NBC Universal Comiket 90 booth exclusive goods are available for mail order… already

Even though summer Comiket starts on August 12 this year, it’s already possible to order some exclusive items from it, for some reason. This campaign by NBC Universal lasts until August 7.

Gochiusa goods are dominant this year, with notable items being Phantom Thief Lapin set, which contains a CD with 2 new songs, full color shirts, Chimame blankets with hoods, and nap set with blanket and pilllow cover. There are also a few (2) Yuyushiki items, if you’re into that.

You can order all this stuff here (shipping within Japan only):



Hi!! Sorry for the delay but here’s the Kpop haul vid!!! (+ Q&A) I hope u enjoy watching it as much as I did making it!! It’s not that boring and I think it’s kinda funny? Idk! Subscribe and Reblog please!! Thanks!! Also my fellow Kpop trash msg me?


plantboy!phil and spaceboy!dan believe in you!

i’ve not been in the best mental state for the last week or so… so I decided to make lil motivational doodles to keep me going when I feel like i can’t.

hopefully they’ll be of some help to others as well

design available on redbubble merch (examples below):