merchandise ideas

Ghost merch ideas
  • Baseball-style ¾ length sleeve shirts, please.
  • Element symbols jewelry. Aether symbol. Aether symbol y’all.
  • Pet collars with the grucifix and/or symbols. You love cats, make it happen.
  • Papa’s robes bathrobes. 
  • One of those t-shirts that looks like a suit but it’s Papa’s suit with the grucifix patch. 
  • Pajama pants with little grucifixes all over them.
  • Those sweatshirts where it zippers over your face? with Papa’s face on it.
  • Blankets. There’s way too many ideas to choose from - but the backdrop from the Black to the Future tour / Meliora cover art / Popestar cover art are probably my top picks.
  • While we’re at it - sheets with grucifixes all over them.
  • Maybe they can just sell bolts of printed fabric and then we can just make pillows and blankets and shirts and pants and-
  • Official car decals would be real cool.
  • Incense that’s called Secular Haze. 
  • Where the fuck are the official Funko pops already.
  • Turntable mats! Could be the logo, or the grucifix, or the Popestar man. Or all three.

some examples of central plot lines in various sunny episodes:

• mac and dennis trying and failing to live without each other
• mac and dennis being domestic in the suburbs
• mac and dennis secretly masturbating together
• mac and dennis coming up with increasingly homoerotic merchandising ideas
• mac and dennis scheming together to get dennis out of his marriage
• mac and dennis going on a fancy dinner date
• mac and dennis seducing each other’s moms because they couldn’t bang each other



Oh me gosh… I found this rare Kisumi goodie and it just had to come home to me! LOOK AT HIM. HE’S SO CUTE. I LOVE HIM! (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)

Kisumi is telling them about the long journey he had to go through in order to reunite with them and both Sou and Rinrin are being such good listeners. They are so happy to have their buddy home with them!! THEY GO SO WELL WITH EACH OTHER AHHHHHH  ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Reblog With Terrible Ideas For Jojo Tie-In Merch

I’ll start:

  • Doggie costumes based on Stands, including The Fool; Notorious B.I.G. and Sheer Heart Attack.
  • A bubble set based on Caesar Zepelli. The bubbles are dyed red.
  • A book of romantic advice, written in-character as Hol Horse
  • Officially-licensed fursuits of more anthro-y stands like Magician’s Red, Dark Blue Moon, Killer Queen, Scary Monsters and Red Hot Chilli Pepper
  • A Yoshikage Kira hand puppet
  • An entire Weird Al album doing parodies of songs inspired by the dumb names given to all the stuff named after the original songs in the localization.

So, your ideas?

Star Wars ask meme I made at 5am because why not

1. What are your favourite Star Wars spaceships?
2. If you lived in the Star Wars universe, what would you do? What kind of person would you become?
3. Who are the most relatable Star Wars characters?
4. If you made a Star Wars movie, what would it be about and who would you cast?
5. If you could change your life with one of Star Wars characters for a week, who would you choose?
6. If you were a Padawan and could choose your master, who would they be?
7. If you were a Jedi master and you could choose your padawan, who would they be?
8. If you lived during the Clone Wars, which side do you think you would choose? Republic? Separatists? Staying neutral?
9. Which pilots in Star Wars do you want as your piloting teachers?
10. Which weapons would you use in the Star Wars universe?
11. Do you have any favourite names of Star Wars characters?
12. Your favourite and least favourite character are on the same mission together. What would happen?
13. If you could change one line from Star Wars films, books or animated series into something else, what would it be and what would the new line be?
14. What are your favourite Star Wars aliens species and why?
15. If Star Wars were a musical, which characters would sing which songs in which scenes?
16. If you had a power to help two different characters from different times meet each other, who would those two be?
17. Which Star Wars cast you want to watch Star Wars with?
18. Any great Star Wars merchandise ideas?
19. Who do you think the most well developed Star Wars characters are?
20. What is the main reason you love Star Wars?

zodiaccloud  asked:

do you know where you can get these religion au charms?? i have searched for them so much but still can't find them, but if you know anywhere i would like to know, thank you!~

Osomatsu-san Religion AU Rubber Straps Available for Purchase!

You can check the post on it here, but I’ll just include the link here anyways so it’s more convenient. ^w^ (She’s also currently having a 15% deal if you enter the promo code on the store’s front page!!!)

Aitai☆Kuji: 10$-16$ 

Note: Because Aitai☆Kuji has moved their site, most of the old links don’t work anymore–and there are waaayyyyy too many for me to go back and fix them all. So, if you want to buy anything from that store, you can easily go to the Osomatsu-san section, or if you need any help, you can just message me!


Here is a video of some of McDonalds advertisements for Sonic happy meal toys that have aired on tv throughout the years. 

[ENG TRANS] ANAN - Daesung Feb.2017

Source: Anan (Feb. 2017)

Please credit (@mmvvip) when taking out. Thanks!


Anan: We have chosen D-LITE as a representative of “relate-able person”. We’ve asked him how he feels about this and he mumbles “I’m flattered…” in a fading voice. Even so he’s a member of BIGBANG, a group which held multiple of successful dome concerts, and in fact this coming spring he will be an solo artist to be on the same stage!

D: I never came to think that I am a special person. I look for what I lack all the time, and I like to keep doing that. And when I look for them, I can find ALOT (laughs).
I accept my small eyes, bow legs and other physical traits, but I would never want to give up on things that I can manage to improve, like the way I sing.

And as for the the things I still lack, my fans, members and staffs fulfill them. So if you call me a relate-able person, it is because of those people (who help me). Especially, the power of the fans is tremendous. There were so many times when I was sick and lost my voice during the concert, and overcame that by looking at the fans’ faces. I believe there’s power that I can’t see with my eyes that I receive from the fans.

