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asdfghjk i can’t believe i forgot to put this up, but here was my piece for @nilesfanzine Null Sets! i don’t think i’ve ever painted so much in my life but it was so fun and so worth it!! :>

playlist: dark city treno. on repeat. forever


Merch alert! Another impulse buy came in! 

This is Prince : Inside Purple Reign, published 1984 by Jon Bream. Jon was a writer for the local newspaper and interviewed Prince various times from the very beginning of his career until the end. This book covers 79 to 84 and tells more specific tales of what Prince was like in school and early in his career. I am CONVINCED that Prince is basically us Tumblr people if we made it big, lol. #vicariousliving

Also favorite quote :

“He expressed his appreciation of the local fans in acceptance speeches at the Minnesota Music Awards and Twin Cities Black Music Awards. Actually, his first comment at the Minnesota Music Awards found him in a rude-boy mood. After he was given the award for Musician of the Year in 1982 at the prom Center in St. Paul, he asked, “When are they going to give the one [award] for the best ass?”


Pay a kidney for your own copy from Amazon! Or check your local library!

Black Butler Merch Alert - Skins!

Is your phone looking a little drab? Does your laptop need some pizazz? Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Skinit has officially licensed skins for many of your electronic devices. You can now show your love of Sebastian, Ciel, Grell and more wherever you go! Head on over to Skinit today to see all the options!

Let the Butlers get under your skin! We won’t blame you if you start wasting even more time on your computer or phone.

P.S. There’s also Skins from Hetalia, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragon Ball Z.


Index and Railgun Merch Alert!

If you’re a fan of A Certain Magical Index or A Certain Scientific Railgun, then you’ve hit the merch jackpot. We recently got a plethora of merchandise samples in for both shows, and we wanted to showcase them for you. So, take a look above at just some of what’s available out there for sale. All of these are available to buy on, click here for links to buy.

The final episodes of A Certain Magical Index II are now available on our site! Click here to marathon the season.