merch swag




That specific promo is now over guys! But Society6 is constantly having one promo or another, so if you still want a spectacularishly awesome TPG shirt or swag, please check it out! Get something for your loved ones! Get something for your hated ones just to confuse them!

Also, I would LOVE if you tweeted me @PigeonComics a picture of you in your shirt if you get one, it just makes my day :D

Yay TPG merch!


Its been a while since I’ve posted my designs on here but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been hard at work! Society6 is having free shipping today so its a great time to make a purchase (and even if you can’t/don’t want to buy anything, a reblog would be most appreciated!) All sales go to pay a poor grad student’s tuition. You can find my store here