Since You’ve Been Gone -- A Brittana Valentine’s Semi AU (Updated Daily Until Valentine’s Day)

A daily (until Valentine’s Day) updated work! “It’s been one year since Brittany stormed out of the door and left Santana to head to New York City. Things had been looking good for the pair with their wedding day only a few weeks away, but when Brittany got a new job in New York that would have meant a fast track for her career, Santana let fear keep her on the West Coast. On the anniversary of their engagement (and with the help of her friends Mercedes and Sugar), Santana has to put everything on the line to win Brittany back, and show her how much she’s missed her since she’s been gone.”

The phone had been ringing for about 45 seconds before Santana managed to untangle herself from the blanket, dig under one pillow (wrong one), another (another wrong one), and then finally flip herself upside down and slide a hand under a bed. It stopped ringing and she pulled it blurrily up to her face.


‘One Missed Call’ flashed harshly back at her. Of course, she should have been up. It was almost ten. But her job kept her up late most nights, and she’d gotten used to sleeping in, even on her days off. The call looked like it was from Mercedes, and she wondered what her friend would have to tell her in the middle of the day. She’s rubbed a hand through her thick, dark hair. Mercedes had only been back in the States a couple of months, but they wanted her for a production of Dreamgirls. She’d killed it in the West End for the past year, and now investors were scrambling to get some of her talent across the pond. She smiled thinking about Mercedes. She was so proud of her. In the meantime, the rehearsals had been running her friend ragged. She barely had time to chat as opening night got closer, but Santana had understood. She was about to call Mercedes back when the phone began ringing in her hand. She nearly dropped it again, before getting her bearing, and pressing Accept.

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Talking Back

A/N- Did I say I would write  Barry Allen or Grant Gustin one today… ha ha ya sorry I just felt inspired to write this 

{AU Sebastian be Bisexual and there is an extra member of New Directions named Kyle}

[Any Images/gifs I use aren’t my own]

(Song sung is also just improvised lol) 

Summary- You and the New Directions bump into Sebastian and his Warblers  leading to a smack down of insults and stuff which eventually leads to a sing-off against Kyle and Sebastian 


You and the New Directions just left Lima Bean and were heading back to the school to do a late practice. Of course, when you saw the Warbler’s cars parked in front of the school we all panicked. But Finn and Kyle the groups sort of leaders told us we needed to stop this, even though Santana was completely against it. 

We entered the school and dashed to the choir room, we saw the Warblers with toilet paper rolls in hand. Sebastian smirked and handed his to another Warbler,

“My my what a surprise… what are you doing here so late?” Finn glared,

“We were planning on practicing we just went to Lima Bean first… what are you doing here?” Sebastian looked behind him at his other members,

“I mean isn’t it obvious, we were planning on trashing your room with toilet paper,” He smirked glancing at all of us, but he kept his gaze on me. Kyle stepped up in front of Sebastian,

“Wow that’s real honorable, and you call yourself an honorable man,” Sebastian’s smirk went to a stern glare,

“Did you just challenge my honor? I demand satisfaction in Warbler tradition,”

“You want a challenge, Smythe?” Santana laughed,

“You got this Kyle he isn’t that good,” Sebastian chuckled and stepped back, 

Your talk is cheap 

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The battle had begun, and the Warblers made a beat

Kyle smirked,

Your moves are fake 

You’re all talk no game

They circled each other both side’s adding harmonies, but Sebastian didn’t even look at Kyle he kept his gaze on you the whole time.

Once Kyle noticed he blocked me from Sebastian's view, but Sebastian still manages to keep his gaze on me.

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You got no game 

You got no girl

You got no queen

And that’s all your worth

Sebastian took my hand and pulled me with him, Kyle looking surprised. 

Sebastian danced with me, I was honestly too shocked to even do anything about it. 

But Sebastian pulled me close and leaned in by my ear,

I got the girl 

He has no game 

Be with me 

and you’ll be safe

He pulled away and smirked at me,

“I think I won that one don’t you think Y/N?” Kyle stood stunned,

“Uh…” I shuffled awkwardly not knowing what to say.

“Me and my boys will leave but it was obvious that I won,” 

“B-But you played dirty you brought Y/N into it,”

“That’s not playing dirty, it’s called flirting.” He winked at me and him and all the Warblers left. 

I just stood there in shock, I heard Sanatana gag but Rachel and Mercedes came and comfort me.

“Girl that was weird,” Rachel nodded,

“Ya honestly who would’ve thought that Sebastian had a heart,” I just nodded but I noticed something on one of the chairs, I went to grab it. It was a note with a Warbler stamp on it. I showed everyone the envelope,

“Read it Y/N,” Everyone encouraged me to read it, so I broke the wax seal and read the note,

Dear New Directions,

I Sebastian Smythe want to claim a truce of some shorts, I have grown feelings for one of your members and I don’t want this rivalry to interfere with my attempts to flirt with her, So if you agree to this truce then no more pranks, dance/ sing-offs, or smackdowns that I laid on you guys. If you agree to this then use the number at the bottom of the page and tell me,

P.S- Y/N call me ^.~ 

I grinned at that last part, while everyone  looked kinda confused, Kyle looked kinda annoyed,

“So are we gonna agree to it? Cause we all know who he likes…” Finn combed his hands through his hair,

“I think we should, I mean not cause he likes Y/N but because we need to stop this drama it isn’t needed,” We all nodded and I pulled out my phone, typing in the number and sending a text that read,

We agree with your deal

He replied almost immediately 

Great then we are all good

I showed everyone the text, and they nodded. They all prepared the music since we were still going to practice, Kyle approached me.

“Are you going to call him?” 

“Umm… I don’t know,”

“You should…,” I put my phone away,

“We’ll see.” 

