merchandising design


Hello there! My name is Sophie Mariee, but you can call me Ori. I am into all forms of Art, from dance to music to poetry and so on, but I have a vested interest in Fashion, Wardrobe Styling, Fashion merchandising and also Fashion Design. I feel as though I am too creative for someone’s 9-5pm shifts; bad enough, it’s challenging to actually get hired making close to nothing paying for school and all. I would LOVE to become my own boss. I want to explore and expand my horizons. My destination is Traveling within the states like California for now and then so on in traveling the world in the name of fashion. i hope you guys feel intrigued by my work. Feel free to ask any questions. I’m always here to help. 

Model: Myself

Pants/shirt: H&M

Boots/Bag: Zara

Coat: Buffalo Exchange

Rings: Claudana Designs 

- Styled by Ori


Wohoo! Our calendar arrived yesterday and it looks pretty sweet!! Can’t wait to put it up on our walls.

First time I tried this kind of online service and I think this won’t be the last time. ;) I made the calendar for ourselves, but since it turned out so nice, I’ll be making it available for sale in case anyone is interested.

I know the year has already started, but there’s an extra month for 2017, so you won’t miss out too much if you get it now. :P Otherwise I believe the photos would also just make for nice decoration.

Here’s the link!

anonymous asked:

The anime figure of Misty's is a lot better designed than the Gym leader figure. Mainly cause the Gym leader figure has an angry face on Misty, but the anime one has a cheerful smile. It also looks weird with her hand in the air not holding a pokeball or having any pokemon by her side. The anime one is a lot better.

The reason why her gym leader figure is posed like that is because it’s based off the original sprite in RBG.

I think it being based on her gym leader sprite is a cool throwback. (They did the same with Brock.) I love both tbh! I do agree it would have been cooler for her to hold a pokeball, though.