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Baby King learning...
  • The newest merchant in town has been hounding at the Kings for an audience, proclaiming to have the best vases in the kingdoms. On a slow day, Laurent finally decides to entertain himself and see what the merchant has.
  • The merchant is being an absolute shit, announcing himself the best of all merchants. “Better than the old and useless Charls, I assure you, Your Majesty,” the merchant boasts, “I am the future.”
  • Some time along his speech the Royal Baby enters the room and runs to Papa because he seems mad. Daddy told him to watch out for “That Look” from Papa and help him. He reaches for Papa and he lifts him into his arms.
  • The merchant sees a baby and continues “Wouldn’t the Royal Baby like to knock over my fine vases? Yes he would, yes he would, wouldn’t he?”
  • What he didn’t notice was “That Look” coming over the mini King, always learning the best from his Papa.
  • “Don’t don’t talk to me, or my Papa ever again.”
  • The merchant was never been spotted in the united kingdoms ever again.

znh12  asked:

Hate to bother ya, but I'm super curious. What Aberrant usually do when the Player is not around? Just sitting in his house? Also, has he ever hit another Face Monster with his lantern? No need to answer it. And have a nice day! ^-^

He reads.

A lot.

It really doesn’t matter where he is, and he’ll either sit in his room to read, or go outside to get out of the way of those who generally detest him. He tries to spend more time outside than inside.

Since the dungeons are the source of most of the books found in any town, and the dungeons go way back and were used as bunkers by stranded space/interdimensional travelers, the available books can range from magic tomes to historical accounts to technical manuals to fictional novels.

Aberrant prefers technical books to outright fiction, as he (ironically) doesn’t follow character-driven narratives well. 

Maybe, once he runs out of textbooks and manuals, he’ll read fiction out of boredom and find he likes it. But seeing as Terraria’s wealth of objectively written work spans multiple times and dimensions, what constitutes their reality is often just as, if not more fascinating than fiction is to us. 

As for the last question…


But he would.


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of this video being posted holy s hi t

three little words

a quick drabble of the scene in 43 where vex visits victor with percy and the two actually say i love you to each other from percy’s perspective - and taliesin makes the point to repeat percy telling vex he loves her when he realizes laura didn’t hear.

prompted by @tieflingofcolor‘s message in the cr discord: “you know what I want to see in fic? that moment in episode 44 where percy/tal says “I love you” after vex convinces victor not to bribe themwhich is probably the first time percy said “i love you” to vex and his thought processes when he realizes he meant it”




“Two hundred and fifty gold if you would be so kind.”

“That much?” Her face twists up, and even just leaning in through the door to look at her he can see she looks almost offended.

He can’t help the little smile that flickers across his face at her response. “I’m going to make you something lovely.”

Almost instantly, she loosens up and shoots back in a sing-song voice, “I love you!”

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I’m crawling on your shores

for the first day of OMGCheckPlease Women Week 

Also on AO3 

Jessica Ford stirs from her slumber, the smell of eggs and chorizo pulling her away from her dreams. She gently rubs her eyes as she yawns. She reaches for the other side of her queen sized bed. It’s empty.

She shuffles out of bed, putting on her fox slippers before trudging upstairs to the kitchen. Her eyes are still mostly shut as she slides onto a barstool at the breakfast nook. She rests her chin in her hands.

“Morning,” Caitlin says cheerfully from the stove.

Jess cracks her left eye open, grinning tiredly.  “Hey, did Chris leave already?”

“Yea, the coaches wanted him to come in early to do drills with some of the vets that are still in town,” Caitlin explains.

The sound of Caitlin grating a spatula against the pan is oddly soothing.

Jess hums contentedly. “That’s good right?”

“I don’t want to jinx anything, but…I think so,” she says. “Do you want toast on the side or should I make it a sandwich?”

“Sandwich.” Jess groans as she stretches in her seat. “I don’t think I can wait for toast. I’m famished.”

Caitlin chuckles. Not a minute later, she places breakfast in front of Jess, kissing her firmly on the temple. Jess turns her head so they can properly kiss each other. She thinks this is her favorite part of Caitlin and Chris visiting, getting quiet moments with her girlfriend. As much as she loves her metamours, all three, it’s nice to have some time for just the two of them. 

