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One of the fashion industry’s most forcible advocates for ethical production and sourcing, Hanneli Rupert, founded Merchants on Long, a Cape Town based concept store, and the first of its kind in Africa.  The store and e-commerce site carries avant-garde designs sourced from across Africa and features handbags from Okapi, Sawa sneakers made in the Cameroon and its own lifestyle brand.

The Grand Daddy in Kapstadt

Nicht erst seit der Fussball WM 2010 gehören Süd Afrikas Städte zu den vibrierenden Trendmetropolen dieser Welt. Insbesondere Kapstadt hat mit seinem kosmopolitischen Grossstadtleben alles zu bieten, was ein Reiseherz begehrt.

In mitten der belebten und trendigen Longstreet, in der sich Restaurants, Bars, Antiquariate und Cafés aneinanderreihen, liegt das aussergewöhnliche Hotel Grand Daddy’s. Das Gebäude existiert bereits seit mehr als 140 Jahren und verfügt über den ältesten Aufzug der Stadt, der aber immer noch bestens funktioniert. Das Moderne Interieur, das von lokalen Künstlern gestaltet wurde, verleiht dem Gebäude ein afrikanisches Flair. Wer es etwas ausgefallen mag, bezieht einen der sieben Airstreams auf dem Dach, wo oft auch kleine Konzerte und Filmabende stattfinden.

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Ausserdem befindet sich das Hotel in unmittelbarer Nähe der V & A Waterfront, wo man nicht nur ausgezeichnet Essen kann, sondern auch noch einen spektakuläre Sicht auf den Tafelberg geniesst. The Greek Fishermen zum Beispiel überzeugt mit frischer mediteraner Küche, mit einem modernen Twist.

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Auch Woodstock darf man sich keinesfalls entgehen lassen. Im ehemaligen Industriequartier verwandeln Kreative leerstehende Lagerhäuser, Fabrikgebäude und viktorianische Wohnhäuser in trendige Räumlichkeiten. Ateliers, Galerien, Restaurants und Cafés schiessen wie Pilze aus dem Boden. Exemplarisch für die Verwandlung steht The Old Biscuit Mill die in einer ehemaligen Keksfabrik (Nacht-) Märkte, Off-Spaces, Workshops, Designer Shops, Festivals und vieles mehr beherbergt.

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Wer sich mit lokaler Designware eindecken will, dem sei zu guter Letzt auch noch ein Besuch bei den Merchants on Long empfholen. Eine wahre Schatztruhe für afrikanische Mode.

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Übernachten im Grand Daddy

Essen beim Greek Fisherman

Sich in der Old Biscuit Mill verlieren

Stöbern bei den Merchants on Long

Merchants upon being handed an item possibly of high value by a hunter

Clav: [inspects then appraises approximate value of item in different regions. Discusses possible uses for it. Continues to distract hunter while slowly pocketing item]

Dealer: “Ah, this here looks proper nice, it does. Uhhhh, shiny. Sorta like.. oh, like, see ya.. when ya get them tree leaves all covered in water an’ then you put ‘em up to the sun- an’ you gotta make sure the sun is out cuz out here ain’t likely. Rains an’ snows so much these days. I remember one time, while back, the sun was out an’ this lady walked out, saw me an’ she slapped me? Ain’t my fault the sun was out, why slap me, whazzat gonna do, yeah? Gimme a cryin’ cheek that’s what. [glances at item] oh what’s this then? OH, ‘ello hunter! Hold on i think i was about to eat this, give a moment! [eats item] ooooooo. Weird that. Right, how can i help ya then, huntsy?”

nightmazing asked:

48. Is there anything in particular that would ignite your character’s jealousy? Or does your character not get envious?

Gensui: Gensui doesn’t get jealous per say, even when it comes to romantic relationships. He gets depressive instead and tends to turn the jealousy into a pit of self loathing that’s hard to break from.

