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OH MY GOD, OK - Three things to take from this!

  1. LMM listens to TAZ
  2. If he guested on Critical Role everything would be so wonderful it would overwhelm the universe - and also the CritRole cast because they would freak out lmao
  3. Now I’m envisioning Patrick Rothfuss and Lin-Manuel Miranda on Critical Role, and I think my brain might explode from the sheer awesomeness?

Umpqua Community College Shooting

On the 1st of October 2015 in Oregon, 26 year old Chris Harper Mercer walked into his English class armed with handguns. Mercer made the students gather in the centre of the classroom before shooting the. One student was spared their life as Mercer wanted the student to deliver a parcel to the police. That student was then forced to watch as 8 students and a professor were shot dead.

It’s reported Mercer suffered from mental health issues and described himself as a “hate filled individual”. Authorities claimed the shooter had anti-government, anti-religious and white supremacist views.

Chris Harper Mercer committed suicide after he was shot during a stand off with police at the scene.

xxchimericalxx  asked:

Supportive, Misfortunate and Swap?

Supportive – Who did you S-rank and why?
In Awakening, I s-ranked Chrom. It was my first Fire Emblem game and he was hot. I’m a big fan of dorks and am really attracted to voices. Matthew Mercer’s voice is really nice… So I actually married Chrom to marry Chrom, it was not by mistake. And then I couldn’t bring myself to s-support anyone else so in all of my files, I married Chrom(I did bring myself to marry Gaius, Frederick, Henry, and Ricken once, but those files never lasted long and were overwrote). But if we are being technical, I s-ranked everyone because I took the time to get every single support.

In Fates, I s-supported Takumi. He was my favourite and his Japanese voice actor is my favourite voice actor of all time. Even though there was no dual-audio, I still counted it. Honestly, I s-supported like eighteen people because I had eighteen saves. Oops.

Misfortunate – Unluckiest moment in game?
I thought this was just everyone, but apparently my friend @echobows didn’t have a problem with this: the rng in Fates, man. I would always miss almost perfect percentage hits, always get hit by definite misses, would get enemy criticals, god. I remember my biggest annoyance was trying to get through the Revelations map where Orochi and Saizo are introduced as allies and no matter what I did unless I threw Hinata in the fire, Orochi would die. The rng was so bad I ended up giving up on that file, and actually haven’t played Fates since. I think it’s been at least half a year?

Swap – Did you ever sacrifice a unit in order to save another?
In casual, oh god yeah. I’d always throw in units like Tharja and Libra in the fire to save Nowi and Chrom when I was training them up.

I’m not a big classic player. I didn’t sacrifice anyone in Awakening. I didn’t in Fates so far, but I’ve basically just given up on Fates.