A: D-LITE is famous for his “angelic smile” that makes everyone happy. Every time he loosens his face with a smile, the stage and the audience gets closer and closer. He has been beaming during this interview. Seems like he can never be angry but…

D: Of course there are times when I get angry. Things that need to be said even with anger must be said. The first time when I got angry was during D'scover production. Before that, I believed getting emotional won’t solve anything and I was a “yes man” who would accept everything. But after going to hospitals to get my throat checked, the doctors told me “I’m concerned about your mental health than your throat. You should express yourself more.” All of the doctors told me it’s better to let my feeling out, so I decided not to keep everything to myself. When I get mad and make a bad atmosphere, that only last for a bit. Most important is the piece of work that will last forever. I could keep my smile on stage because the staffs who work with me offstage accept my feelings. There may be times I require them patience. It’s the reason why how much the staffs and I can share our ideas and thoughts with each other determine if we can work together or not.

A: What is the difference between business scenes that require to say “no” for a better result, and scenes in a relationship?

D: When I am really in love, I can accept basically anything. But this question: “Me or work. Which is more important?” is a real trouble. There are times when I get short notice work schedule right? And when I get that question it gives me a headache. What do I answer? I say things like “I gotta go to work but my heart is here with you~” and leave (laughs).

A: By the way, you are the only one who doesn’t use SNS in BIGBANG.

D: A while ago, I made an Instagram account just to see what the members are posting. But I ended up not checking at all (laughs) From when I was little I never liked taking pictures or getting pictures taken. While doing things like “Look here~ 3,2,1”, I  think “why am I doing this??” I regret that I don’t have a lot of pictures from my childhood because of this, but when I’m moved by the scene, I rather see the scene with my eyes than taking pictures. When I visit places, I don’t really like being satisfied by just taking pics and leave.

A: D-LITE receives lots of love from the fans and staffs, but indeed, BIGBANG members are the ones who he feels the most connected.

D: We each have different personalities and interests. The only thing we have in common is that we each have our own ways of doing (laughs). For the first 5 years of our career, we were so different from each other that we were troubled. But recording ALIVE made our situations change. We came to accept our differences. Our teamwork got better after realizing that we each are puzzle pieces with different shapes that are put together to make one piece. By now, I know what each of them are thinking just by looking at their eyes.

A: Five puzzle pieces are perfectly fit to make BIGBANG. The main key of the teamwork is balancer, D-LITE.

D: SOL-kun and VI are the types who would take the initiative to step forward and get the attention. TOP-san and G-Dragon-san are the types who gets all the eyes even without doing anything. I want to be the person who keeps watching behind them.  I don’t want to step forward.  I must watch them from behind and do a “traffic control” (laughs)

A: It is a miraculous five piece group.

D: Can it really be sure that the five piece was good, (jokingly pointing at VI on a magazine), or was 4 piece better. I will let everyone decide on that(laughs).

What does D-LITE think about his charms that melts people’s hearts?

Voice : My voice has been my complex. It seems a bit blurred and not clear. It changes it’s mood so I have to pamper it (laughs). But, the happiest moment is when I’m singing. I want to keep singing as long as I can so I keep doing voice trainings, and I learned the vocalization of the “right voice” so there’s no stress to my throat. If I change my singing all of the sudden though, it’s rude for those who loves my current voice.. I better not forget my true traits.

Lips: Is it sexy? I just think they are pink (laughs) I decided to make my nose and lips into an ice tray merchandise because those two are what people can be reminded as me the most. I always take note of new merchandise ideas as they come up. I have too many ideas actually. One thing I I would want to change are my legs. If I could make my bow legs straight, I would be few cm taller. My mom bought me bow legs fixing machine but it didn’t work on me..

Humor: Humor is a big part of me. I’d be so glad if I can make the bright atmosphere and make people happy. I loved to make the classmates laugh at school. But when I was at home, I never talked. My parents were strict and my grades weren’t well so I remained silent (laughs) My sister had good grades unlike me. She would be frustrated just by missing a single problem on an exam. I had no words to say…


Tsukishima Fanthology 

Applications are still open until next week 5/11! We are looking for artists and writers for this Tsukishima centered zine. So far we’ve gotten some great ideas about what kind of merchandise we should include in bundles from our applicants, but if you’re not applying and would like to give us ideas for merchandise or a theme, be sure to send them to our inbox

This is your zine afterall

FAQ | Application

🎃 10 Scarecrow Collectables for Under $10  🎃

Yesterday I had a conversation with @2spookcrow​ about the price of Scarecrow merchandise and how hard it was to find anything that isn’t absurdly expensive. It made me realize how blessed I am to be able to collect in the capacity that I do, and I understand that not everyone can afford to spend that much. Don’t fret though! No need to donate your time to that suspicious medical trial for some extra cash, Mistress has you covered!

A good majority of these ship free or with very cheap shipping options. Also, several of these are of the handmade variety, and I think those are the best type of gifts~

Trollhunter merchandise ideas

Krubera troll nightlights with changing colors.

Amulet of daylight pocket watch.

Aaarrrggh!! Fluffy scarfs.

Kittylitter candy “its crunchy!”

Eatible socks.

Grit shaka shake with the slogan “keep it crispy!” On it.

Stickler knife set.

I have waaaaaaaay to many ideas for merchandice and these are just a few.
A fan can only dream to see what merchandice will come out of this show exept for the usual toys and figures.

What kind of merchandise you would like to see on my website?

I don’t really have any ideas… most merchandise (other than prints and maybe t-shirts) will feature my original characters (I won’t be posting artwork of them until my website is up and running) or some logo of some kind.
So just reblog this post (or something) and tell me kind of merchandise you’d like to see! I want to know what you guys would like!