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Moments I have witnessed intense KnB fans in Japan

Upon request here’s my post of personal experiences I’ve seen or been in that show how Japanese KnB (mainly Akashi) fans are that you probably won’t see too often back in your home country. 
*If you are one of these fans, I’m not saying stop doing it or you shouldn’t do it, but just be responsible and don’t neglect other priorities and don’t inconvenience others…and be reasonable. Also these are things I’m not used to seeing so for me it’s quite eyebrow-raising. Thanks. 

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noelle1dspn  asked:

hi !!! I have a few questions because nj con is coming up in a week & it's my first time so I need like a break down of everything lol 😝 so first question is what time is the friday karaoke at usually & also the saturday night special ?? what should I bring to the convention (food/drinks/phone) , how much money should I bring to the convention/how much does merch tend to be , how does the general admission seating work as to like where I wait to get in and when I should get there to wait ??

Hi there

The schedule will be released online the Wednesday prior to the con and all the times and details will be on there.

Generally karaoke is about 9.30, concert is about 10.15.

Merch prices range from a few dollars for stickers upwards. There is a big variety of merchandise and it changes from con to con so it’s impossible to give an exact range. T-shirts about 20 - 30 etc. Pretty standard.

Here is a check list for stuff.

GA it’s first in best GA seat, so check the schedule for registration times and make sure you get there plenty of time to register and queue to get into the auditorium.

Have fun!


Sneak peak…“FROOT” Glow-in-the-Dark shirt.

I will be unveiling my Merch range on at 8pm on Monday. 🍌 Complete with GIF look-book by Charlotte Rutherford.💫📷


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So! The money went through today and I ventured to PetCo to bring Bandit home. It took a while (he had to be weighed and they had to get me his hatch/health certificate and the manager had to show up). I kind of skipped around the store picking stuff up (you can see my bounty in the cart in the first picture) and once I had everything I asked someone if they could come help me with him as I would like to purchase him. Someone helped get his big cage off the shelf and another person came and helped me get himself out. They were a little scared to handle him so I ended up taking him out and he was dancing with me and excited. Signed papers, rang up merch, paid, and walked out with him in his travel carrier gleefully. He was interested in everything and kept looking around. I drove really slow so I didn’t bounce him around. Then when we got home I stuck the dogs outside and took him out of his carrier. He rode around on my shoulder the entire time I put stuff together and investigated his play gym a little. I got preened a little while he was on my shoulder (apparently my hair needed fixing) and he’s been making kissing noises back at me. He’s in his cage now and waiting patiently at the door for me to get up off my butt to get him out (which I won’t be doing because I let the dogs back in and I want him to get used to the cage). He’s not scared of the dogs at all. He’s actually making kissing noises at them too. x’D

Anyways. Bandit is safely home and settled for the most part. I have his sleeping cage in my room and we’ll see how things go. I’ll keep taking tons of pictures of him and posting about him. We’ve got a move coming up! I’m also thinking of giving him a new name while he’s in his new home, but I’m not entirely sure. I think it’d be a new start in his new forever home. I’ll have to look into some names.

I want to thank everyone again who made this possible. Bandit knew he was going home today and he wouldn’t stop dancing.