Attention Sonic the Hedgehog collectors: Cook & Becker are looking for rare original official art and collectibles - Sonic Retro
If you haven’t already heard, next-gen art dealers Cook & Becker plan to release a “Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Art Book”. The book will cover the history of Sonic and will include design sketches, official character illustrations, in-game art, pixel art, rare promotional art and game box art. While SEGA has provided Cook & Becker with many great art assets from the company archives, as is the case with original art spanning 25 years there is always more out there in private collections. Cook & Becker reached out to us asking if we would ask you, the fans, to lend a hand if you can. As the book enters the final stages of design, there is little under a month left before the window closes on what can appear in the book and we are asking any fans with cool rare retro merchandise, rare original promotional art and rare manual scans to reach out to Cook & Becker via their contact page or email maarten [at] Cook & Becker is looking for high res photos and scans of what they may not already have. They will credit anyone in the book that sends in material that gets included. …

Official Sinbad no Bouken figure set  (Azone International)

I got these today after pre-ordering them a few months back and they were worth the wait!

I love love LOVE the smoldering look on 16 yr old Sin’s face and I love how 14 yr old Sin looks ready to conquer a dungeon!

They stand about 4" in height (including Sin’s hair spike) and feature ball jointed heads that can be moved to create different “looks”. Unfortunately their bodies are solid so no other movement options. The paint jobs are really really spot on! I love all the little details 😍

If you can find these,  they are totally worth the $$

Bonus: enjoy some of my other Sin figures ^^;

Back by popular demand!
“First Contact” is back with variety of colors and a bigger imprint! Grab some alien apparel for the holiday! 👽

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