You are not a fake fan if:

  • you’ve never been to a concert
  • you don’t like all the songs
  • you can’t afford/don’t want to spend money on lots of merch
  • you have a hard time creating clique art
  • you haven’t met tyler or josh
  • you know less about the band than other clique members
  • you came during the blurryface era

You are a real fan as long as you:

  • enjoy their music
  • are kind to other fans

That’s it. That’s all.

Reverse Idol (Taehyung)

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, one part of the maknae line, the love of my life whose cheeks are so fucking cute they just look so squishy and kissable and I wanna give them lots of kisses, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (Tae’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • I’m gonna throw in some single father!Tae (here) bc I have an idea and it sounds so cute in my head I’m kinda squealing I gotta do it and also some youtuber!Tae (here)
  • Okay so Tae is one of the biggest fanboys I may have ever seen like he does not care if he’s in public, if he’s at the dorm, if he’s in the middle of the park, he’s gonna dance and sing his lil heart out
  • He’s so enthusiastic about music and he really genuinely enjoys the performance like that shit isn’t something you can fake
  • He gets so into it and it’s so cute to watch bc he gets so hyped up and he gets everyone around him excited too he’s such a happy virus
  • I could watch him react to performances all day long, he’s so cute about it bc he’ll know the dance and honestly Tae is one of the only people that can still make a whip or nae nae look that fucking cute
  • He would be the type to go all out with the merch, buy all the albums, go to as many concerts as he possibly can he’s just so supportive and loyal
  • He of course gets all of the boys into your music, especially Jimin bc Vmin are attached at the hip and since Jimin and kook live together, chim tells kook who tells Jin who tells joon who tells hobi who tells yoongi so it’s another one of those cycle type of things
  • He obviously gets bby boy into your music asap bc I feel like that’s something really cool about being a parent, being able to help mold your kid’s music taste or at least give them songs/artists that they can look back on fondly and be like that was my favorite song as a kid
  • The two of them are even more hyped up together bc Tae gets bby boy all hype which makes tae even more hyped which makes bby boy even more hyped and it’s never ending
  • Most nights, it ends with them dancing around their apartment with Tae carrying the puppy and both of them screaming the lyrics to your songs in matching pajamas with super fluffy socks on
  • He mentions you in a few videos and he doesn’t even bother trying to hide that he’s got a total crush on you
  • He does this thing on his channel where he and bby boy react to your music videos and they’re so precious bc the entire time bby boy is snacking on grapes or sucking on a pacifier and his hair is always messy, sometimes you can tell Tae tried to tame it a bit by tying it into this super teeny tiny ponytail but that doesn’t last long bc bby boy doesn’t do sitting still
  • He does sit still for the MV though, Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Spongebob and your mvs are the only things that can get his complete attention and keep it
  • Okay so head canon that you discover Tae’s channel through this video that goes viral
  • It’s of him and bby boy dancing to your newest song and it’s the cutest video you’ve ever watched bc Tae’s nonstop giggling and bby boy’s so serious about it and he’s doing all of the moves so perfectly
  • Even people who have no idea who you are, no idea who Tae is are in love with the video bc it’s smol and tol goofing around together and it’s pretty obvious that tae l o v e s his bby bc he keeps giving him this really fond smile and at one point, tae sits back and sings the song for bby boy so he can have his solo
  • Side note I just wanna add in that bby boy would look s o much like Tae, it’s almost scary like they have the same smile, the same eyes, the same lil nose bby boy is just smoller and obviously still has his bby chub bc he’s a toddler
  • So just imagine a super tiny Tae next to normal sized Tae dancing around and singing together and tell me that doesn’t sound adorable
  • You watch it so many times, you show it to everyone around you, you text it to everyone you know you’re just so in love bc cute man with a cute bby
  • You gotta go through his channel a bit and he’s just so funny and unique and his bby is always always always smiling and giggling and they do monthly updates so his subscribers can see how much bby Tae has grown 
  • You also find a lot of videos where he talks about you and he flat out says that you’re his celebrity crush and you can’t stop smiling after you find that out
  • You find his snapchat and his twitter and instagram all the social medias and it’s mainly about bby boy or the puppy or the hamster they just recently got but then there are other pictures of just Tae and he has a few where he’s in your merch
  • You develop a crush on him over the next few days and when he posts a new video you get so excited and watch it instantly and that’s when you figure you should talk to him, he knows who you are, he likes you already so you just go for it and message him on snapchat since that’s where he’s most active
  • “You and your son are adorable, I’d love to meet the both of you!! We should meet up soon, how’s next Friday?”
  • Tae screams in the middle of breakfast when he gets the message and bby boy doesn’t even know what’s going on but he starts screaming too and then Tae’s dancing all over the kitchen out of joy so bby boy’s following him, still a bit sleepy but dancing anyways bc the Kims always gotta dance together

thefashionwannabe  asked:

