“Zootopia”’s getting a graphic novel...and with it a prequel!

I admit I haven’t seen Zootopia, but I wanted to see it badly! To my surprise, yesterday The Mystery of Gravity Falls tweeted that the film is getting the graphic novel treatment, but that’s not all. It includes a prequel featuring Judy and Nick! The tentative release date is June 28!

Good Smile Rolls Out Love Live! Branded Eyeliner
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Love Live! fans, have you ever wanted to complement your look with a hint of Umi’s bashful blue, or Nozomi’s striking purple?

Well, you’re in luck. Good Smile Company announced that they will roll out a series of Love Live! branded eyeliner this July.

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The Love Live! Color Liquid Eyeliner will be available in nine varieties, one for each member of μ’s, which will feature silhouetted portrait o one of the group’s leading ladies. The colors are as follows:

  • Natural Orange (Honoka Kosaka): Ingredients: hydrolysis honey protein
  • Sky Blue (Ayase Eli): Ingredients: hyaluronic acid Na
  • Olive gray (Kotori Minami)]: Ingredients: hydrolyzed silk
  • Navy Blue (Umi Sonoda): Ingredients: saxifrage extract
  • Sunlight Yellow (Rin Hoshizora): Ingredients chamomile flower extract
  • Cardinal Red (Maki Nishikino): Ingredients: centifolia flower extract
  • Pansy Purple (Nozomi Toujou): Ingredients: assembly extract
  • Leaf Green (Hanayo Koizumi): Ingredients: aloe vera leaf extract
  • Hot Pink (Nico Yazawa): Ingredients: peach leaf extract

The eyeliners are designed to resist sweat, tears, and other substances while still being easy to wash off with lukewarm water. Each will be priced at 1,400 yen (tax included). Retailer Animate is taking pre-orders, and cosplay retailer Acos is expected to follow shortly.

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Good Smile Rolls Out Love Live! Branded Eyeliner
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