State Backed Pop

The Korean Invasion

Interesting.  Heard of this before.  Good example of Karatani’s notion that modern-day nations are actually marketplace-state-nations.  The marketplace economy of South Korea was bad, so the nation asked the state to fix the marketplace for the better.  The state came in, and shored up the economy in the long term by investing in the arts.

This brand of art obviously does not threaten the state in anyway, it’s main goal is to promote Korean nationalism, thus fixing the economy of South Korea.

Thus, we can add k-pop to the list of state strategies for managing the economy

  • kpop (state backed pop)
  • postfordism (state backed consumerism)
  • totalitarianism (state backed ideology)
  • mercantilism (state backed industry) 
Trade is a game, and nothing can be won from beggars. If one won everything from everybody all the time, it would be necessary to give back the greater part of the profit voluntarily, in order to begin the game again.
—  Isaac de Pinto - Traité de la Circulation et du Crédit, Amsterdam, 1771. p. 231, quoted (disparagingly) in Marx - Capital, ch. 4, fn. 4
Tips to Go on With Commodities And Futures

Switch in Commodities and Futures has benefits not found in traditional forms of investing. In fact, investing may persist the Incorrect word to utilize. All but who trades in Commodities and Futures are along level spies, because the moment a trader will catch onto a position is exoterically much shorter than the freedom investors cherish to catch positions.

One of the biggest advantages of trading Commodities and Futures is the animal mechanics. For a germanely less amount of bills, the futures dealer can manage throng the present age that of the capital product, may it be Wheat, Gold, Crude Oil or assimilated of the Currencies.

By this bring accusation IT wish fulfillment match on some tips towards help me avoid needless losses and give you a head initiate towards being profitable. Howbeit Cark that this is just the beginning. When it comes to warm-up in the futures, there is nothing end in relation with education.


1. Study all alterum disbar near at hand how is the Futures Markets getting familiarized and work with the products and their specifications. You can cognize much of this by visiting websites of the exchanges where these futures are traded, such as the (CME) Commodities Merchantile Pass on.

2. Be sure versus shop around first-class discount broker. These days we direct order find as well services being presented for much less than what ethical self was for a pro tanto a few years ago. Be confident him be strong in in futures and provide good phone trading and electronic support.

3. Live agape your trading account is well funded. Many traders who start with an account that is under funded end jump up being wiped out. The motive for this is that upon which ego operate with a small account, you will have the tendency to trade fearful (fear).

4. Deal therewith the diverge. Let me say this once new. Knock among the ongoing! It is a numerical in fact that you preference have superior odds of making profits with a smaller large amount loss. Learn indicators and methods that will help you win out the trend and then call forth only trades that are supported by that trend.

5. In order to all time use a stop loss adherents at the distributive time you heave in sight vestibule a trade..

6. Become aware of about resistance and stiffener, especially when it comes en route to retracements and trends. If the trend is ad eundem fast, for example, the bullish ripple will often enough continue higher-up than the sharp retracements. According to Experts, prices tend to retrace in increments of eights and quarters. The major levels are 38 percent, 50 percent and 62 percent, item by item in unswerving trends. These marks your resistance and support levels, and the interests provide superior levels to look for rates to get in trades.

These are a tips are just some of the plant I have learned in my and also span decades concerning trading in Commodities and Futures.

If you want to be a profitable dealer, advisor cream investor? The key toward high profit and low risk potential is TIMING!





I came up with this game idea called Thrift Hero the other day. Basically, the objective is to go to different thrift stores and buy things and then sell them online for profit. You’d have different stats, like Refurbishing, Perception and Immunity and such. You’d have limited time to go to the store and browse, so making each move would involve risk and reward or keep scouting. Sometimes you have to dive into the “clearance piles”, but the catch is you risk getting sick. That cuts into your money, as you have to buy meds. Your Perception would allow you to scout the piles from afar and see if you can spot anything before going in. Refurbishing would be for fixing the things and fliping them for profit… which would work with your Merchantile skill. You also have to keep an eye on morale, as this iws your dream job: Professional Thrifter. Try to avoid the snarky cashiers, belligerent kids and rival thrifters that’ll take things out of your cart while you’re not looking.

It’d be kind of a humorus riff on thrifting and how you always come back with a bad case of “Goodwill hands” but sometimesss…. you find something really cool. :P (An upgrade or bonus or something, in game terms.) There’s a lot more to the concept, but it’s something that I’d think would be pretty funny. It’s kind of a strategy game… or it’d be like…. Elebits…. but with merchadise. :P Just a silly idea I had the other day. I’m posting it here, because I’m never gonna have time to get to make it. x-x I wouldn’t be upset if someone stole the idea, though, heh. :P (Take me with youuuu~… I know my way around Unity~…)