Can you please do a hc where the RFA+Saeran funds out MC is apart of a pretty good rock band and she's the lead singer

Hello, and yes, I can! Thank you for asking me!~


  • he didn’t know about it at first
  • like it was a big surprise when he saw you on TV???
  • he’s really surprised when he hears you sing and jam out
  • but he loves it nonetheless!
  • secretly buys all your albums
  • and all your merch
  • tells everyone he’s dating a famous singer
  • gets really happy if you sing to him
  • whether it be a lullaby or fIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH
  • he goes to your concerts and hugs you backstage and kisses you good luck
  • cheers you on 100%


  • you’re in a what now?
  • dude he’s h Y P E D
  • “omg omg omg sing for me”
  • “please sign this”
  • buys all your merch too
  • wears one of your shirts to every concert
  • when the fanguys compliment your looks he gets all defensive
  • “you think she’s cute? well she’s my girlfriend”
  • fight me 1 on 1 right now you bitch
  • almost got kicked out one time for fighting a guy who said he loved you
  • “babe their fans pls”
  • when he gets home he demands cuddles and he wants to hear you sing
  • plus you’re voice is rly good in bed hue hue hUE KMS
  • he tells all his friends about you nonstop
  • support is 11037%


  • she didn’t find out until she came home to your band there
  • you have to explain you guys are just working on a few songs
  • gets a bit confused but then it links together
  • this girl is 100% on board
  • she accepts you for who you are
  • secretly buys as much shit as she can
  • but also momhee activated
  • makes sure that none of your fans get to “noisy”
  • bc she knows how it went down with Zen and she’s worried
  • but she really likes your singing and even though it’s kind of loud and annoying she plays it when she’s cleaning or something
  • she sometimes on occasions asks you to sing a slower song of yours
  • there are slow rock songs bitch fite me
  • she holds you when you do while sipping coffee
  • honestly you’re a gr8 stress reliever when needed
  • secretly goes to the concerts and watches
  • is secret #1 fan


  • you’re in a wHAT NOW?
  • he doesn’t even know the band, nor about you
  • so when one of his bodyguards ask you for a autograph he gets confused
  • he’s still confused when it’s a album they ask you to sign
  • when he asks about it you tell him you’re in a band
  • o h
  • he doesn’t see you any different, if anything, a lot cooler
  • he makes jaehee study up all on your band
  • doesn’t go to any of your concerts cause he’s busy but
  • asks you for a special performance hue huE HUE DOUBLE HUE
  • he even buys you more instruments and signs you up with record deals
  • you love this man you swear
  • gives shout outs to certain new songs you sing to him
  • holy mackaroon mc don’t make the man blush even more


  • he already knew from the start
  • he was confused by the band name but he heard you sing and fell in love with your voice
  • when you guys start dating you have to clean the house for him
  • but then you look in his closet and see a l l your merch
  • you ask him about it and he gets embarrassed
  • explains he’s been your fan since the start
  • you get so happy and blush and you even sing a bit for him
  • dude he’s so in love with you
  • holds you and dances with you to your album
  • he even listens to you on his headphones occasionally while working
  • when there is a concert he has it livestreamed on his computer
  • cause he can’t go because of work but he still wants to watch
  • l o v e s it
  • he gets all fangirly when you shout out to him like
  • f r e a k s


  • dude wh a t
  • he’s so ecstatic
  • you guys both rock out together when seven isn’t around
  • has a few items from your website/or bought from a store
  • secretly likes wearing them under his sweater/jacket
  • will jam out if he’s home alone with headphones
  • fucking loves it so much
  • he gets really embarrassed and probably has to hide in his sweater if you give him a shoutout
  • he tries attending concerts but he gets angry with the fans
  • so he just hangs backstage or at home
  • loves cuddling you if he goes on tour with you
  • like secret cuddles in small bed on the bus
  • but glares at a n y fan who asks for a autograph our photo
  • still loves u tho

That was fun, and I hope you like it! :3333333333 (Elizabeth the 3rd says hi)