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Nocturne and Nocturna

Gifted, senior members of <Veil of Ashes> who have proven themselves time and time again while also knowing the ins and outs of what is to be expected in way of the organization. They are men and women who have something to bring to the table of VoA and do it very well. Personal physicians, gifts soul stone crafters, merchants and long time standing benefactors. They are both ready and willing to assist in any field that calls to them while also being proficient with their talents.

They are the faces you will see more of within the bar, mingling with others and perhaps even in the city. Everyday men and women with a flare for the unexpected, the more adventurous and prestigious. They are nobles and crooks, common birth and a variety of different races. They are as necessary to the foundation of <Veil of Ashes> as we are reliant on water. The only way up from here is the desired Black Blade rank.

OOCly - Upgraded from the Operative rank. A more senior member of the guild in which is given more work and jobs to accomplish but ICly would also have a better pay raise. Those who find themselves at this rank might come face to face with more work but there is also a great amount of respect to be had as both Enforcers and the Nightingale aim to prep all those in this rank as candidates for the Black Blades (if a person desires it). It is very possible that once achieving this rank you might actually start to hear whispers of what the Black Blades truly are. Four months in then a promotion is to be considered. Do not despair, the Black Blades rank is designed to be difficult to get into with maximum sense of personal achievement.

Things To Not Imagine Your Fallout 4 LI Doing

- Do not imagine them asking Daisy or another Pre-War Ghoul what the SoSu would find romantic.

- Do not imagine them searching every merchants wares or any long-looted jewelry stores in the tiny hope a piece of gold and diamond jewelry might be left, that it hasn’t all been melted down to make laser weapon components.

- Do not imagine them confusing the SoSu with a bunch of hubflowers they spent the day stealthily picking, feeling utterly defeated when the SoSu asks if they really need Grape Mentats that badly.  

-  Do not imagine a carefully planned “long walk on the beach” turning into a mirelurk shooting spree.

-  Do not imagine them being totally confused by the idea of chocolate, and when they find out the last bar probably went bad 200 years ago then trying to make some using silt beans and brahmin milk. It tastes horrible. (Especially don’t imagine the SoSu eating it anyway)

-  Do not imagine them trying so hard to understand the world the SoSu came from, because they’ve sacrificed so much to understand theirs. 

A Witch by the Sea

Summary: Summer of 1692. With Port Royal leveled and Salem caught in witch hysteria, a pirate meets a healer that’s more than meets the eye. 

Rating: T

Words: 7,200ish (one shot)



She knew him for what he was the moment she saw him, ambling along the dusty, rutted road that led up from Town. It didn’t matter that he’d clad himself in the proper attire of the settlement, nary a stitch out of place – the rich tan of his skin gave him away in an instant. No proper gentleman of Salem would reveal himself to the sun with enough regularity to attain such a rich, caramel coloring to his skin. There was also his manner of walking, as though he expected the dirt to shift below his feet with each step he took.

What he was doing in Salem village, so far from Town and the harbor, was anyone’s guess.

Emma kept her head down as she hurried back to her cottage, dust kicking up over her boots and skirts. Dangerous times were afoot, and for a woman like her, widowed but still young and pretty, being seen alone was an invitation for trouble. The gaol already held a half-dozen or more women who would swing before the month was out, and Emma was not keen on joining them.

Especially since if anyone was a witch, it was her.

Not the sort of witch being whispered about with fearful glances at the neighbours – Emma could no sooner induce a fit in the herbs drying from her rafters than those poor young girls that the whole mess had started with. And while they were certainly afflicted with something, she sincerely doubted they had been cursed.

After all, she’d never met another of her kind, and if there were such a creature in Salem, she would know. And if Emma herself were powerful enough to do such a thing, well, she’d be more interested in bringing mothers through childbirth alive and whole than causing a bunch of silly teenagers to foam at the mouth.

It was a relief to reach her cottage and close the door behind herself, the hot summer sun left outside. She set down her basket, now empty after delivering the various remedies and medicines she supplied to the village. Not everyone could afford to be attended by the doctor in Town – Emma couldn’t – so they came to her instead.

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