You were at your job, side job. Because if anything you’d rather be a full time artist and photographer but that job wasn’t the biggest on paying bills.

You worked 9 to 5 at a market as a stocking associate, you unloaded merchandise from trucks and restocked things that need restocking.

Currently you were restocking an aisle of chips, not necessarily the funniest thing of course. Your head wandered off into space, as you pulled a bag of chips from the wrong section you triggered a literal avalanche as bags of chips fell from the shelf.

“Fuckin’ hell.” You groaned, kneeling down to pick them all back up. You noticed a pair of hands reach to help you and you looked up, “Thought you could use the extra hands.” He said with a smile, a smile that could only belong to an angel.

You snapped out of it, nodding. You said as you both placed the chips back on their shelf. You turned to him, “Thanks.” You said. “No problem, (Y/N).” He said, referring to your name tag.

He grinned, putting out his hand, “I’m Sebastian.” He said. You took his hand, shaking it, “You look really familiar for some reason.” You said, confused. “Once Upon a Time? Maybe Gossip Girl?” He asked, you shook your head. “Captain America, you played Bucky, right?” You asked.

He nodded, “That’s it.” He said with a grin. You chuckled, “My cousin is literally in love with you, she went to Comic Con to see you but the line was too long.” You explained. “That sucks, would’ve been nice to see her along with all the other fans who didn’t get the chance.” He said.

“You a fan?” He asked. You shook your head, “Not necessarily.” You said. “Damn, that hurt my feelings.” He said sarcastically, making you chuckle. “Why is that?” You asked. He shrugged, “You seem like a cool person.” He said simply.

“Why? Because I dropped a shit ton of chips?” You asked sarcastically. He chuckled, “When do you get off of work?” He asked. You instantly assumed he was working his charming magic on you… And it was working.

“At 5, why?” You asked. “We should hang out, maybe?” He suggested making you chuckle, “Are you asking me on a date?” You asked in disbelief. “If you want it to be a date, then yeah, I am.”