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What The Media Actually Does To Women

Good Seeds.
Bad Seeds.

Good Seeds are People who want to spread Love, Kindness, Faith and are Non-Judgmental.

Bad Seeds are People who want to spread Hate, Envy, Doubt and Judge 

When a World focuses on Bad Seeds. Those seeds Grow. 

When the Media focuses on Bad Seeds. Those seeds Grow. 

When You focus on the Bad Seeds. Those seeds Grow. 

The more energy You put into the Bad seeds the less energy there is for Your good seeds. 

Allow Your Good to sprout. 


“The inability of liberal ‘humanists’ to understand racism and national oppression, and the transformation of this ostensible 'humanism’ into a propaganda tool of imperialism:

"If a Filipino Catholic 'guest worker’ (AKA modern-day slave) in Qatar, who has no rights and probably lives in a non-air-conditioned sweatbox with 50 other workers (and has seen plenty of his fellow workers go home in pine boxes), wants to make fun of the hypocritical way the al-Thani family purports to be 'Muslim’ while abusing other Muslim workers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc.– that’s one thing.

"But in France, which still has a neocolonial relationship to Muslim countries like Algeria, Mauritania, Senegal, and others, and has housing projects filled with poor immigrants from these countries, where French cops get to go into these projects and get away with shooting whoever they want– then what this so-called 'freedom of expression’ really is, is just a continuation of colonialism in a new form.”

- Eric Struch

Graphic via IS Horst


Also like, if you aren’t white it’s even harder to get roles as you age…..
How many moms of color do we really see? Grandmothers? Even a woman too old to be the young protagonist’s token sidekick of color?

EDIT: Oh I totally agree. The breakdown of his bullshittery can branch off into so many different arguments. Roles for POC are already limited as is, tack that on with being a woman, and further tack that on with the ageism in the media. 

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