merchants of ill

( so this idea came to me and I drew it!
It’s an oc for Babqftim. Her name is Silvea and she is a traveling merchant. She has the ink illness at its worst, ink is constantly everywhere and she is in constant pain, but she is still trying. Her dress was originally completely white but the ink stained it. In the bottom picture she is covering her mouth cause she is having a coughing fit. Not many people buy from her and some people steal from her because she is to weak to stop them. You can always find her because she leaves a trail of ink where ever she goes.)

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lidreja  asked:

in the au where chara and asriel grow up, i was just wondering.. what happend to the other fallen children?

i answered that here a while back but they’re alive still! i dont have specific headcanons about them individually (like idk if all the humans were necessarily children when they fell), but im thinking that either toriel and asgore are/were looking after the children, or they were adopted by other monster families.

the adult humans and the kids that have grown up by the time frisk gets there have integrated into monster society and have made their own lives in the underground c:

anonymous asked:

Winterhawk Pirate AU.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

  • Clint would like it to be known that he is NOT A PIRATE. He is a sea-faring merchant who charms his way through negotiations with other merchants and purchases their fare for a measly fraction of the true worth. True, he’s getting the goods at real steal of a price, but he’s not actually stealing.
  • Bucky is very proudly a pirate. He was once very proudly a member of the Royal Navy, but there was something of a kerfuffle a few years back and Bucky, along with the rest of Captain Rogers’ crew, found themselves in the middle of a corruption scandal that rather disillusioned them to the Navy’s interests.
  • They cross paths when the Howling Commando draws up alongside the Lucky Lady one evening and Steve sends to crew over to liberate the rogue merchant ship of it’s ill-begotten goods.
  • Their attempts to plunder the Lucky Lady do not end well for them.
  • Turns out, Captain Barton is in fact a legitimate merchant with the documents to prove it. Only, he doesn’t sail under the East India Company. No, his ship is chartered by a royal decree from King T’chaka of Wakanda himself. The Lucky Lady’s main mission at all times is to liberate any and all slave ships of their cargo, and they pick off other “legal” goods from ships whose captains are complicit in the human trafficking.
  • So when Rogers’ crew boards the Hawkeye, they’re expecting to be dealing with a two-bit con artist posing as a merchant who’s been ripping off ships carrying goods out to the colonies, and instead come face-to-face with the infamous mercenaries known as the Black Widow and Hawkeye, as well as the Lucky Lady’s current passengers, the Prince of Wakanda and his bodyguards, the Dora Milaje.
  • Bucky has to step in to try and mitigate the escalating situation because Steve when he’s in a self-righteous mood is difficult to reason with, and a stalemate’s the only way they’re all getting out of this alive.
  • Bucky asks to speak with Captain Barton privately to resolve any misunderstandings.
  • “Captain Barton” grumbles to First Mate Romanov that talking to people is in fact her job, but she just smirks at him and points out that chatting up pretty boy pirates is distinctly his job.
  • Bucky and Clint adjourn to the Captain’s quarters to hash out the mix up that’s led to both their Robin Hood expeditions colliding in an unfortunate way.
  • Bucky ends up doing the majority of the talking because Clint’s busy offering him rum and fresh berries.
  • Clint eventually offers to facilitate a meeting with Captain Rogers and Prince T’challa if the Howling Commando would like to get back to fighting the good fight.
  • There is much in the way of negotiations, but in the end it boils down to Steve and his crew agreeing to fly the Wakandan colors, and Clint convinces Natasha to officially take on his title because they all know she’s the real captain on board. Thusly demoted, Clint is then free to jump ship and ride along with Rogers’ crew whenever it strikes his fancy because the sea can be a cold, lonely place, but there’s nothing to complain about when he’s got Bucky sharing his cot at night.