when you’re writing your story do you ever have a hideous premonition of all the shit your hypothetical future fandom will pull. like you suddenly look into the camera like That’s So Raven and go “this character is gonna get whitewashed aren’t they”

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I don't think Ember gets her power strictly from having people say her name. It seems more like she gains power from positive attention and loses power from negative attention, like when Sam mocked her. "Ugh, great, a critic >:(

Yeah, I agree with you.  When Sam mocked her, the flame in her hair flickered briefly. The chanting is probably the easiest method of getting that attention, but not the only way. It’s not people saying her name, but people cheering for her that gives her power. That makes the most sense.

I was going to write a post about something that really vexed me today, but then I thought that posting negativity about negativity would not be the best idea, so here, have a video of cute puppies instead:

In case you don’t like puppies, here is a snoring hummingbird:

and a shy octopus:


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Thoughts on Dash Baxter?

Dash is a jerk who needs a good smacking and some life lessons, but he’s an interesting character. He has secrets and insecurities. A lot of insecurities, in fact. That doesn’t excuse his actions, but it makes him a more realistic character. His admiration for Danny Phantom is also intriguing, even if it’s just supposed to be a reference to Flash from Spiderman.

I’ll talk about him more when I actually get to his analysis, but I think he’s a good character. He’s just also a huge douche. He needed some good character development.

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