State Backed Pop

The Korean Invasion

Interesting.  Heard of this before.  Good example of Karatani’s notion that modern-day nations are actually marketplace-state-nations.  The marketplace economy of South Korea was bad, so the nation asked the state to fix the marketplace for the better.  The state came in, and shored up the economy in the long term by investing in the arts.

This brand of art obviously does not threaten the state in anyway, it’s main goal is to promote Korean nationalism, thus fixing the economy of South Korea.

Thus, we can add k-pop to the list of state strategies for managing the economy

  • kpop (state backed pop)
  • postfordism (state backed consumerism)
  • totalitarianism (state backed ideology)
  • mercantilism (state backed industry) 
Trade is a game, and nothing can be won from beggars. If one won everything from everybody all the time, it would be necessary to give back the greater part of the profit voluntarily, in order to begin the game again.
—  Isaac de Pinto - Traité de la Circulation et du Crédit, Amsterdam, 1771. p. 231, quoted (disparagingly) in Marx - Capital, ch. 4, fn. 4

I can’t get over how huge this lilac plant is. My big kid is 4’ 1" for reference.

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