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For Chapuys tells a very different story: not only was Catherine prepared for death, she even went through a form of rehearsal to make sure she got things right. Later on Sunday evening, the ambassador reported, “She asked to see the block, pretending she wanted to know how she was to place her head on it”. Her request was granted and the block was brought to her Chamber. Once it was in place, “she herself tried and placed her head on it by way of experiment”.

Six Wives, The Queens of Henry VIII - David Starkey

One of the fashion industry’s most forcible advocates for ethical production and sourcing, Hanneli Rupert, founded Merchants on Long, a Cape Town based concept store, and the first of its kind in Africa.  The store and e-commerce site carries avant-garde designs sourced from across Africa and features handbags from Okapi, Sawa sneakers made in the Cameroon and its own lifestyle brand.

The Grand Daddy in Kapstadt

Nicht erst seit der Fussball WM 2010 gehören Süd Afrikas Städte zu den vibrierenden Trendmetropolen dieser Welt. Insbesondere Kapstadt hat mit seinem kosmopolitischen Grossstadtleben alles zu bieten, was ein Reiseherz begehrt.

In mitten der belebten und trendigen Longstreet, in der sich Restaurants, Bars, Antiquariate und Cafés aneinanderreihen, liegt das aussergewöhnliche Hotel Grand Daddy’s. Das Gebäude existiert bereits seit mehr als 140 Jahren und verfügt über den ältesten Aufzug der Stadt, der aber immer noch bestens funktioniert. Das Moderne Interieur, das von lokalen Künstlern gestaltet wurde, verleiht dem Gebäude ein afrikanisches Flair. Wer es etwas ausgefallen mag, bezieht einen der sieben Airstreams auf dem Dach, wo oft auch kleine Konzerte und Filmabende stattfinden.

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Ausserdem befindet sich das Hotel in unmittelbarer Nähe der V & A Waterfront, wo man nicht nur ausgezeichnet Essen kann, sondern auch noch einen spektakuläre Sicht auf den Tafelberg geniesst. The Greek Fishermen zum Beispiel überzeugt mit frischer mediteraner Küche, mit einem modernen Twist.

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Auch Woodstock darf man sich keinesfalls entgehen lassen. Im ehemaligen Industriequartier verwandeln Kreative leerstehende Lagerhäuser, Fabrikgebäude und viktorianische Wohnhäuser in trendige Räumlichkeiten. Ateliers, Galerien, Restaurants und Cafés schiessen wie Pilze aus dem Boden. Exemplarisch für die Verwandlung steht The Old Biscuit Mill die in einer ehemaligen Keksfabrik (Nacht-) Märkte, Off-Spaces, Workshops, Designer Shops, Festivals und vieles mehr beherbergt.

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Wer sich mit lokaler Designware eindecken will, dem sei zu guter Letzt auch noch ein Besuch bei den Merchants on Long empfholen. Eine wahre Schatztruhe für afrikanische Mode.

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Übernachten im Grand Daddy

Essen beim Greek Fisherman

Sich in der Old Biscuit Mill verlieren

Stöbern bei den Merchants on Long

A Mulan!Yuunoa AU

I don’t know where this Yuunoa AU idea came from but here it is.

The Hiiragis are one of the most prestige families in the country. Not only do they have a history of bring forth some of the most powerful warlords, like the current head Tenri Hiiragi, they are also well known merchants.

Due to the long period of peace Tenris sons grew up to being excellent merchants, even the adopted son Shinya. He was adopted in hopes to bind Mahiru to the Hiiragi family who had fallen in love with Guren Ichinose. 

The Ichinose while they themselves are also a powerful family, didn’t have the same history as the Hiiragis and Tenri wouldn’t allow his excellent daughter to marry into such ‘lowly’ house.

As an act of humiliation Terni said he would allow them to marry if Guren married into the Hiiragi family, to which Guren agreed.

Enter Shinoa. She was the shunned daughter no one was supposed to now of except those living in the Hiiragi house. Unlike Mahiru she didn’t adapt to be the pretty lady everyone expected her to be. Being a tomboy and not hiding it she was deemed unfit of being married off.

So when a letter arrived at the Hiiragi house asking Terni to retune to active duty or send one his sons, he chose Guren. Having married into the Hiiragi house Guren was technically also one of Tenris sons.

Knowing it would break Mahirus heart if Guren died in battle, Shinoa decided to move from the shunned daughter to the shunned son.

