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Zootopia and why The Furry Fandom will ruin a great movie with an amazing message for kids...

WARNING: Furries will get pissed off with me, so be it, it’s just the truth and YOU can do something to prevent this CHILDRENS FILM from being a mockery of porn and completely the OPPOSITE of the message it’s trying to give.

I honestly haven’t seen a movie like this one in years. It was better than Frozen, I even dare to say better than the Lion King in many ways….

It’s an amazing film, with an incredible diversity message that NO film has dare to touch upon in recent years. It’s not light about it, no musical numbers to dance around it or make it seem as less of a big deal, no it’s in your face, it’s hardcore, it’s right to the point with no sugar coating. 
It touches on businesses denying anyone different that they don’t understand service, it talks about physiological trauma from bullying and medical experiments on anyone of a different minority, it talks about protests and peace rallies just to name a few real life things and issues it brings to light. It was so real it had my wife and I in shock at some of the topics and just wowed with the message. It was incredible! 

Then we noticed the Furry talk in the theater, the girls with tails and ears….which is fine, I don’t care, do you thing, dress MILDLY furry to see this movie (please don’t go in fursuit, that’s just stupid), we know you guys have been waiting for a movie like this forever…however:
 I come home and type in Zootopia into Google Images and what do I see on the first page? Porn….Furry Porn…..Judy and Nick getting it on, the naked Back up Tiger Dancers, gang bangs with various characters and much more.

Really? REALLY?! This movie, a freaking marvel in this day in age, with a message so STRONG that needs to be spread already racking up google’s image search with PORN.

Now I know it’s gonna happen, I know it’s unavoidable, but it’s depressing that we have to sexualize EVERYTHING….I know this isn’t new, I knew it’s happened with Frozen and many other films, but when you type in Frozen into google search you don’t SEE porn right off the bat! You really have to find it (if you’re a kid, that is). And what really ticks me off about this movie in particular is cause it DOES have this STRONG message of diversity and acceptance that we MUST protect it and get it noticed for that VERY REASON. But if parents start seeing their kids looking up this film and seeing PORN, they will tell other parents, and others and it will get boycotted and it will lose revenue and there will be no Zootopia 2, there will be no merchandise, it will fail in the box office and it will do the OPPOSITE of the the message it’s promoting.

I mean I knew it would happen….and it was happening already but it’s really sad and I just have to rant.

Please parents, don’t avoid seeing this film because a group of people have nothing better to do than sexualize everything about it. It’s an amazing film, with a great message, kids will love it, you will love it….

Please Furries, tag your porn, censor it, and try to keep this film safe for children to look up about online…..please…..

Dear Disney/ABC,

Your merchandising for Once Upon a Time is lame. We are all in love with this show in this fandom, and we are primed to buy whatever you sell. But if you don’t do anything but the logo on stuff we’re not gonna buy it.

You have a show full of beautiful people, costumes and sets. You could sell clothing, jewelry, and other items faster than you could make them if you would just do something cool with it.

Also, if you produced a replica of Henry’s Once Upon a Time book, that would be amazing. Even my mama wants that.

So, come on, it’s the second season, get with it. You’re missing huge opportunities here. Take my money already.