sanjefe asked:

I need drugs. Good drugs. Happy drugs. Whatcha got?

“Man. Right now, I’ve got Kick which’ll induce hyperaesthesia and cathinone. You know, excessive sensitivity and TIIIIME-SLOOOWS-DOoownnn…” Deepens voice for effect. “You inhale it. It’s got it’s own fancy little package and everything.” He’s touching a new finger with his opposite hand to count each option; keeps him organized. “I’ve got Craven, like’a white liquid, great for trancing out. From personal experience, it makes you susceptible to hypnotic…suggestion. Orrrr deep down I’m extra weak-willed to info-mercials. Then there’s Happy Trick, which you can just smoke that. No hard crash, no trash in your system, man, just a mellow hallucinogen. But between you and me, I heard a ring of dudes use it for performance-enhancing their cats.”


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