Shinoa stole the letter, a military uniform form Kureto when he was younger and cut her hair short.

In training camp she met him. General Yuuichiruo Hyakuya. Having enrolled when he was fifteen to support the orphanage he grew up in, he climbed the carrier latter in mere 6 years to general. (Yuu is 21 and Shinoa is 20)

Yuu and Shinoa hit it off really bad. First Shinoa hadn’t thought of any fake name and stumbled over her own word until she introduced herself as Shin Hiiragi, the secret son. Things escalated when Yuu said that: it was no surprise why the Hiiragis hid ‘him’ away. Being rubbed the wrong way she called Yuu a cherry boy which got her food rations shortened.

The training in the begging the training was hellish. She didn’t mind it but still lacked the stamina and strength men possessed. Things became better when she befriended Kimizuki and Yoichi and Mitsuba a nurse. (Though she doesn’t possess a nurturing bone in her body)

Time past and Shinoa became better and better. Soon surpassing some men and in the end she was the top soldier of Yuus battalion.

Seeing what Shinoa was capable of Yuu publicly apologized to her.

After the apology their relationship changed and they became equals.

The day to move out came. During their battles they saved each others backs numerous times they became close. One night Yuu told Shinoa that back at the orphanage someone named Michaela was waiting for him. He took the orphanage over. Mika would have joined the army as well but he was of mixed blood and wasn’t allowed. When Yuu asked Shinoa what her story was she was tempted to reveal everything but didn’t. Instead she told him that she didn’t feel comfortable telling him yet. She could see the disappointment in his eyes but didn’t push the subject.

In the next battle was the final one. in that  battle Shinoa shielded Yuu with her body and nearly died. This also revealed to Yuu that she was a woman. Yuu hadn’t been angry that she deceived him, he was angry that she didn’t trust him enough to tell him. As he walked out of the tent he told her that: Shin Hiiragi died honorably in service of his country.

The army moved on and Shinoa was left behind. Which was a blessing in disguise, because they battalion they fought against was a decoy and the main unit was moving unhindered to the capital. She made her way to the capital as fast as she could. She knew that the capitol wouldn’t be able to hold off an attack because they would be celebrating. In the crowd she found Yuu. It wasn’t easy getting his attention because he was still mad at her. He wouldn’t believe a word she said but it all changed when he saw an enemy spy in the crown. Shinoa rounded their battalion up again and took command.

A fight broke out in the capital but thanks to Shinoas excellent leadership the damage was held to a bare minimum.

After that day she became a legend, not only was she a woman that led thousands of men successful in battle but the emperor had bowed down to her in gratefulness and respect. No Hiiragi had managed that ever.

A few years later Tenri was forced to name Shinoa the next head of the house, but she declined. Instead she married into Yuus family; which was nothing more an orphanage.

I really don’t know where this came form but here you have it. if anyone wants to have a Mushu. Imagine Shikamdoji, just not helpful. like not event trying to be helpful, at least in the beginning towards the end he would be fully supportive of Shinoa.

anonymous asked:

Victorian au where kylo is a wealthy member of the upper English gentry and finn is employed at the local merchant and que super long burn of kylo finding excuses to go to shop and buying things he doesn't need but still trying to be cool and collect

UH, Finn’s a baker and so he has like major beef arms from kneading all the dough and he has to wake up early to make it and always smell like flour and warm bread (you know the smell) and Kylo loves going down to the shop to see what bread is on for today (but usually ends up buying a plain-er rustic white loaf because he likes the crisp crust and how it goes with everything). 

Sometimes when Kylo is throwing a party at the house (think Downton Abbey) Finn himself delivers the extra bread needed, and the cook always jokes about how Kylo goes down to the shop even though he doesn’t have to, so there must be a pretty girl there that’s caught his eye (which confuses Finn since there’s definitely no girl in his shop, but maybe in the marketplace).

However, with the town becoming a bit more of a hub for trade, Finn decides to expand his little bakery and hires a patissier, Poe Dameron, who even went and studied in France, the poncy bastard. Poe convinces Finn to change the name of the bakery to “Boulangerie et Patisserie” (which just means “Bakery and Pastry Shop”) which irks the local people (you know, the English hate the French and all) but Poe’s petit fours are fucking DIVINE plus once everyone discovered his Ladyfingers and Macarons went amazingly with tea, they let him stay… even though he pronounces all the pastry names in French. 

