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Hate to bother ya, but I'm super curious. What Aberrant usually do when the Player is not around? Just sitting in his house? Also, has he ever hit another Face Monster with his lantern? No need to answer it. And have a nice day! ^-^

He reads.

A lot.

It really doesn’t matter where he is, and he’ll either sit in his room to read, or go outside to get out of the way of those who generally detest him. He tries to spend more time outside than inside.

Since the dungeons are the source of most of the books found in any town, and the dungeons go way back and were used as bunkers by stranded space/interdimensional travelers, the available books can range from magic tomes to historical accounts to technical manuals to fictional novels.

Aberrant prefers technical books to outright fiction, as he (ironically) doesn’t follow character-driven narratives well. 

Maybe, once he runs out of textbooks and manuals, he’ll read fiction out of boredom and find he likes it. But seeing as Terraria’s wealth of objectively written work spans multiple times and dimensions, what constitutes their reality is often just as, if not more fascinating than fiction is to us. 

As for the last question…


But he would.


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of this video being posted holy s hi t

Listen. it is guaranteed that when Damen and Laurent have kids they’re gonna invite uncle Charls around. Good old uncle Charls. He always has sweetmeats and stories of the places he’s been and long descriptions of cloth and weaves and prices and love advice even though they havent even gone through puberty.
They trust him around their kids more than anybody else (and u KNOW how protective damen is of his loved ones and how fierce Laurent is about children. These are the facts, yet Charls has proved himself worthy enough for them not to be breathing down his neck all the time).
When Charls gets too old to be a merchant he settles down with his fortune. He watches over the kids whenever young Charls and Lamen go off galavanting around for some noble cause (which is less often bc they miss their kids too much).
When the kings leave, they smother their children with love; when they return they smother their children with gifts and love.
The kings commission a statue of Charls to be made, located at the center of the most popular market so that everyone remembers the great deeds of Charls the Veretian cloth merchant long after he is gone, and it becomes tradition for merchants to leave a sample of their wares draped on him for prosperity in their travels.

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What does life in oneone civilisations look like? Do they have infrastructural instituations like schools or hospitals?

>>There is very little documentation about Nimbus given its remoteness and obscurity, but we do have some information on hand based on very old texts.

>>Onene at one point lived above ground on a few small islands, somewhere off the west coast of Ramios.  They were generally communal and highly social, though even at the time few people ever set foot upon the islands themselves.

>>Traveling or merchant onene from long ago have said only a few details about their native life:

>>They lived in varying kinds of hollows, such as small shallow caves or in large trees.

>>Education was mandatory, and they seemed to describe and organized system of several teachers and aides, who taught in small groups.  Texts were common purchases for traveling onene to bring back home.

>>Nothing was ever recorded about hospitals, but given the details we do know about their culture we could probably assume they work with each other in groups to help take care of those who need it.

>>Unfortunately very few documents have survived and nobody is sure where Nimbus is, nor are people willing to find out as the weather around that part of the world seems especially tumultuous.  Maybe we will find out more in the future, provided Nimbus - and even the onene themselves - even still exist.


Things To Not Imagine Your Fallout 4 LI Doing

- Do not imagine them asking Daisy or another Pre-War Ghoul what the SoSu would find romantic.

- Do not imagine them searching every merchants wares or any long-looted jewelry stores in the tiny hope a piece of gold and diamond jewelry might be left, that it hasn’t all been melted down to make laser weapon components.

- Do not imagine them confusing the SoSu with a bunch of hubflowers they spent the day stealthily picking, feeling utterly defeated when the SoSu asks if they really need Grape Mentats that badly.  

-  Do not imagine a carefully planned “long walk on the beach” turning into a mirelurk shooting spree.

-  Do not imagine them being totally confused by the idea of chocolate, and when they find out the last bar probably went bad 200 years ago then trying to make some using silt beans and brahmin milk. It tastes horrible. (Especially don’t imagine the SoSu eating it anyway)

-  Do not imagine them trying so hard to understand the world the SoSu came from, because they’ve sacrificed so much to understand theirs. 

A Witch by the Sea

Summary: Summer of 1692. With Port Royal leveled and Salem caught in witch hysteria, a pirate meets a healer that’s more than meets the eye. 

Rating: T

Words: 7,200ish (one shot)



She knew him for what he was the moment she saw him, ambling along the dusty, rutted road that led up from Town. It didn’t matter that he’d clad himself in the proper attire of the settlement, nary a stitch out of place – the rich tan of his skin gave him away in an instant. No proper gentleman of Salem would reveal himself to the sun with enough regularity to attain such a rich, caramel coloring to his skin. There was also his manner of walking, as though he expected the dirt to shift below his feet with each step he took.

What he was doing in Salem village, so far from Town and the harbor, was anyone’s guess.

Emma kept her head down as she hurried back to her cottage, dust kicking up over her boots and skirts. Dangerous times were afoot, and for a woman like her, widowed but still young and pretty, being seen alone was an invitation for trouble. The gaol already held a half-dozen or more women who would swing before the month was out, and Emma was not keen on joining them.

Especially since if anyone was a witch, it was her.

Not the sort of witch being whispered about with fearful glances at the neighbours – Emma could no sooner induce a fit in the herbs drying from her rafters than those poor young girls that the whole mess had started with. And while they were certainly afflicted with something, she sincerely doubted they had been cursed.

After all, she’d never met another of her kind, and if there were such a creature in Salem, she would know. And if Emma herself were powerful enough to do such a thing, well, she’d be more interested in bringing mothers through childbirth alive and whole than causing a bunch of silly teenagers to foam at the mouth.

It was a relief to reach her cottage and close the door behind herself, the hot summer sun left outside. She set down her basket, now empty after delivering the various remedies and medicines she supplied to the village. Not everyone could afford to be attended by the doctor in Town – Emma couldn’t – so they came to her instead.

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God of cities, wealth, merchants, and law. Abadar has long served as the guardian and protector of the First Vault, a repository said to be crafted by the deity’s own hand, containing perfect versions of everything ever created or seen by civilized peoples. He is also credited with guiding the advancement of the demihuman races towards the point where they could establish civilized societies of their own.


Imagine being an assassin sent to kill Thorin, Fili and Kili so you join them in the company but end up falling in love with them and confessing that you weren’t able to kill them.

Imagine  finding out that Kili has been spying on you bathing when you hear him humming the song you sing while washing up. 

Imagine Kili getting nervous, impressed and super horny when he sees your naked body for the first time

Imagine being the finest swords woman in Middle Earth despite being blind, and falling in love with the sound of Thorin’s voice.

Part 2


You know, they say that you have to be a certain sort of person to kill strangers for a living.

But I wouldn’t know if I am, because I’ve been doing it all my life.

My name is Bani, which means “She who slays” in the language of the Dark Elves.

I am also known as Bani Iron Fist, Bani Warbringer and Bani the Blade, and if there is a woman who is more skilled with a sword, axe, or hammer than I am, introduce us.

I’ll kill the cunt.

I hear that there are fools who call me Bani Cyclops, because i was born with one eye, but no one has ever been dumb enough to say t to my face.

And when i say born with one eye, I mean I have a right eye, but where my left eye should be, there is nothing.

No socket, no eyebrow, just skin and bone.

I have an Ace of Spades with a grinning death’s head tattooed where the eye should be, and no, I never wear a patch.

All that should give you an idea of my trade, and whether or not I am good at it.

I am going to tell you, right from the start that I’m not what you might call a sympathetic character.

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