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I’ve heard Ariel’s pink dress criticized on the grounds that “pink doesn’t look good on redheads”, which might be why Disney’s been rolling out this seafoam-y green dress for Ariel to wear on the merchandise. (The colour of that one, I think, is supposed to reference her tail when she was a mermaid?) But the people who call the pink dress a “bad choice” seem to forget a key detail of that scene: 

In the context of the story, the dress Ariel is wearing was not made for her. 

The humans are under the impression she was washed up by a shipwreck, so everything she wears is either borrowed or gifted. Considering she’s in a castle, that pink dress probably belonged to Eric’s mother, or some noble cousin who come to visit often enough to leave a small wardrobe there, or something along those lines. 

They just loaned Ariel the nicest thing on hand that would fit her while they got or made her some clothes for herself (the blue dress she wears for the next few scenes).


Super Groupies are doing another collaboration with Yuri!!! on Ice.  You can get some long shirts designed for each of the characters as well as other goods.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t deal with Victor in a cap… God.


You can now get a Makkachin tie or Stammi Vicino tie for all your formal needs.
Something tells me that Victor had something to do with the marketing for this.  
He was like “God damn it I’m so fixated on Yuri’s God awful tie that I’m gonna get the merch team to make some new ties so that I can try and convince him otherwise.”


New Stuff on my RedBubble! (exclusive stuff too!)

So I updated my Redbubble for you guys! I am still working on a shop of my own but I thought I get stuff out to you guys before hand. (And because of copyright issues I thought I’d do some original stuff for my shop). So enjoy some Smite, DC comics, and original Alice in Wonderland designs! I will keep updating it when I create new stuff. 

Available in: Clothing (Shirts, Hoodie, etc.), Stickers & Greeting Cards, Cases and Skins (Laptop, Phone & iPad) & Prints!