merchandising is forever


Merchandise day! 💕💗💞
Got a parcel from japan and one with TCG stuff today <3
Customs are still sitting on the amiami parcel like a motherhen tho, grr.

The Tower Records Stuff is really beautiful! I love the shirt and the bag ;__; it has Domino City with Kaiba Corp on the front side and Egypt on the back! Ahhhh 💕  Prideshipping merch *squeals*
I also got a LOAD of new prideshipping Doujinshis *cough* from last SenBato and Comiket <3 There are so many great artists active right now! I always try to decide for the most beautiful ones, but there are just so many ;___; oh wonderful Doujinshi artists, I’m forever grateful m( _ _ )m
Last thing is another TCG pack with German cards. Gosh, I’m such a sucker for the gold cards… THE GLITTER. It’s so intense and beautifuuuul~ sparkle~

If I could live anywhere and anytime, it would be Australia, 1980. Set of four KISS Merchandise bags available at KISS Shows in Australia, 1980. Imagine being a kid then? The bag is as much fun as the goodies placed within. Amazing…

You guys do not know how much I’ve internalised Clint Barton: Actual Melinda May Superstan, Clint Barton: Actual Nick Fury Superstan, or Clint Barton: Actual SHIELD Fam Superfan.

It’s got to ridiculous levels, because whenever I see screencaps where Clint’s making a face in the background, I’m 100% convinced that he’s trying to telepathically convey his levels of ugh to Nat about why Melinda or Nick, or Maria or Bobbi or Mack are not here to deal with this instead of ridiculous super powered people who fuck things up more than actually help.

Have you always dreamed of being a Gishwhes Master Artisan? Do you have an idea for an incredible Gishwhes design you’ve always wanted to see in the shwop? Your dreams may be about to come true!

The Gishwhes Schwag Shwop gnomes are scouring the globe for the world’s most extraordinary Gishwhes-inspired design to add to this year’s gishwhes Schwag Shwop… and it could be yours! Just imagine: your artwork could be emblazoned on gishwhes merchandise that will be forever treasured by Gishers around the world!

The winning designer will go down in history as an official Gishwhes Master Artisan and will receive 500 Gishpoints and $500 to spend in the Shwop!

For all the details and to enter, click here:

Entries must be received by midnight (by which we mean 11:59:59 PM) PDT, August 28. 

There can be only one… Do you have what it takes to be a Gishwhes Master Artisan? Enter today!

As requested by mfswiz, I made a page for the artwork from the book as well as most of the missing material from the movie.

Link here!

Do you ever see a sight so beautiful it brings tears to your eyes?

I’m not ashamed to say that I may have wept a little when I saw this

We finally made it guys. I feel like there should be a fandom group hug :)