merchandising design


Business & Entrepreneurship Department

  • alyssa - business
  • juniper - cosmetology/business management
  • evie - business management
  • lena - business
  • riquez - business management
  • jace - business
  • quadell - mechanical engineering
  • cameron - civil & environmental engineering

Fine & Performing Arts Department - ZEPH BELLAMY

  • jacob - design
  • mikael - fashion design & merchandising
  • valentina - performing arts
  • antonique - interior architecture
  • robin - fine arts
  • sebastian - photography
  • donte - photography
  • onyema - art & special education
  • primo - graphic design

Cosmetology Department

  • juniper - cosmetology/business management
  • nia - cosmetology

Science Department

  • asha-souli - biology
  • rayne - clinical science
  • katrina - biochemistry
  • troy - marine biology
  • trinh - astronomy
  • jade - physiology
  • xaela - biology
  • esther - psychology
  • zane - sports medicine
  • brandon - sports medicine
  • harim - pre-med
  • novian - pre-med
  • dakota - pre-med
  • jackson - pre-med

Philosophy & Humanities Department

  • nina t - human services
  • jabari - social work
  • erin - pre-law
  • nina c - world history
  • cynthia - philosophy
  • hendrick - history
  • park - philosophy

Communications Department - SIENNA LEE

  • sloane - marketing and advertising
  • charlie - journalism
  • kyrie - journalism
  • egypt - journalism
  • brooklyn - mass communication
  • ezra - journalism

Criminal Justice Department - ZEKE SCOTT

  • ajani - business law
  • nicolai - forensic science

Childhood Education Department - LAIRD BECKHAM

  • onyema - art & special education

Undecided Majors

  • damien - engineering
  • tanner - undecided
  • aria - undecided

You will be provided weekly/daily activities from your professors to do, that are required to be completed. They can be fun things such as class trips to certain places, or experiments. Nothing too crazy and tasking.

The students in your department and those that are studying the same majors as you are those you would have to try to pair up with and create study groups with and will be considered in classes with. Therefore, you can message each other and figure out times to roleplay together as if in class or in certain departments together on campus. Make sure to join your correct department and be as active as you can be, going in and out of class and interacting with others, etc.


Excellent re-imagined versions of Game of Thrones Characters by artist Mike Wrobel. I seriously can’t express how fantastic and clever I think these are. Take a peek at his online store where you can find these images and many others printed on some pretty affordable merchandise.


Come visit me at Gala Con! :D

Oh boy, here we go…Tomorrow I will be leaving to travel to Ludwigsburg, Germany to attend Gala Con. I will be vendoring together with my dear and very talented friend casynuf and we will be selling tons of Cards, Posters and traditional Artwork! :D

For everybody who wont be able to attend the Convention:
All Poster Motives will be for sale for LIMITED TIME on my society6 after I returned from the convention.
Keep your eyes wide open for an announcement post! See you at the Convention!


Hey, so I finally put up a couple of things up on my redbubble account for people to buy! The first sticker design features Yes and No, my two object heads from my in-progress game Brother Monster. The second sticker design is of my character Cancel from my webcomic/forum adventure The Human Game. Each design also has some extra products (like the Yes and No design looks really cool on a studio pouch in my opinion, take a look).

I’ll look towards designing more things like this for the future!



I’ve shown some of your on instagram my book shop in progress and although only a few designs are up, I want to share it with you. I plan on designing many more both digitally and by hand painting.

Do you see a design you like - Click HERE to check it out! You can get the designs as so many different things like scarfs, tote bags, notebooks, phone cases, mugs and more!

I hope you like this new shop - I also have a different and kind of bookish shop HERE.

But the aim of this store is all bookish things and I would appreciate any help by reblogging and also by suggesting any book related phrases you’d like to see on merchandise or custom designs. Credit would go to you for any suggestions.