merch swag




That specific promo is now over guys! But Society6 is constantly having one promo or another, so if you still want a spectacularishly awesome TPG shirt or swag, please check it out! Get something for your loved ones! Get something for your hated ones just to confuse them!

Also, I would LOVE if you tweeted me @PigeonComics a picture of you in your shirt if you get one, it just makes my day :D

Yay TPG merch!


Con Swag Haul Post:

- Katsudon SnapBack
- Hot topic stickers, Patch + Tank Top
- “Nikiforov: Just Do Me” Shirt
- Phichit Charm for @hamu-starz
- Otayuri flower crown prints for @isabella-yang-style
- WTTM Print for @otabangbang
- Signed copy of Monster Paws and Yurio charms for my friend Jamie
- Yuuri Katsuki dakimakura to join my other 5 YOI dakis
- “CANON” Doujinshi ft. Viktor x Yuuri
- Several Viktuuri prints/posters that I’ll take individual shots of later
- Buttons and Keychains of Viktor x Yuuri

Soon to come in my next ANext post is a summary of the YOI Panels on Sat/Sunday.

Excuse my exhausted, post convention face.