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Things To Not Imagine Your Fallout 4 LI Doing

- Do not imagine them asking Daisy or another Pre-War Ghoul what the SoSu would find romantic.

- Do not imagine them searching every merchants wares or any long-looted jewelry stores in the tiny hope a piece of gold and diamond jewelry might be left, that it hasn’t all been melted down to make laser weapon components.

- Do not imagine them confusing the SoSu with a bunch of hubflowers they spent the day stealthily picking, feeling utterly defeated when the SoSu asks if they really need Grape Mentats that badly.  

-  Do not imagine a carefully planned “long walk on the beach” turning into a mirelurk shooting spree.

-  Do not imagine them being totally confused by the idea of chocolate, and when they find out the last bar probably went bad 200 years ago then trying to make some using silt beans and brahmin milk. It tastes horrible. (Especially don’t imagine the SoSu eating it anyway)

-  Do not imagine them trying so hard to understand the world the SoSu came from, because they’ve sacrificed so much to understand theirs. 


God of cities, wealth, merchants, and law. Abadar has long served as the guardian and protector of the First Vault, a repository said to be crafted by the deity’s own hand, containing perfect versions of everything ever created or seen by civilized peoples. He is also credited with guiding the advancement of the demihuman races towards the point where they could establish civilized societies of their own.

Ghosts of Lake Canulus

During the first half of the First Era, a powerful priesthood held Cyrodiil and large parts of Tamriel itself in its grip. This was the Alessian Order who followed the teachings of Maruhk, the Monkey Prophet whose teachings found strong purchase in Nibenay, and whose strict doctrines caused much grief to those he considered blasphemers and sinners. Having supposedly been visited by the spirit of Saint Alessia herself, Maruhk had left his home in the forests of Cyrodiil to begin to spread his gospel.

The Alessian Order established a huge monastery-fortress on the shores of Lake Canulus, near the mouth of the Panther River. From this headquarters, they slowly took control of the rest of Nibenay, displacing the former ruling class of Battlemages and merchants. It wasn’t long before they staged a coup in the Imperial City itself in the year 332, forcing the Imperial Family and Elder Council to accept theocratic, Alessian rule of the Empire. This would eventually spell doom for the remaining Ayleid principalities and kingdoms of Cyrodiil, as the overzealous Alessians enforced genocide and cultural cleansing on their settlements, burning their libraries, tearing down their temples and putting their people to the sword. These Ayleids were those who actually helped the Nedes free themselves from servitude, and their descendants, but to the Alessians they were heretics and monsters who must be purged.

At the height of their power and influence, the Alessians controlled all of Nibenay and parts of Skyrim and the Direnni Holdings. They were heavily resisted by the Colovian Estates, who drove them from their lands to preserve their own traditions. Eventually the Nords and Direnni grew tired of them as well, and crushed their forces at Glenumbra Moors in the year 482. While this crippled the Alessians for centuries and they returned home to lick their wounds, it also marked the decline of Direnni power in High Rock, in favor of the growing Breton population. 

Back in Cyrodiil, the Alessian Order initially weakened, then began again to expand west into Colovia, this time with far more success. Emperors such as Shor-El prove very popular, and the Alessians begin to focus less on theocratic supremacy and more on anti-pirate and anti-bandit campaigns. By the time of Empress Hestra in 1E1029, the Empire is once again a united force, brinign the Reach and Highrock under their control and maintaining diplomatic relations with the Nordic kingdom. Hestra’s rule marked the zenith of the First Cyrodiilic Empire. Never before or after during this Empire would it be so popular or widespread. 

A scant two centuries later, a fanatical splinter group of the Alessian Order, called the Marukhati Selective - under the leadership of Fervidius Tharn - concoct a ritual to summon Akatosh in the form of a Tower or Staff, and break him to remove the Aldmeri aspect of Auriel from his essence. This causes a massive metaphysical event called the Middle Dawn, during which Cyrodiil “sleeps” for 1008 years. The Empire naturally weakens to the point of irrelevancy during this time period, and when Cyrodiil awakens again the Thrassian Plague is destroying the other provinces of Tamriel. It is not the Nibenese but a charismatic Colovian king named Bendu Olo who assembles the All-Flags Navy to crush the Sload of Thras and sink their Coral Kingdom, ending the plague. 

Power immediately shifts from East to West, and the Colovian Estates become immensely popular. People all across Tamriel sing ballads in their honor. The Alessian Priesthood loses city after city, and miles and miles of territory until control of the Empire falls from their grasp. A shadow of their former glory, their priests turn on one another in anger and blame, and the Order is destroyed over ten years during the War of Righteousness, lasting from 2321 until 2331. The final, decisive loss of the Alessians was the razing and burning of the great monastic temple at Lake Canulus. Most of their manuscripts were burned or lost, with only fragments of the Song of Pelinal and other sagas, like Cleansing of the Fane, surviving. The Empire itself completely imploded at this point in history, losing its identity and the unity of East and West, and not to reunite again for centuries.

A modern day traveler to this isolated spot in the east of Cyrodiil may observe only wild, untamed wilderness and the crumbling stone remains of a few towers on the shores of this peaceful lake, but a student of history can feel the ghosts of Lake Canulus all around him, recalling the glories of the Alessian Past, and what could have been. Pilgrims who contemplate such things should be advised that trips to this part of Nibenay lead one into danger, as the very pirates the Alessians had so successfully crushed in their day often hide in small coves near the mouth of the Panther, and it is rumored that dark magical rituals take place in Lost Boy Caverns. In the face of such things, one is almost tempted to pray for the return of the Alessian priesthood. Almost.

(Writing: Pilaf the Defiler / Art: Lady Nerevar)

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Hello, Moon Guard!

Yes, it is getting closer to that time of year again. For the last two years, Vestige has hosted a Midsummer party: the Phoenix Fire Festival. This year, we are hosting it again and welcome both Horde and Alliance to join us in the Hinterlands for some fun, RP and tournaments with gold prizes. Last year we boasted over 110 ten people who showed up, 10 merchant booths and plenty of long lasting memories. We hope to see you all again this year!