Matt Mercer roleplaying as a bear swimming

I needed that


I am so done with my university.


Pike Trickfoot, precious cinnamon roll too good for this world

Something about my 3 month binge-watch of Critical Role knew it would make its way into my cosplay rep. And without a doubt, the gnome cleric, Pike Trickfoot, the arguable heart of Vox Machina quickly won me over. This was my first time doing any sort of build that involved armor. I definitely learned a lot of what to, and what not to do. Either way, there is more Vox Machina themed cosplay coming along the way. 

If you have any sort of interest in Dungeons and Dragons or any sort of tabletop based games, go watch Critical Role. You won’t regret it.

Our Bears deserve all of our support

Our men’s basketball team will be returning this afternoon from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm. They will be in the UC parking lot so everyone needs to go out there, signs in hand, Mercer spirit displayed proudly, to show them that we support them through thick and thin. 

The team has SEVEN seniors and they just played their last Mercer game and deserve the greatest “Thank you” ever for these past four years. So here’s to you Jakob Gollon, Daniel Coursey, Monty Brown, Anthony White Jr, Kevin Canevari, Langston Hall, and Bud Thomas. Thanks for the ride, boys. We love you.

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