrees with their beliefs.

Virgo in Mercury 

Mercury in Virgo people tend to communicate very ‘matter-of-factly’. Because of this others may try to pin them as know-it-alls, but even a Virgo will admit to not knowing everything. Like the other earth signs, Mercury in Virgo like facts. They can be on the shy side, not because they don’t enjoy talking, they just aren’t fans of small talk. Their conversations need to have meaning.

retrogummybear  asked:

hi! i sent this awhile back before you deleted your messages, but my friend's a Sagittarius and we were all doing key words from strengths/weaknesses and we all got a list whereas she got one word for each, i was wondering if you could make a better list for her? C: (or all the signs if you have time!)

hey ive done it before in detail… dont know if i can find it.. can do a quick one…

Aries - Pioneer, adventure, exploration, individual, expression, child, risk, thrill, danger, initiation, impulse, primitive, first, explosive, commanding, dominant, vitality, fireworks

Taurus - Commitment, endurance, nature, fertility, materials, ownership, pleasure, indulgence, practicality, routine, structure, stubborn, gentle, creative, design, music

Gemini - communication, mercurial, wit, humor, intellect, knowledge, information, erratic, changeable, dual, writing, education, multiple personality, thought, youth, media

Cancer - protection, home, nurture, magic, fantasy, comfort, indulgence, changeable, dreams, secrets, water, art, dreams, the occult, imagination, compassion, empathy, intuition, tolerance

Leo - drama, theatrics, self expression, love, creativity, luxury, royalty, protection, domination, leadership, youth, children, animals, generosity, spirit, intuition

Virgo - intellect, analysis, refinement, order, service, empathy, knowledge, function, examination, penetration, repair, mechanics, communication, conversation, thought, Nerves, Selflessness

Libra - collaboration, intellect, design, art, glamor, social, teamwork, marriage, equity, partnership, balance, synthesis, harmony, tranquility, intuition, sophistication

Scorpio - discovery, occult, magic, detective, research, truth, life death and rebirth, ghost, poltergeists, intuition, macabre, intensity, magnetism, dominance, power, revenge, justice, transformation, passion, desire,

Sagittarius - focused consciousness, exploration, knowledge, belief, intuition, duality,freedom, humour, faith, travel, higher Intellect,oOptimism, Joy, expansion, experience, awareness, teaching, Philosophy

Capricorn - structure, Reliability, endurance, dreams, resource, Business, Success, Fortune, Goals, Obstruction, severity, Discipline, Civility, Order, Time, Humor, Productivity

Aquarius - Information, Revolution, Rebellion, Eccentricity, Unpredictability, Technology, Science, Thought, Wisdom, Visionary, Progress, Change, Altruism, Invention

Pisces - dreams, fantasy, infinity, compassion, intrigue, magic, intuition, secrets, isolation, heaven, love, empathy, reverie, daydream, myth, music, creativity, chameleon

Virgo have a wit and an intelligence about them, though they can often feel overshadowed by other, louder personalities around them. There can a be a silent longing, a sense that if you just stopped for a second and paid attention you wouldn’t just see them as a bundle of nerves, a collection of idiosyncrasies, but a subtle smile and a true Mercury wit. Yet, they aren’t ones to complain openly about this, to demand attention, but it could slowly eat away at their self-confidence if overlooked one time too many. The kindness in Virgo is clear to see, yet they can feel that the only reason they are there is to be kind, to be there when you really need someone of substance. A thank you, a gift, some of our time would be welcomed and appreciated, not because they are needed practically, but just because they deserve it like anyone else.

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Can you explain what your Mercury sign means??? mines in Aquarius

so basically, mercury signs dictate how you communicate with the world. it shows how we process information, and how we take and give it to the world

aries in mercury: impatient, quick thinkers, need for instant gratification, blunt, aggressive,  passionate

taurus in mercury: take time in making decisions, decisive, stubborn, will see tasks through, slow and measured, placid

gemini in mercury: quick witted, scattered, eclectic, intelligent, well-informed, optimistic   

cancer in mercury: sensitive, withdrawn, thoughtful, personal, good memories, gentle, sentimental

leo in mercury: authority-like, prideful, persuasive, idealistic, opinionated, creative, dramatic

virgo in mercury: intelligent, detail-oriented, high-strung, practical, organized, goal-oriented

libra in mercury: smooth-talkers, pleasing, intellectual, diplomatic, critical, perfectionist, indecisive

scorpio in mercury: observationalists, passionate, fearless, motivational, loyal

sagittarius in mercury: free-willed, optimistic, philosophical, inquisitive, passionate

capricorn in mercury: methodic, like structure and order, resourceful, practical, judgmental, good judgment 

aquarius in mercury: free-willed, intellectual, enjoys debating, alert, quick, insightful

pisces in mercury: gentle, poetic, good listeners, spiritual, emotional, dreamy, indecisive

you can find some more information here and here!! 

You are a divine blend of stardust potions, A Sun Smile potion, A Moon subconscious potion, A Mercury wit Potion, A Venus love potion and A Mars energy Potion. This, along with the field of experiences of your houses, creates a truly individual soul gracing our planet.