Day: 845
Shirt: Big Black - Heartbeat
Color:  Navy
Brand: Alsttle Apparel
Source: Dissapointed in how many people on here seem to know about or be stoked on Big Black i will still power through with all my shirts as it is.  Its funny cause the people who know are alwya super stoked.  it is very much like a secret club.  OH Shit where did you get that, sick!!  and you get all warm inside thinking.  yeah man you know Albini…thats wassup.  

Wonderful Dave Naz come through last week to pick up one of the Big Black shirts i made and dropped this gem off.  he really is one of the nicest human beings i have ever met. the Irony is he is born and raised in Beverly Hills.  totally blows away the stereotype it amazing, and i love him for it.  that and he gets it.  the shirts, the quest, the obsession.  fuck yeah Steve Albini and Dave Naz.  today this one is for you.  


In case you missed out and you are a fan of Dinosaur Jr. like myself MISHKA did a collaboration with Dinosaur Jr. that includes a few hats, some new t-Shirt designs, and a sweet Cow Varsity Jacket.  Im not gunna lie, the Jacket is nice but might be out of this guys paygrade right at the moment, coming in at a whopping $250 Samolians.  still pretty neat collar and all the purple you will ever need.