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Hi WE!!! I’m on mobile on my way home, but I had a grand ol time @ nashicon con!! So much merch and good food, it’s been real nice!!! If u wanna see some merch that I got just hmu and I’ll show ya, but ye! I’ll be home soon, so I’ll get on replies and starters I owe when I get back. But for now, have this picture of Shrek & I!!!

Love u, Reg

[Food] Hetalia: The Beautiful World - Small Break-Time Cookies

Company: Broccoli
Release Date: 19 June 2014
Retail Price: 840 Yen
Specifications: 6 Lemon flavour, flower-shaped cookies; 1 Bromide card (random selection from 3 possible designs)
Expiration Date: 180 days from date of production
Characters: Japan, Prussia, Germany, USA, England, Spain, South Italy, North Italy
Bootleg version? No

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I put some butter on it and just- YAS!