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Taylor Tix Boost Update

Given all of us losing our minds over the LWYMMD video, I haven’t seen anyone comment on it so in case anyone’s missed it:

After many of us commenting on the Taylor Swift Tix being a pay to win format, the boosts have been adjusted.

Now all the free boosts (video watches and the UPS trucks) are all a medium boost and the videos have been upped from 5x a day to 20x a day. Which should balance the playing field with the high boosts (merch and album sales).

Which just goes to show that Taylor and her team do see what we say and listen.






Hello guys! I’m going to move soon plus I’m in a tight situation financialy right now, so I’m selling some of my fandom merch from heart no kuni no alice, mystic messenger and dramatical murder!

The above preview doesn’t contain all the doujinshis/anthologies I’m selling, see prices and complete list of items under the cut! Shipping is not included in price, I can use USPS priority mail(~$7 for 1-6 DJs), media mail (cheap, weight dependent, approx. below $5 for 1-5 DJs), or first class mail (best for inside US when you only buy a couple of charms and prefer cheapness over insurance)depending on what you prefer! If you are out of US and want me to use a pricier service like FedEX/DHL I can do that too.

Anyone interested please message me here or mail me at

Reblogs would be highly appreciated!

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New FFXV Merch Early Bird Sale!

Thank you everyone for your patience and support. I going to be rolling out some new merch over the next few weeks from my previous FFXV Week and we are starting with two anticipated items - 

And both are on sale this weekend! From now until Monday, Aug 28th at Midnight EST, the Luna shirt is $5 off and the barcodes are 20% off!



because, y’know, it’s summer and sunshine and everything is pretty and I don’t feel like giving up on the whole making a living through my art thing just yet, so here’s the deal:

get 20% off any purchase at my etsy shop with a coupon code ZRND20OFF. the coupon’s gonna last till mid-July, and it applies to all purchases made at my shop, including custom orders.

all items are hand-sculpted by yours truly, coated in non-toxic glazes and fired in a kiln at high temperature, making them 100% functional cups and plates and bowls you can use to eat and drink from instead of simply setting them on your shelf to stare at. 

no matter what beverage you pour into a rainbow pride cup, it will taste like magic and acceptance and love. ace cups will show you swirls of galaxies in the depths of space, and poppy cups will pour so much positive energy into your drink that you’ll be able to do things you thought weren’t possible. 

add some colour to your everyday meals!

Once again! 

…. I’m beginning to wonder if I should just make a sideblog just for box splits and merch selling but that’ll be another story in itself XD; or more like, I’m very lazy.

Anyway, back to this: 

So a friend was courteous enough of a tease to show me this and as usual, I’m taking Chuya, goddamn I never thought they would come up with the chibi version of this design (actually I had my suspicions but I didn’t think it’ll be…you know, this cute) 

And it kinda looks like everyone had revealed what they shopped for except Akutagawa - what is he doing? Saving for discounts? ohohoho

So I posted the clear files one here, the deets are about the same

Price: USD5

Shipping: USD5 (I’m using standard shipping with tracking btw - so I have to let you all know that for some countries, mostly US and Canada, shipment takes a while.)

Method of Payment: PayPal Only

Can I choose partial payment? - Yes, you can. If you want to pay for the merch first, shipping later (when they arrive to my place). Sure.

Can you reserve this for me? - Regularly, I only reserve for a week.  If you need more, we’ll have to discuss.

When will this be released? - Octoberr~

Does the pairing mix and match bonus applies? Maaaaaybe xP

Characters List: 

striked = means taken

Chuya (meeee)


Ranpo (yuuripean)

Yosano (yuuropean)

Akutagawa (dot-kat)

Atsushi  (dot-kat)



Anything else, please DM me or email me~

Reblogs much appreciated >w<~


More merch for me! I ordered some stuff by @aileine from Redbubble (a mug, a notebook, some stickers, a print, a pillow) and I’m the happiest bean rn because my Eruri-collection keeps growing and seriously…her stuff is amazing and looks awesome on the products *__*. The quality itself is also very good!

If only the Eruris themselves could keep away from my stuff =__=

They take couple-baths in my tea (til Erwin farts at least)…

…and they try to take glances at my notebook. Those fuckers.