.°˖✧˖ ˖°. Catee’s Situationally Appropriate Captioned Black T-shirts .°˖✧˖ ˖°.

A post with all my shirts:

♥ Catee The Sweet Smell of Regret Shirt

♥  Catee Dont Wanna Be Here Shirt

♥  Catee Im Dying on the Inside Shirt

♥  Catee Suffer Shirt

♥  Catee Blushing shirt

♥  Catee IDFC Shirt

♥  Catee Trash Shirt

♥  Catee Sarcasm Shirt

♥  Catee Nerd Shirt

//// !!!!! SUCH A BIG BIG THANK U TO ALL WHO BOUGHT ONE,I CANT TELL YOU HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO ME (( and pls when u get it,pls tag me in it,im SO excited to see you guys wear them !!!!! ////

koreanbuddy review

Hello! I recently tried out a Korean shopping service this year called KoreanBuddy. I’ve used their service once in March, then again this month (August), and I successfully received my package of korean goods (clothes, merchandise, etc) both times. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my experiences with this service in the hopes that it could help anyone out who also might want to also purchase Korean goods or items they might have found online that unfortunately only ship to Korea or can only be bought in Korea.

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I start college tomorrow for my final year, sitting my Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration (and yet I can’t draw for heck so this year should be interesting XD)

Got my very cool, wickedly manly bag ready and my niisans are coming with! Maybe they might learn some social and employment skills, huh?


The Legend of Zelda Ultra Detail Figures

The above three The Legend of Zelda Ultra Detail Figures are all available to pre-order now priced at just $9.99. Expected to ship in May 2017, the Twilight Princess HD (top) figure can be pre-ordered here, the Majora’s Mask 3D (middle) figure can be pre-ordered here with the A Link Between Worlds (bottom) figure available for pre-order here. Pre-order deadline is 5 November!

Please support Japanese Nintendo

So today I went to Target in search of a new Alarm clock with iPod dock (since mine has stopped working) and I saw those Blind Bag Minis so.. why not!  From the 3 I got a smiley Garnet, and 2 serious Garnets.  Would anyone want the duplicate serious Garnet? :0 (Mutuals only).

UPDATE: She’s going to baddeleyite!!!!  Just gotta work out details and stuff.

I went to Barnes and Noble today… and made several impulse purchases!

Pride and Prejudice Page Flagshttp://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/home-gift-page-flags-pride-and-prejudice/29712373?ean=0810782013095

I plan on using this with my bullet journal! If you don’t know, I’m totally obsessed with bullet journaling! P.s. For the life of me I could not find them on Amazon!

Magnetic Poetry - Pride & Poetry Kit: http://amzn.to/2bKeqn8