merchandise idea

Ghost merch ideas
  • Baseball-style ¾ length sleeve shirts, please.
  • Element symbols jewelry. Aether symbol. Aether symbol y’all.
  • Pet collars with the grucifix and/or symbols. You love cats, make it happen.
  • Papa’s robes bathrobes. 
  • One of those t-shirts that looks like a suit but it’s Papa’s suit with the grucifix patch. 
  • Pajama pants with little grucifixes all over them.
  • Those sweatshirts where it zippers over your face? with Papa’s face on it.
  • Blankets. There’s way too many ideas to choose from - but the backdrop from the Black to the Future tour / Meliora cover art / Popestar cover art are probably my top picks.
  • While we’re at it - sheets with grucifixes all over them.
  • Maybe they can just sell bolts of printed fabric and then we can just make pillows and blankets and shirts and pants and-
  • Official car decals would be real cool.
  • Incense that’s called Secular Haze. 
  • Where the fuck are the official Funko pops already.
  • Turntable mats! Could be the logo, or the grucifix, or the Popestar man. Or all three.

some examples of central plot lines in various sunny episodes:

• mac and dennis trying and failing to live without each other
• mac and dennis being domestic in the suburbs
• mac and dennis secretly masturbating together
• mac and dennis coming up with increasingly homoerotic merchandising ideas
• mac and dennis scheming together to get dennis out of his marriage
• mac and dennis going on a fancy dinner date
• mac and dennis seducing each other’s moms because they couldn’t bang each other

Voltron Merchandise Headcanons

Because I’ve been inspired by the post I wrote about stuffed animals and I’m gonna keep going down this road, if anyone wants to join me!

  • Like I said, people would have to be stupid not to jump on the bandwagon to make Voltron merchandise. These guys are the biggest things since sliced bread; everyone talks about them. Voltron changes the whole game when they get back to Earth.
  • Suddenly, it’s everywhere you look: Voltron cat hats, Voltron cupholders, Voltron handbags, Voltron shoes, Voltron food. Their faces are on the sides of buses and plastered across every newspaper you could possibly find. The whole world goes cat-crazy on a new level.
  • The “V” shape on their armor and on Voltron’s chassis becomes a huge fashion icon; everyone seems to have something on with it. It’s on necklaces and shirts and earrings and tattoos and headbands and anything else you can wear. Most often, it’s coupled with “We Stand With Voltron”, especially when the Galra and Zarkon set their sights on Earth and the battle for the paladins’ homeworld happens.
  • Another popular motto is “Keep Calm and Form Voltron”. Lance gets everyone a coffee cup with that on it, even Coran and Allura.
    • Those two mottos become trending subjects all over the world; #westandwithvoltron and #formvoltron.
  • Places like American Girl, Build-A-Bear, Pillowpets, Barbie, etc. are suddenly releasing the option to have your favorite paladins in toy form. They quickly run out because the demand becomes so high.
  • Toy stores everywhere also have plastic version of the bayards, both in resting form and in weapon form, for everyone to use so they too can pretend to be their favorite paladin! It’s not uncommon to see little kids running around brandishing red swords or green blades or blue and yellow guns.
    • Fake ears and wigs for Allura and Coran fans are extremely popular too.
  • Every show somewhere in their new season lineup has a reference to Voltron. Doesn’t matter if it’s a kids show, animated, live-action, late night; everyone makes reference to “the cat alien robots” in some way, shape or form.
  • People start shaving the V or the symbols of the cat’s head into their hair. The hair dye colors for red, blue, yellow, green and black/purple disappear off the shelves in days. White also becomes difficult to find and suddenly everyone’s walking around with a white streak in their hair.
  • The huge food franchises offer Voltron burgers, pizzas, coffee, etc. Anything you can think of, they’ve some how made it into Voltron. 
  • Cosplaying Voltron suddenly becomes the number one thing to do. Go to any fan convention and there are at least a hundred Voltrons/paladins/lions in your area at any given time. Costume stores always have a Voltron or paladin costume on hand, even if it’s not Halloween. Beauty places immediately start marketing Voltron-themed makeup and tutorials for “Voltron makeup” pop up overnight.
  • Don’t tell me people wouldn’t make cars that look catlike to cash in on the craze too. I bet you can guess what colors are the most popular.
  • Little kids everywhere are suddenly interested in space again. NASA has their hands full dealing with the sudden influx of interest in space and the Galaxy Garrison has more applicants than ever.

tximina  asked:

What is your favorite thing to draw for the blog..? ♡ Because I really really REALLY love all your art ♡ Speaking of.. what are you plannung about merchandise?

((Hi! thank you for the lovely complement x’3 I’m glad you like my art that much!

I really love doing the comics mainly, I just love keping the story going and seeing that people still like to read it. I’ve always had a thing for illustrating stories or animating to voices so I like coming up with comics for certain scenes I like :3

For merchandise I haven’t decided yet. I have a redbubble and put some stuff up but it’s not open to public yet. I’d actually really like suggestions, what art would you like of Wardler for merchandise?

 For one idea I’d like to clean up and colour this sketch and have it as a pin or poster or something, it’s one of my favourite sketches of them

But for other ideas, I’m not sure? D:))

Official Steven Universe merchandise needs to be a thing NOW. I want crystal gem action figures and giant lion plushies and fusion dolls and edible cookie cat cookies and licensed t-shirts and depressed breakfast stickers and themed stationery sets and cat finger sock puppets and a life-size rose scabbard and posters and key-rings and a lapis lazuli mirror and- GRAHHH I NEED THESE TO EXIST WHY DON’T THEY EXIST ALREADY WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

Here we have a rough brief of what I am hoping I’ll be able to make the new and improved Pokemon Charms look like! Before I had them printed one-sided on plain Black acrylic, to give them the similar effect to the Pokemon Rubber Straps that got released. 

This time I’ve decided to stray away from that and think about what I could do if I used Clear Acrylic instead, and make them two-sided, each side featuring the character with a different expression (Using Maxie as a design test, as I’m pretty sure he’s the one people are waiting in anticipation for right now!)

I also changed the drawing style a bit to see what effect that has? I don’t know if people would prefer something new like this for the new charms or not? 

Either way, please let me know what you think! (Reblogging, In tags, messages, IM) Feedback is heavily appreciated!