SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT @ Wishbone Designs


Sale will run up until the end of August, making way for new items in September 2014! 

Here are just a few of my hand illustrated sale items! Go check out my others @ Wishbone Designs on etsy before they run out!

Love Wishbone x

Looking for a drink no one else knows about?  Try Himitsu Tansan GoRanger!

Tansan means (Carbonated) in Japanese which makes the drink Carbonated Secret GoRanger.  This was a drink released in 2011 in Japan packaged by the DyDo Drinco company. This was a lemon squash soda and included cans for each of the heroes, a group style, the logo for the team and two villains including:

YAKYUU KAMEN! (Baseball Mask)

This company has also released other Tokusatsu themed drinks.

Need something with a bit more kick? Try…


This is a Ramune (lemon-lime) flavored drink with cans celebrating the Showa Era of the Kamen Rider franchise including can designs made to look like the chest and belt of most of the main riders up to Kamen Rider Black as well as Ichigo in mid-henshin and one of the Shocker Combatmen.

Looking for a drink and only have three minutes, They’ve got you covered with…


Essentially the same thing as the Kamen Cider (Ramune) but packaged in cans celebrating Tsuburaya’s hero franchise.
YouTube creator store opens in London
London sees the first physical shop for Youtubers' merchandise open in King's Cross.

Since I visited the new creator store yesterday, I wrote a little article for The National Student. Find out what it’s all about by clicking the link!