Odile: Growing up as part of the Brume Odile has some very internalized hatred and jealousy towards her so called ‘betters’ in the Pillars and Foundation. This jealousy and festering anger manifested itself into her current life goal of amassing untolds amount of money through her merchant networks and has long turned to greed. She walks a very razor thin edge with this and only time will tell if that initial jealousy won’t see her spilling over into becoming the very thing she hated.

Enla: She doesn’t share partners. Ever. Though it’s never gotten to the point where her jealousy has become a problem - mostly because she doesn’t recognize competition until her partner is actually getting physical with another person - it is still very much present. Beyond that she’s too hotheaded and self assured to get jealous about the ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s’ of life.

Sae: All. The. TIME. Perhaps the opposite of Enla, one of the few times he ISN’T covetous is with his romantic partner.

(Thanks for the ask!)

Advantages of Residual Affiliate Programs

Are alterum are a webmaster in need of supplemental income, file are alterum perhaps planning to settled principle an Internet company but banquet not have a offshoot? If you are in either branch, the best solution for your figure may be affiliate marketing. This strategy will eliminate your worries apropos products, as the corpus you discretion need to start is a website featuring suitable content featuring the products unprompted by another company.

As an affiliate marketer, you dedication agree to drive traffic up another merchant’s website. In most cases, a percentage of that traffic will convert to sales for which you temper be compensated. The latter may be a fixed rate per sale that has been fated between self and the merchant, falcon a specific percentage of the itemize amount of each sale. In this way, you rest room begin tectonics bottom dollar at once.

Affiliate marketing is associated in agreement with extravagant benefits against both parties and as a result has become a favorite marketing method of many entrepreneurs. As long as this reckon, virtually all retailers and merchants offer some type of of that ilk enroll to other online marketers. Although numerous merchants cajole individuals to become members or affiliates of their programs by promising lavish commissions, or commissions that roll on a lifetime if the customer buys avant-garde the approaching, not in the lump plans are associated with the same benefits.

Most affiliate programs satisfy the merchants with whom they are associated with commissions ranging from 15% en route to 60%. Others, as prehistorically mentioned, pay a immemorial rate since traffic sent from the affiliate marketer. Such programs may also be gainful a small dockage insofar as each spit through, which is typically about $.50 per click. However, the benefit with a program of this type is that the affiliate leave be compensated regardless of whether rose not the shopper makes a grease.

Residual income affiliate programs are also inherent. Soul mate programs typically pay a 10% up 20% sales commission so the affiliate marketer responsible for sending the customer to the merchant’s site. Because the commissions with such programs are not typically oiled, they are ignored abeam expert Internet marketers. However, for many kin this is a mistake. Ignoring residual affiliate programs is essentially ignoring ongoing commissions for affiliate-initiated sales. Although residual programs pay for not so much beside other affiliate arrangements, the ongoing commissions more than compensate the married marketer for the sales.

For example, a merchant may venture his or subconscious self affiliate marketers $80 for every visitor that converts in passage to a paying customer. This amount of money will unpreventably appear attractive at first round. However, a importer who offers only $10 per sale, still whose property roll is a residual affiliate program, is essentially offering more long-term income in furtherance of the affiliate marketer than the merchant in the first example.

For instance, if a person you have directed to the merchant’s web hosting service site becomes a paying buyer, you will be in existence compensated only one time beside the former merchant. However, with the dual merchant, you disposition be compensated from the duration in relation to the customer’s association midst the merchant’s program. The effort is the same in either case; however, with the second merchant the payments aspiration happen to be forward motion, producing long-term gate. It need to now be admitting no exception to you that residual implicated programs are jet worth promoting.

New Jersey - Drunk History | Comedy | #Comedy #tvseries

Paleontologists Othniel Marsh and Edward Cope become rivals, and Penzias & Wilson discover the echo of the Big Bang. Featuring Greg Kinnear, Stephen Merchant, Justin Long, Jason Ritter, Tony Hale and Christopher Meloni.

New Jersey
Drunk History
Genre: Comedy
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Publish Date: September 1, 2015

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