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I’ve been scrolling around on the Alexander the great tag on Tumblr and there are all these posts where people are writing about how they just want to KNOW him, to meet him, to really know what he was like. And it’s not just idle curiosity, there’s a feeling of connection, of longing, that I can relate to and really GET. Alex does something to you.
So sooner or later in these posts someone brings up reincarnation. Maybe we did know him. Maybe we met him. Maybe we fought beside him in another life.

So let’s, for the sake of argument, assume that reincarnation is literally real.

Think about the size of Alexander’s army. At gaugemela the army was about 47,000 in number. And that’s not the highest it ever was. Think about all the men who died, and were replaced, who came later in the campaign, who were dropped off to colonize a new city. Then add to that the number of camp followers: wives , children, slaves, cooks, merchants, carpenters, tailors, metal workers, that needed to follow and interact with this army to make it run.

Now imagine the size of Darius’s army. High estimates say there were 100,000 troops at gaugemela alone. Add to that the size of the opposing army of every battle this man fought. Then add THEIR camp followers, and remember that Persians travelled with even larger and more elaborate entourages.

Now think of the size of the Persian court. Darius’s family, advisors, generals, servants, and courtiers. And then add every small city, state and citadel Alex conquered and passed through. Their nobility, peasants, servants and slaves.

Now add the population of every Greek city state he passed through as well.

And finally, add the population of Pella, a small town on a hill side, nowhere in particular, finally finding its place on the world stage. It was not as big as it would be under Cassander’s reign, it was likely most of the citizens would have interacted with Alex personally at some point. These would have been the people he knew best, cared about, loved.

Alexander interacted with so many people during his short life. We know he was a very hands on king and general who knew the names of many of his men. It is likely he exchanged words at least once with a sizable percentage of this number but even if he did not, think of how many people knew of him, who were affected by him and all he did. Who fought him, who feared him, who finally saw him coming and ,in many cases, realized he wasn’t the monster they had been warned about

Think of how many people would have wanted to know him, to understand him, to meet him, and how many did. And realize that in this number there is room for you. In fact, it is statistically likely.

How big is an army? How big is an empire?

Alexander the great ruled through love. He thrived on it. He needed it, the love of his men, his people, his country. I think, if he too is out there somewhere, he’d be amused, flattered, and somewhat humbled by all the love he still gets. He’d probably want to know us all too. That’s just the kind of man he was.


First week of Witchtober:
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anonymous asked:

I am in need of some headcanons for a story I'm working on. Do you have any headcanons for omegaverse set in the time of kings, knights, and dragons? -TOA

Hey love. I’m sorry that I waited so long to get back to you with these hcs. Forgive me. <3

  • - often times omegas, no matter the gender will always be called queens. so will female betas
  • - ^ likewise with alphas, no matter the gender they will always be called kings. so will male betas
  • - mages/warlocks are alphas, witches are omegas. 
  • - often times the first male beta or alpha is the next heir in line to take the throne, though sometimes males are more desired 
  • - omegas weren’t often knights, perhaps they used to do help create strategizes more often than alphas and betas do 
  • - on a council, there are more alphas and betas than their are omegas (ex. 6 alphas, 5 betas, and like 3 omegas)
  • - there are rare amounts of omegas being queens and ruling greatly 
  • - alphas would have male beta servants only, omegas would have omegas and female beta servants only 
  • - * Knights are all exclusively Alpha, along with any masculine trades: hunting, blacksmithing, and such. Betas take up labor and skilled crafts: tailors, furriers, merchants, farmers (with Alphas standing in for large labor if necessary). Omegas are naturally kept in the home to birth children, keep house and weave.
  • - * There’s less class separation and more classification, with all classifications poor and rich cohabitating quite amicably, but Omegas being largely repressed.
  • - there are more omega physicians and midwives than any other dynamics
  • - ^the only omegas that are found during battles are physicians as well as spies 
  • - ^ omegas are the best spies and warriors because people underestimate them the most 
  • - dragon slayers are often alphas
  • - dragon riders are often done by omegas because they are the most motherly 
  • - omegas are more than often used to unite kingdoms or tame kingdoms that are at war
  • - * Omegaverse families are largely superstitious and believe fairies (a solely Omega race) kidnap Alpha pups, children and youths to raise and take forever. They warm their pups never to enter the woods at night, lest they be taken.
  • - * Arranged matings are popular, with young Alphas and Omegas paired and mated by their first heat/rut, which is spent together while the whole village collects around the cottage to guard and bless the couple.
  • - jesters are often just beta males
  • - councils would make alphas marry whoever they would choose, including beta women.
  • - ^ alphas in this situation would just get an omega consort because they couldn’t have pups with the beta woman
  • - there are many omega peasants due to the fact that alphas would often die in war or other reasons
  • - families wouldn’t have more than three or four pups (a litter or two), royalty would have as many pups as they would want

* @omegaverseismyuniverse helped me because they are a sweetie pie. 

This is all I can think of for the time being love. Again, I’m sorry for taking as long as I did. <3 I hope this do help you in some way.