Hotaka Yumenaki FTE #1

This is a fanmade Free Time Event for an OC of mine, as requested by a follower. In this passage, you take the role of “Player.” Phrases in italics are your thoughts. Feel free to request additional free times for my OCs in my inbox.

Player: Seems like Yumenaki-kun’s here. He’s just absentmindedly drumming his fingers against one of the desks.

Yumenaki: …

Player: I don’t think he’s even noticed me.

Player: Should I hang out with him? >YES   NO

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神尾 星愛

        Born in Manhattan to fairly well-off parents ( One American, one Japanese ), Seia Kamio found herself possessing an interest in athletics at a young age. A competitive sort, she bounced around from sport to sport before realizing that she wasn’t particularly skilled in any of them, and that her real strength lay in team management. After considerable finagling, she managed to secure a spot managing the [REDACTED] High School tennis team - not coaching ( as that duty fell to a gym teacher ), but performing somewhat menial tasks and scheduling matches with nearby high school teams.

        It was here where she met a certain up-and-coming tennis player who happened to be studying abroad, though their relationship was very tenuous at first. Her pragmatic, serious nature starkly contrasted with his natural cockiness and then-carefree attitude, and the two did not get along particularly well. Further infuriating for Seia was the fact that he actually possessed an extreme talent for the sport. This led to her exasperatedly watching him during practice and offering unneeded critiques, which he didn’t seem particularly concerned about. This quickly developed into a sort of mutual dragging. 

        And eventually, as time went by the two began to warm up to each other considerably. Seia’s ragging became less cold and critical and more playful than anything, as their interactions had begun to start to get her to come out of her shell somewhat. Neither of them could quite place what they liked about the other, but the feeling became mutual. He eventually started going out for international competitions, and she demanded to become his manager. He accepted the offer, and the two of them set off. They eventually developed feelings for each other, and started dating. 

        Seia was not the one who suggested Hoshi enter the underground tennis tournament that would set him on a much lower path, but she did notice a considerable change in him after the event. Still, he did not tell her, so she had no reason to suspect that any foul play was afoot. The event was revealed to her in full, however, on the night when Hoshi’s whole family was slaughtered by mafia lackeys. She was admittedly upset with him for partaking in that kind of thing, but that was not the time for derision, and she did her best to support him through the fallout.

        However, Hoshi had other ideas. Believing that staying with her would only serve to endanger her, he cut ties with Seia. The event was tearful for both parties involved, but the fact was that Hoshi was changing in a way much different than how he had managed to change her. He was under the impression that, while bittersweet, this decision was for the best - that she would not be targeted by the mafia if she wasn’t with him anymore.

        Seia Kamio was shot in the back three times about two weeks later, in a hotel room she was staying in. She bled out on the carpeted floor for about four minutes before leaving the mortal plane for good. It was this event that set Hoshi on the dark path of vigilantism, and to, in his words, “completely destroying [his] future.” Hoshi feels deep regret for leaving her - maybe he would have been able to protect her if he was still there. Maybe she’d even still be alive. 

anonymous asked:

I love the first freetime event you get with hoshi!!! Im not sure if you've seen it or not, but AAAAH I JUST- its so cute!?

You mean the one where he talks about cats? It’s so adorable indeed!

Hoshi’s secretly a sweetheart 

Honestly I really wanted to hold hoshi like a cat 

[FREE TIME - Siegfried - 1]

I was about to leave my room when I heard music through the wall… someone singing. I listened for a few seconds in confusion, before I remembered that oh, yeah, my next door neighbor was the SHSL Opera Tenor. It was weirder that I hadn’t heard him sing yet.

I hesitated for a while at his door, not wanting to interrupt. It was just scales and arpeggios, I knew that much from the little time I’d spent in piano lessons, but he made it sound like a beautiful art song.

The singing stopped for a moment, and I took advantage of the silence to knock quietly. Siegfried frowned at me as he answered the door.

“… Could you hear me? Are the walls here so thin…?”

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fairy tale enchantments  ♛ the evil queen

“Looking-glass, Looking-glass, on the wall, Who in this land is the fairest of all?” it answered – “Thou art fairer than all who are here, Lady Queen. But more beautiful still is Snow-white, as I ween.”  Then the Queen was shocked, and turned yellow and green with envy. From that hour, whenever she looked at Snow-white, her heart heaved in her breast, she hated the girl so much.


BTS of Grant Gustin and Candice Patton on The Flash s3

bubhh  asked:

I suddnely feel like her first FTE tried to imply she doesn't like males because she got... bullied? beaten up? By some guys that thought the fact she was gay somehow stopped them from getting ladies. But this is just by reading your summary, so I could be wrong.

It’s interesting that Tenko doesn’t seem to think that Saihara had any ill intentions towards herself, only the the “other girls”. So I don’t know if Tenko herself was actually bullied, but maybe she’s seen other girls be bullied by “males” and Tenko puts herself in a role to “protect” them? 

Her FTEs are quite confusing cause it is mostly Tenko talking on and on to herself and most of Neo-Aikido doesn’t really make sense haha.