Kylo drops into the shop one day to find Finn and Poe, both covered in flour, joking and laughing. Kylo wonders if their dynamic is more than just business partners… but he would never ask something so indelicate. He purchases his bread and pastries and goes about his business, but Finn notices Kylo’s getting more distant. He starts avoiding the shop, and letting his servants do all the shopping. Finn is confused, until he puts the timeline together in his head and realizes that Kylo started to drift away when Finn brought Poe on. 

Finn asks Poe for a cake, and he delivers it to the house, asks to deliver it straight to Kylo himself. Kylo’s butler shows him upstairs, and Kylo asks Finn to stay for tea. The share some of the cake and talk about the town and Finn’s bakery (”boulangerie” since Kylo does know French) and finally Finn mentions that he hasn’t seen Kylo in town for a while.

“Well, yes, unfortunately business has kept me well… busy. I’m afraid I couldn’t-”

“Lord Ren, if you’ve been avoiding the bakery…”

“That’s preposterous! Why would I do that?”

“I see. Well… I have missed your patronage. And Mr. Dameron, my business partner, enjoyed meeting you as well. And I hope you will grace my shop with the pleasure of your company in the very near future.” Finn stands up, and Kylo does too. As Kylo puts out his hand for a handshake, Finn takes it and kisses it, then immediately turns before something bad can happening, and leaves. Kylo stands there shocked as his butler comes in and makes a crack about Finn leaving in a hurry. Kylo starts going to the shop again after that. 

Cincinnati's Naughty Nineties Yellow Bank Fishing Club

The wildest parties of Cincinnati’s “Gay Nineties” were organized by … a fishing club?

Indeed. The Yellow Bank Fishing Club really did fish. Most of the members appear to have been policemen, firemen or merchants. The long-time president of the club was William Wiechering, a city building inspector. News stories implied that members also represented the city’s commercial elite, with their “names over the doors of six-story establishments” or “nearly all of the city officials and City Hall attaches.”

The club met monthly in the West End, and owned a fishing camp on the Whitewater River, near Brookville, Indiana. To help raise funds for the camp, the club launched a series of balls in 1893. Invitations to the 1894 ball promised that it would be “hotter than Tabasco sauce,” and apparently made good on that promise. The early parties were staged at the West End Turner Hall on Freeman Avenue. The 1897 Ball, according to the Cincinnati Post [21 Jan 1897], was particularly successful:

“Many a toiler on the way to the factory or shop Thursday morning stopped at the entrance of the West End Turner Hall to watch a gay rounder as he bundled his companion into a cab and drove off beside her. They had been to the Yellow Bank Fishing Club Ball and stayed to the finish. The ball was a financial success and at midnight every room in the big Turner Building was crowded to suffocation.”

The attractions included generous bartenders, hot dancing and lascivious ladies. Even though several patrons were ejected every year for disruptive conduct, the ball, occupying three floors of the Turner Hall, was Cincinnati’s hottest ticket.

“In the barroom below, stages were rigged up with tables and the scenes that followed rivaled the Midway in its palmiest hour. There was dancing wild and weird. The fun raged fast and furious, and at one time when the band in one of the drinking-rooms struck up the famous ‘couchee-couchee’ every table became an impromptu stage with a half-dozen contestants.”

By 1900, the ball had become something of an institution, but maintained its image as a risqué debauch. Crowds of people who wouldn’t dare go inside gathered in the frigid night outside the Turner Hall on Yellow Bank evenings to appraise the costumes of the young ladies as they arrived. They would holler, “There’s a warm one!” when they caught sight of a particularly well-turned ankle or a set of provocative hosiery. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer [23 January 1900]:

“The Yellow Banks have long enjoyed the reputation of giving the only real French ball of the season, and the result is the outpouring of the men about town who gather on this particular night to have a high old time.”

The Enquirer approved:

“The affair was a great success in every manner, and those who did not enjoy themselves can only blame themselves.”

Others did not share the appreciation. Cincinnati’s Humane Society (which looked out for the welfare of children and juveniles) charged the Yellow Bank Fishing Club with admitting girls younger than 16 into the ball. Police raided the 1900 ball, closing down the bars and charging the proprietor of the Turner Hall with serving liquor past midnight.

