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British Army Mascots

Regiments of the British Army have long been prone to adopt members of the animal world as their mascots: dogs, goats and ponies are just a few that have graced ceremonial parades. When the custom of having regimental mascots first started is not clear; the earliest record is that of a goat belonging to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in the 1775 American War of Independence, when a stray goat apparently assisted the British capture of Bunker Hill. Some mascots in the British Army are indicative of the recruiting area of a regiment, such as the Derbyshire Ram, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Irish Wolfhounds and Welsh Goats.

Cruachan, a Shetland Pony belonging to the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Taffy, a goat belonging to the Royal Regiment of Wales.

Domhnall, an Irish Guards Wolfhound.

Watchman, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier belonging to the Mercian Regiment.

HOHENFELS, Germany - A Challenger 2 tank from the Britished Armed
Force’s 3rd Battalion, Mercian Regiment, waits in position for a
possible attack, as a part of Saber Junction, on Hohenfels Training
Area, Oct. 28 2012. Saber Junction is a large-scale, joint, multinational,
military training event with U.S. Soldiers and more than 1,800
multinational forces.

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Do you know that Mike Stamford's tie is the regimental tie of the Mercian Regiment? ( the polyester one- not the silk, but then Mike doesn't look like a silk tie kind of guy).Mercian- mercy- angel of mercy- Michael. The archangel Michael, the angel of mercy who comes to free us from the pain of our life and to lead us into the next. I knew that tie was too obvious to be an accident!

I did not know that!  That is wonderful!  :)  Thank you.  You nons have all the sweet info!


Soldiers of 3rd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (3 MERCIAN) have marched through Lichfield for the last time ahead of their amalgamation with the 1st and 2nd battalions.

The battalion marched through the city on Saturday - Armed Forces Day - past The King’s Head pub where they were formed, past the Guild Hall and back to the Cathedral, where a service of thanksgiving was held.

Members of the battalion have recently returned from Afghanistan and the soldiers had been carrying out a charity event “The Journey Back Home” covering more than 4000 miles from Camp Bastion to The King’s Head. 

Following the parade they walked the last mile and handed over some memorabilia to the Landlord, which included a 105mm shell fired in Afghanistan by the RSM and a photo of WO2 Ian Fisher who was killed in Afghanistan on their last tour.