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Harry Styles Gets His Crotch Grabbed by Overzealous Fan While Onstage
Harry Styles had his crotch grabbed onstage by an overzealous fan ... and folks are pissed.

Harry Styles is a true professional … considering he acted like nothing happened when an overzealous fan reached up and grabbed his crotch while he was performing in L.A.

Harry was doing a show Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl, when – in the middle of one of his songs – someone reached up from the front row and copped a feel of his goods … which he quickly batted away and ignored as he went back upstage.

Harry hasn’t addressed the groping yet, but you can clearly see he wasn’t down with it … and many have even come out to call it sexual assault … in a time when the subject is at the forefront in Hollywood.

Sign of the times?

Me: *creates numerous posts lamenting liberal elitism and the rampant antisemitism and blatant disregard for the elderly in social justice circles*

Tumblr social justice bloggers:

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Me: *posts an ask comparing complaints about Wonder Woman’s clean shaven legs to complaints about Tarzan being clean shaven*

Tumblr social justice bloggers: *

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In my last article, I talked about feminism in film and how it’s often pushed aside or over-politicized. Today, I want to talk about the flip side to some of the feedback female characters receive. 

The female experience isn’t always a positive storyline, and even though these characters are women, they should not be excluded from criticism. The audience should always be conscious of a female character experiencing the world as a woman, and the impact that has on her narrative, but should also be able to look at her as a character equal to any other. A character being a woman is not an excuse for anything horrible she does, though it may be related to it. 

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The crown itself is meant to represent the Orion constellation, which Solange said is something that holds special meaning to her. It is what inspired the name of her latest performance series, Orion’s Rise, and it is even tattooed on her inner right arm.

This is what mass media is about. No respect for something we care about.

You know, I can think of a number of notable female characters who have evil clown aesthetic, but I’m having trouble thinking of one who’s an actual straight up evil clown. Like, maybe Harley Quinn, depending on who’s drawing her this week, but beyond that I’ve got nothing. Help me out here?


On Media portraying David Bowie in American Gods

Gillian Anderson: Challenging. Lot of Research. It was the first time I think that in doing those those characters that I had the conundrum of deciding how much of this is the character, how much of appropriate is it to try and emulate the real person and at what point does the actual character of Media step in and what the balance is. It was actually harder than I thought. (x)

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for 3DS out Nov. 21st/23rd, new trailer

The upcoming 3DS release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney isn’t a new game, but Capcom’s sure shooting out trailers like it is!

A new trailer released today mimics the style of launch trailers for games past, with voice acting, dramatic character intros, and all that good stuff.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear Orion Acaba and the other English voice actors - Capcom-Unity has only released a subtitled version of the Japanese trailer.  Still, check it out!

More importantly, we have a firm release date for the game: November 21st in North America, and November 23rd in Europe.  Just a little over a month until justice!