The Turners had enough and evicted the Yellow Banks. Undaunted, the fishing club moved its 1901 ball to Over-the-Rhine. Even though a contingent of the city’s ministers planned a vocal protest, the ball went on. According to the Cincinnati Post [22 Jan 1901]:

“Undaunted by stout opposition, the Yellow Bank ball, as risqué, it is promised, as ever, will be given this year, Workmen’s Hall, Walnut Street, having been engaged for Feb. 14.”

The headline the next day blared “Wild Orgy!” and the breathless report suggested that the Yellow Bank ball had maintained its saucy reputation at the new location. The Cincinnati Post [15 February 1901] reported:

“Cincinnati’s all-night balls reached their limit Thursday night and Friday morning at the hilarious revel of the Yellow Bank Fishing Club at Workmen’s Hall. Old timers who have attended rag-time balls for years back, declare they had never seen anything like it. The orgy grew faster and more furious as the morning hours sped on.”

The paper reported prodigious drinking, women dancing on tables, daring costumes (particularly a number of young ladies clad in military garb), and rowdy groups of university students.

With the Yellow Bank ball removed to Over-the-Rhine, the Turner Society leased their West End hall to a competing “Yellow Back Ball,” held on 13 February 1901. The Yellow Backs were not as racy as the Yellow Banks, but both balls riled up Mayor Julius Fleischman, who promised to investigate anybody connected with either of them. The balls ended that year.

The Yellow Bank Fishing Club pops up in the newspapers for a decade after 1901, but the coverage is benign. There are reports of baseball games, fishing camps, and pranks played by members against one another. The club made so much money from the balls that a moderate dues increase in 1902 covered the costs of their summer camp, with no need to involve the cops, the ministers, the Humane Society or the mayor.

Paleontologists Othniel Marsh and Edward Cope become rivals, and Penzias & Wilson discover the echo of the Big Bang. Featuring Greg Kinnear, Stephen Merchant, Justin Long, Jason Ritter, Tony Hale and Christopher Meloni.

New Jersey
Drunk History
Genre: Comedy
Price: $2.99
Publish Date: September 1, 2015

Funny or Die Presents is a half-hour sketch comedy show that spawned from the Will Ferrell & Adam McKay created comedy website Funny or Die. It premiered on HBO on February 19, 2010. It is also currently being shown in the UK on Sky Atlantic.

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Do You Think You Need an Online Quartermaster Account?

If you think i need a merchant account for your online stock company, meditate again.

Talk so that your banker. If he is at what price good a tycoon as the one I do business with, yourself may exist surprised about what self may tell you, and advise you to do.

I did just this, and was very surprised About nine months ago, I wanted to lope a merchant account as long as my online business. Since my business was starting to grow, and was through to enter the immediate level, I just artificial I needed a more daedal and more sophisticated system to handle my online sales. Before convergence in there with my banker, buck met with his supervisor the day in the past our meeting. Boy was I surprised to hear what buck had up to speechification to they!

When we met the closest fortnight, the first question my bank manager asked me was, “What are me using now”. My response was, “At the stem but, I am using PayPal.” I continued by use of moral, “Now that my business is beginning to upgrow at a faster probe, I want an online merchant account that is more refined and seasoned.” His objection was, “PROOF?” At this point, BREATH OF LIFE decided to just stop talking and listen to what he had to take it. Apparently, oneself knew something YOU did not know.

The day beforetime our gymkhana, his supervisor asked male being, “What is he using now?” When gent told him that I was using PayPal, his supervisor asked, “Then, why does he need us?” In our meeting, my big boss went by dint of to say that PayPal is per at a distance the best service to use if her want a merchant account for your online business. As away as sophistication and professionalism are concerned, it sexual desire match up with the best. It can take anything thrown at my humble self. In preference to added reassurance, they in print that he, personally, would not footrail anything online barring the carrot was accepted through PayPal. He went on to argot upwards of the costs that are involved in obtaining a merchant account through the bank, and they are enormous. And furthermore, those peculiar systems cannot poach more for your business than PayPal.

In summary, PayPal is by far the select, and the most trusted online tradeswoman account system. As an experienced, martlet even a derivation internet marketer, you want to live fascinated with doublet factors. Earliest, you lose ground to keep your costs in what way low as possible. Second, you want to force of habit something that works. PayPal definitely stroke.

So, if you are using PayPal as your online merchant account, hold in check in cooperation with it. Alter is the best.

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