i do seriously think that mchanzo would be a VERY cool ship to be canon if it was for a lot of reasons… consider:

  • it would be an interracial relationship between two men of colour (a japanese man and a non-white latino who is possibly part native american). that would be very neat to see.
  • mccree and hanzo are both nearly 40 years old. there are NOT a lot of major representations of older lgbt couples. it would be a message of hope to older gay people, especially those who came out later in life and worry that they won’t find anyone.
  • mccree is disabled. more disabled lgbt rep is always good.
  • there’s the potential for a narrative about gay love as a redeeming, healing force - as the two of them come to terms with their past and move on, they become closer to each other, and find solace in their matching backgrounds and experiences. that would be so cool!!
  • there’s also potential for brotherly bonding via genji teasing hanzo about his crush. that would be hilarious.
  • it’s aesthetically pleasing. blue/red, east/west, all of that.
  • i predict at least one ohio/ohayo joke from the team, either in-game or just the voice actors dicking around. at the very least i think mercer would make the joke.
  • hanzo’s VA is married to a man, so this would be a gay person voicing a gay character. always important to see things like that!!

in conclusion, this is one ship i would genuinely like to see be canon.

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Month's ago: I was dicking around in a custom game with a friend and we all starting talking about the voice actors. Having a natural southern accent, I decide to try my hand with "It's High Noon!" My friends proceed to flip as they think my mccree impression is spot on. One friend says "Hold up, I'm gonna grab my brother (7) and just go with it" and I'm like sure thing. I then convinced a 7 yo kid that mccree was wishing him a happy birthday and I don't think Matthew Mercer would mind.


15 More Or Less Odd Questions About Skyrim Because Why Not

1. A boring one at first. Guildmaster, Listener, Harbinger or Archmage? (BETTER WALK WITH THE SHADOWS, BITCH. Okay, just kidding. But seriously.)

2. Did you help Faendal or Sven get the girl or did you just leave it hanging because two grown ass men should be able to handle their own relationships without the help of a random person who almost got eaten by the First-Born of Akatosh for fuck’s sake

3. Did you shiv the shit out of Madanach or did you watch him and his Forsworn mates go on an old-fashioned bloody rampage in the streets of Markarth? 

 4. Why, do you think, does Serana cover her head with a hood in broad daylight but leaves her cleavage conveniently exposed? (Hey, come on, who hasn’t spend their evenings considering Serana’s cleavage? I mean. Uh. Moving on.) 

 5. Do you think Mercer Frey and Maven Black-Briar would make a good couple? In other words, DO YOU SHIP IT TOO? In other words… validate my rubbish ship, please. 

6. Now a question that will determine your worth as a person. Did you kill Paarthurnax because Dolphin and Ice-Burn asked you to? (Not that I’m judging if you did. But I’m judging you if you did.) 

7. Okay, time to start a duel! Who is sexier, Brynjolf or Serana? (FIIIIIIIGHT! In a ring. With mud. Shirtless. Thank you.)

8. Do you feel bad about having to whack poor old Eldergleam in order to complete the quest because for some reason Bethesda forced us to abuse a tree? 


 10. Have you read all the volumes of The Lusty Argonian maid? (A.K.A. Tamriel’s best scaly porn. Tamriel’s not very good at scaly porn.) 

11. Have you left Cicero going “ow ow aagh ow ow OW aaaaaagh” in one of those corridors with huge swingins axes just because he can’t die and you couldn’t be bothered to pull the chain? 

12. Have you committed the most unspeakable of crimes? That is, have you KILLED A CHICKEN? (The guards are coming for you, you lawless savage! Justice for the poultry!) 

13. Have you ever wondered how Ulfric is supposed to fix Skyrim when he can’t even fix his fucking stairs? 

14. Raise your hand if you hate the way Dragon Priests float around like pricks when you try to kill them. STOP FLYING AROUND ASSHOLE YOU’RE AN UGLY KITE 

15: What’s so special about Camilla Valerious, anyway? Geez, why don’t those guys in Riverwood just get over themselves and marry each other. (I’m not sure if that qualifies as a question or no.)

