The Grand Tournament of the Fury 2017

Once more we call upon the champions of Eorzea! Take arms and raise your city-state’s banner high – it’s time for the Grand Tournament of the Fury!

To be held for two weeks during the Third Astral Moon, beginning at the 7th bell at Camp Dragonhead:

Tournament of the Mark (Ranged) – 19th Sun (Friday, May 19th,  7 pm EST)

Tournament of the Blade (Melee) – 21st Sun (Sunday, May 21st,  7 pm EST)

Tournament of the Wand (Magic) – 26th Sun (Friday, May 26th  7 pm EST)

Tournament of the Lance (Joust) – 28th Sun (Sunday, May 28th  7 pm EST)

A celebratory ball in honor of the four champions shall follow in the Pillars, beginning the 7th bell on the 2nd sun of the Third Umbral Moon. (Friday, June 9th at 7pm EST).

Entry is open to all citizens of the Eorzean Alliance, Doma, and Ala Mhigo. Come compete for your city-state to see who is truly worthy of the Fury’s favor! Vendors, bookmakers, and live performers shall be in attendance. Proceeds from the tournament will go towards charitable efforts for all city states involved.

Please send all notes of registry, interest, and inquiry to Lady Eliane Dufresne or to Lady Gwenneth Gilrouis, in the service of House Durendaire.


It’s back, folks, and better than ever! Come help us say farewell to beautiful Ishgard right before Stormblood hits! The Dufresne Bellworks will be hosting a good old-fashioned medieval-style tournament once again. There will be four events and four champions, with herald announcers to keep you hyped!:

Ranged Tournament/Champion of the Mark

Melee Tournament/Champion of the Blade

Magic Tournament/Champion of the Wand

Chocobo Jousting/Champion of the Lance

This year, the Tournament will be split over 4 days across the span of two weeks, in order to ensure everyone can attend all four events. There will be no grand champion competition this year; instead, we want to celebrate the four individual champions during the ball! As always, winning a championship also means winning fabulous prizes!

Grand Tournament 2017 Prize List:
Now available!

This year, we’ll have a Professional Bookmaker with whom you can place (RPed, no actual gil, please) bets. Whoever wagers successfully on the outcome of the tournament can also win a fun prize!

Additionally, we’re looking to have a fairgrounds area where spectators can buy food and merchandise and listen to live performances between the bouts. If you are a part of a bard, merchant, or culinary FC and would like to set up a stall, let’s talk! Please send a PM on tumblr or the RPC, or an in-game /tell to Eliane Dufresne, Gwenneth Gilrouis, Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn, or Martiallais Heuloix.

For full information on the tournament, as well as tournament rules, please click here. Event attendance and participation is open to everybody who isn’t an Imperial! (Though we encourage our Imperial friends to sneak in anyway. ;) )

Contact us via PM on Tumblr or the RPC, or send an in-game /tell to either Eliane Dufresne or Gwenneth Gilrouis, and let us know the following:

-Your character name

-What City-State your character will be representing

-What events your character will be competing in

If for whatever reason you are unable to make the tournament after all, please let us know ASAP so we can update the brackets accordingly.

Additionally, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP DONATE TO THE PRIZE POOL, either for the tournament or the ball, please contact Eliane Dufresne or Gwenneth Gilrouis to transfer your items BY WEDNESDAY, MAY 17th. For the sake of keeping the event running smoothly, we will not accept any item or gil donations after this date. Donors will be credited.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Eliane Dufresne (@tea-and-conspiracy), Gwenneth Gilrouis (@rose-in-the-stone), Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn (@endangered-liaison), or Martiallais Heuloix (@mythrilreflections) for more details. We hope you’re all as excited as we are. See you there, Balmung!


Traditional fantasy-based MMO classes redesigned for a post-apocalyptic setting.

Individual posts with design notes and weapon details:

01 priests || 02 knights|| 03 hunters
04 merchants || 05 bards || 06 rogues
07 monks || 08 paladins || 09 mages

Imagine reuniting with your husband, Bard, when he thinks that you are dead

Request for: anon

Original request: “Can I have a drabble for imagine being Bard’s wife and him thinking you dead, so when he sees you with the dwarves in DOS he gets all emotional and maybe a bit angry? Thank you <3”

Pairing: Bard x Reader

Word count: 907

A/N: Terribly sorry for not posting in a while and messing up my ‘schedule’ (if you could call it that). Hope you enjoy this nonetheless.

Ori sat emptying out his sodden boot near the water’s edge when an ominous figure loomed over him. The figure raised its bow slightly and Ori slowly turned around in fear. Noticing the newcomer, the company all snapped their heads round and looked with fear towards the bowman.

Coming to the young dwarf’s aid, Dwalin rushed in front of him, wielding an oaken branch. As fast a lightning, the bowman fired an arrow through the branch. Kili jumped up in retaliation, preparing to launch a rock at the bowman’s head.

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Poor Hector

This is a story from our first campaign, where we were sent on a quest to rid a farmer named Hector of a pest who had been messing with his goats. After discovering that the monster was not in fact the gelatinous cube that we had defeated, but instead it was a "Lawful Good" Paladin that had been fucking a goat while on a bender (The goat did consent), we went back to Hector to get our reward. After messing around in his house, my character, a Bard/Merchant named Andrew, spotted a pitchfork mounted on the wall. The following events went like this.

Andrew: I would like to take the pitchfork.

DM: You take the pitchfork.

Andrew: I would like to sell the pitchfork to Hector.

DM: What? You want to sell Hector his own Pitchfork?

Andrew: Well, I try to convince him that it’s not his.

DM: You’re going to have to roll for it.

Andrew: Alright.

Nat 20.

DM: Oh my god. You convince him so well that he’s not even sure he’s ever owned a pitchfork in the first place.

Andrew: Alright. I would like to take the pitchfork back and sell it to him again.

DM: Are you sure? I mean, you can’t convince him that he doesn’t own a pitchfork again.

Andrew: Could Igor (The warforged companion of our healer) intimidate him for me?

DM: Uh, sure. I guess.

Successful Roll. 

DM: Igor successfully intimidates Hector into giving the last of his wealth to buy the pitchfork. He then goes to check on his wife.

Later, our Elf Thief Narvadia locked Hector in his bedroom with his wife. Then we all merrily went along to our next quest, leaving them stuck in their rooms to die.

Poor Hector.

Because I am trash and phil-the-stone​ and I decided weneeded yet another inane crossover, I present to you;


Except it’s less ‘Pirates of the Caribbean AU’ and more‘what if the Quest took place on the high seas instead and everyone dressed in dashing period clothing, also Smaug is a sea serpent and that is definitely an amazing concept, fight me’.

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