[VILLAIN] Hydra.

Japanese name: ヒドラ
Romanized name: Hidora

Alignment: Jamahl
Type: Jamahl Warrior
Inspiration: Spider
Status: Dead.

From: Juukou B-Fighter - Episode 49


  • In Greek mythology, the Lernaean Hydra was a multi-headed monster that breathed poison. The Hydra served as the guardian of the door to the Underworld. If you cut off one head, two more would grow in its place.


anonymous asked:

Can I have a past life reading? Pls

Certainly!  Here goes:

For starters you got ALOT of court and major arcana cards which indicates a life of high energy.

Setting: Inverted Knight of Cups

In the picture there is a lone knight mounted on a horse.  She is riding in a barren land with a few patches of dead grass poking through the empty soil and she has lost her place and purpose.  I feel like this is the turn of a new era where mercenaries and fighters were common place and now they are no longer considered useful since the times have become more peaceful.  I also got the sense of “japan” while looking at this card.

Occupation: The Emperor

You certainly held a position of power.  However, I don’t feel this being specifically a politically position.  Rather I get more of a crime ring feel, someone who called a lot of the shots and set the rules.  It seems to come from your displacement with how your world had changed.  Your skills were involving things of battle and such and so you took what you had and made something out of it.

Morals: Inverted Four of Cups

You had a habit of bringing down or harming other people in someway to make yourself feel better.  There seems to be a lot of anger brimming around this past-self and it tended to be explosive and potentially dangerous to other people around you.

Romance: Inverted Knight of Pentacles

You didn’t really have much in terms of romance in this life.  There were a few small dalliances but nothing serious and certainly nothing that kept your attention.  I rather think that you just took to brothels or the like to sate any needs you had.

Childhood: Inverted Queen of Swords

You didn’t have a nice childhood.  Things were difficult, stressful, financially challenging and the times in the country were turbulent and dangerous.  You had to live under a harsh roof to survive an even harsher life and this shaped you into becoming a harsh, almost cruel person.

Education: Wheel of Fortune Inverted

Honestly, you had a very poor education.  What you learned was from what your parents taught you.  Which was not very extensive knowledge.

Main Theme: Judgement

Basically all of your life, even when you still were with your parents you were consistently put in harrowing situations that would force you into making tough decisions, high stakes decisions.  I feel like this was also your challenge in this life, to get through these trials without this weight breaking you.

Biggest Challenge: Inverted Six of Cups

A lot happened to you growing up, death, destruction, your livelihood being completely uprooted more than once and it brought a lot of anger into your life.  You never were able to really let go of the things that happened to you.  The things that you lost.  And it was the reason why you spent most of your life angry.

Death: King of Cups

Putting it simply, you were over thrown in your position.  And in the lifestyle you live, no head is simply demoted.  You either keep your spot or you die.  And in this case, you were murdered by someone who worked against you and wanted your position.

Sorry it took so long! 

Many Blessings

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