merchants row

A little Everlark drabble to get me in the summer frame of mind. Link to the post that inspired this located at the bottom of the story. Not beta’d, so all mistakes are mine. I haven’t written this trope yet and kind of wanted to, so …Happy Reading!

The crowd yells and Peeta glances over his shoulder at the field momentarily, joining the cheering while Heyward slides into second a moment before the catcher’s throw reaches the baseman. Then he turns back and finishes the climb to row 15. At least he’s only missed half of the first inning. Confusion wrinkles his brow as he reaches the row indicated on his ticket and his friends wave, greeting him with cheerful shouts, Finnick with a sheepish look on his face.

“Sorry, man. This was the only way I could get us all in the same section,” he admits with a shrug.

Peeta’s eye sweep over his friends packed in a row in the midst of the sold out crowd then across the aisle to the lone empty seat separated from his friends by the steep stairs and the metal handrail running up its center. He suppresses a sigh and lowers his body into the vacant seat. So much for a relaxing evening catching up with his friends at the ballpark. Just before his rear hits the plastic seat, the woman assigned to the spot next to him glances over and Peeta nearly drops his beer.

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