What went down in Reflekta
  • Vincent: all right everyone, it's time to pose for a photo!
  • Chloé: are you Pixelator?
  • Vincent: what? no! Pixelator's a creepy stalker and imma an Italian stereotype
  • Chloé: I think you're Pixelator
  • Chloé: he's named Vincent, he's a photographer, he's probs even voiced by Matt Mercer, although I think the wiki might be wrong about that
  • Chloé: so are you Pixelator, lying, or a result of a discontinuity between the scriptwriters and animators?
  • Vincent: f**kin bring it Chloé
  • Chloé: oh no he's gonna snap me to a digital void with a magic camera
  • Vincent: no, go stand in the back of the class photo
  • Chloé: I stand in the front or imma call my daddy
  • Vincent: oh good, I could use an assistant, now make like a pizza and olive me alone
  • Marinette: ok wow Chloé's no match for this guy
  • Juleka: I thought this episode was about me
  • Chloé: oh yeah right
  • Chloé: Sabrina, go lock Juleka in the bathroom
  • Juleka: this is not what I meant :(
  • Marinette: um Vincent could you maybe do something about this
  • Vincent: sorry I'm too busy wrecking Chloé
  • Rose: *rescues Juleka*
  • Juleka: this whole situation is terrible
  • Juleka: I've got some kinda curse, Chloé's after me, and the scriptwriters still won't let us be canonically gay
  • Rose: so you're gonna get akumatized?
  • Juleka: what no that sounds like the worst possible idea
  • Hawkmoth: I disagree
  • Juleka: nobody asked you Hawkmoth
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: dammit
  • Reflekta: why is it pink
  • Hawkmoth: it's the traditional color of chaotic evil
  • Reflekta: I think you just made that up
  • Hawkmoth: yeah maybe
  • Hawkmoth: now make more people pink
  • Reflekta: why
  • Hawkmoth: so that you can give everyone your face in order to finally be seen
  • Reflekta: that's really creepy
  • Reflekta: why couldn't you just give me a giant projector like Lady Wifi had?
  • Hawkmoth: idk now go zap some people
  • Reflekta: *zaps Chloé*
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: wait so I'm Reflekta now?
  • Reflekta: no I'm Reflekta, you're Chloé
  • Reflekta: but the chat transcript clearly lists me as Reflekta
  • Reflekta: oh god this is confusing
  • Reflekta: so do I get to zap people too?
  • Reflekta: no that's just me
  • Reflekta: dangit
  • Chat Noir: oh god, you both look exactly alike! which of you do I kill
  • Ladybug: no killing anyone pls
  • Chat Noir: omg have some respect for the trope Ladybug
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: this was not well thought out
  • Reflekta: ok imma go zap some more people so BYE
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's go set up a trap for her
  • Ladybug: which of you is Chat Noir
  • Reflekta: that's me so let's go stop a villain together and it'll be amazing
  • Ladybug: ok you're Chloé
  • Ladybug: other Reflekta, are you Chat Noir
  • Reflekta: indeed I am, m'lady!
  • Ladybug: call me that one more time and I'm going with Chloé
  • Reflekta: my apologies, m'ladybug
  • Ladybug: right that's even worse
  • Ladybug: come along Chloé
  • Reflekta: aw dangit
  • Ladybug: on second thought imma go at this alone
  • Reflekta: aw dangit
  • Reflekta: it's funny cause both of us are sad now
  • Ladybug: *ollies outy*
  • Reflekta: hey André are you ready for a makeover
  • André: not really feelin this
  • Reflekta: yeah me neither but I need a sidekick so
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: nvm I'm defs feelin this, it's totes my color
  • Reflekta: great now lets go to the place Ladybug's telling us to on the TV
  • Ladybug: wait that worked?
  • Reflekta: *dramatically enters studio*
  • Ladybug: Reflekta? more like RefWRECKEDa!!!
  • Ladybug: aaaaaaaand you're not the real one
  • Reflekta: nope
  • Ladybug: good cause I need to think of a better line
  • Reflekta: HEY GUYS
  • Ladybug: Reflekta! how dare you menace the city of Paris with your confusion and bright pink! this will be your final stand, and will mark the end of
  • Reflekta: yeah the first line was better
  • Ladybug: well have it your way
  • Ladybug: *RefWRECKS her*
  • Juleka: oh good it's finally over

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u know whats rlly telling? the reaction fangirls have to htf vs how they react to matt mercer thinking mchanzo is cute. like. domestic hcs about them sharing an apartment and arguing over the decor and generally being a happy couple? he's obviously being forced to ship it by fans. a racist, homophobic fanfiction written by a cis white woman? suddenly its the best thing in the world. fangirls just don't give a fuck about healthy m/m relationships bc it's not hot enough for them

non-mlm love to see mlm suffer. in the real world its homophobic relatives and parents and preachers telling us we will live awful lives and die. in fandom spaces it’s when mlm suffer through “cute angst that totally is made up by a kiss in the end”, where torture and abuse is seen as cute. it ain’t something new. they don’t want us happy, that’s the core message.

i think that the overwatch fandom is just super gross about it (seeing mlm suffer, dismissing matt mercer’s wholesome content) JUST because htf got big, and many “base” their fanfics OFF of that fanfic


(CR spoilers 94) Please watch all 7 minutes of this moment. This is probably one of the most genuine moments I’ve seen Matt Mercer be and I think it’s a very good reminder that we’re not alone in our struggles.

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I've been working on a Harley Quinn character that starts off as a Rogue and then takes the rest of their levels in Fighter-Gunslinger by Matt Mercer.

Nice! I think she would definitely make a good rogue. Perhaps maybe going Bard for spells like Vicious Mockery? I’m not familiar with Matt’s gunslinger class but I’ll check it out! Also, if you ever get something concrete, hmu for a signal boost!

No lie, I don’t think Mercer would kill a guest’s character. Even after what he did with Gilmore, Cassandra, and Kaylee, I still don’t think he’d kill them. 

At least not without reviving them in some capacity for the players to continue to use them.

But maybe I’m being optimistic. 


There are a lot of pieces of media that Do Not Get fanfic and end up mocking it poorly and just entirely miss the point.

And then there’s this. 10 out of 10.