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British Army Mascots

Regiments of the British Army have long been prone to adopt members of the animal world as their mascots: dogs, goats and ponies are just a few that have graced ceremonial parades. When the custom of having regimental mascots first started is not clear; the earliest record is that of a goat belonging to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in the 1775 American War of Independence, when a stray goat apparently assisted the British capture of Bunker Hill. Some mascots in the British Army are indicative of the recruiting area of a regiment, such as the Derbyshire Ram, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Irish Wolfhounds and Welsh Goats.

Cruachan, a Shetland Pony belonging to the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Taffy, a goat belonging to the Royal Regiment of Wales.

Domhnall, an Irish Guards Wolfhound.

Watchman, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier belonging to the Mercian Regiment.