‘Copenhagen’, Mark Raso (2014)

I went there once with my mother. She was sad because her boyfriend left. And I was sad because I had a fight with my best friend. So she brought me to the end of the beach, and then she pointed to the right where the Baltic Sea is. (…) So the current travels west, and she pointed to the left. Also a very beautiful blue sea, but the current travels east. And then she pointed to the middle,and she said that… that is the perfect relationship. You can look to the left, and you can look to the right, and both seas are there, and they can meet in the middle, but they never lose themselves in each other. They’re always themselves no matter what.

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Make : Merchant & Mills 
Film : We Are Shuffle  

lelelax  asked:

Peeta and katniss por favora " do you ever wonder what the world would be like without you?" That one pleeeeaaassseee

(Three weeks later, here we are. Hope the wait wasn’t too bad!)

“Do you ever wonder what the world would be like without you?” he whispers.

It’s late at night and the bed creaks as she turns to face him. They lay completely still for a moment, worried that they will be caught. When it’s clear that no one on duty tonight gives a shit, Katniss frowns at him.

“No,” she says honestly. Even in the darkness she can see the way his bright blue eyes are trained on her intently. The other skinny, tired bodies packed into the room are sleeping, breaths soft and whimpering, completely unaware of the conversation.

Peeta and Katniss never sleep though. Not until it’s almost dawn, not until they’ve whispered all the words there are inside them and there’s not enough time for the nightmares to really get started.

She’s been at the community home for three years now.

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