It was almost 10 p.m and everyone was saying bye since we just finished practice, I drove home and just jumped on my bed and laid there. I checked my phone to see that I had gotten texts from Sebastian. I read through them somewhat interested…


You still at that practice? 

Jesus how long is that practice? 

I’ll wait… not gonna give up

I smiled, and replied back,

Sorry I left you waiting

he replied a couple of minutes later

Oh no it’s cool 

You dance really good

I smiled,

Lol thanks 

We kept talking until midnight and I could barely keep my eyelids open 

I’m super tired I’m gonna go night 

Ok good night beautiful 

I smiled as I put my phone on my bedside table and fell asleep with the last text he sent me on my mind.

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Fic: More Bird Talk: Kurt Hummel Talks About Sex in Six Conversations

Words: 7400

Rating: Mostly R with a touch of NC-17 for good measure

Summary:  Kurt Hummel growing up in six conversations about sex. Canon compliant from early!klaine to present day NYC. This is the companion fic to All That Bird Talk: Fives Times Blaine Anderson Talks About Sex.

More Bird Talk


Kurt’s only job is to be himself. At least according to his dad. And his dad seems to mean that even if he’s wearing sweaters to his knees, singing girl songs, or wanting to know what boys’ lips taste like (though he doesn’t tell his dad that part). And though he’s pretty sure that making his dad a significantly healthier dinner than hoagies, and helping out at the garage on weekends, are also on his list of jobs, he knows that as a gay kid growing up in Lima, Ohio, he’s pretty lucky. Not every dad would voluntarily ask to re-listen to ‘Rose’s Turn’ after hearing it belted it out in anger by his son.

But even having a dad that cool doesn’t prevent him from being lonely.

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Fic: Not as brave as you were at the start (Kurt/Blaine post ep 5.14)

Approx 1400 words, R for sex, no warnings save for things that happened in the episode. Apologies for unintentional Australian-ness


It’s the right thing to do. Moving out. Moving in with Sam and Mercedes. There’s something deeply comforting about knowing this is the right thing to do. Still, in between carrying armfuls of clothes up the stairs, Blaine secretly longs for Kurt to look over with those clear, sad eyes and put a stop to it all. He longs for Kurt to say, “Please don’t leave.”

Kurt doesn’t.

Blaine never really expected that he would. Blaine probably wouldn’t stay even if he did. Especially now they’re more than halfway through the move.

It just wouldn’t make sense. They’ve agreed this is the right thing to do – the grown up, mature way forward, the best thing to ensure their very own forever and ever. Blaine trusts Kurt with this, trusts Kurt with his heart, and he also trusts himself.

So what if he’s not there every day to remind Kurt that he is the perfect boyfriend? They’ve promised their whole lives to one another. Kurt always keeps his promises. And Kurt loves him.

“Blaine, dude, do you need that many shoes?” says Sam as Kurt packs them away. “There’s no way they’ll all fit.”

“Yes they will,” says Kurt confidently.

“Like the Tardis,” Blaine explains, gesturing to the shoe organizer.

So then at last everything is done. Sam’s bed is rumpled as though he’s already had a nap or made out with someone while Blaine and Kurt collected the last of Blaine’s things. Blaine’s bed is neatly made, ready for him. Everything is in its right place.

Rachel’s rehearsing, so the four of them eat at the loft – Kurt and Rachel’s loft. Kurt heats a Moroccan stew he takes from the freezer. Mercedes slices whole wheat bread. They eat from mismatched bowls and drink from whatever glassware they can find.

Kurt smiles at Blaine, often, while they eat. It settles Blaine’s heart. When Kurt and Blaine have their own place, the tableware will match. It’s going to be wonderful.

Over washing the dishes, while Sam and Mercedes giggle together across the room, Kurt says, “Please stay tonight.”

Blaine thinks of his bed with the perfect hospital corners and Sam and Mercedes laughing in the living room. He smiles at Kurt.

“Of course,” he says. He’s moving forward but tonight there’s still time to look back.


The bed is Kurt’s bed again. It’s not Kurt and Blaine’s any more. Maybe it never really was. But when Kurt pushes Blaine down into it and looks at him, his eyes are bright. “I miss you already,” he says.

Kurt,” says Blaine.

“It’s the right thing,” says Kurt. “I know. This is the right thing for us.” They’ve said it to one another dozens of times, to their friends a dozen more. They’re reminding themselves. “But I miss you already.”

“Me too,” says Blaine.

And that’s why Blaine is moving out. So that Kurt longs for him and reaches out to him. It’s one reason in a long list that includes New York dates, video games with Sam, inviting one another over, superhero club meetings without Kurt’s critical eye, the bubbling thrill of accidental meetings at NYADA, the anticipation in knocking on Kurt’s door. The list is full of things that are fun when you’re young and in love. This is their time. They might as well take advantage of it.

Blaine sits up a little and kisses Kurt. They undress quietly, eyes never straying far from one another.

This time Kurt doesn’t ask what Blaine wants. He probably knows the answer: you. everything. It’s always you and it’s always everything.

“I love being just us, just like this,” says Kurt as he kneels between Blaine’s legs, pushing them apart. “Mmm. So flexible,” he says, raising his eyebrows with feigned archness. Blaine smiles. He’s been training. Over time there are going to be lots more things he can show Kurt.

Kurt lubes his fingers. He speaks low. “Here’s what I want. I want to be so deep inside you that you think of me all through tomorrow. I want to make sure you remember to come back.”

“Kurt,” says Blaine, half laughing and breathless as Kurt pushes two fingers inside him, unhesitatingly. Blaine moans at the feeling, still so astonishingly foreign and full even after all this time. “Kurt- I will always, always come back.”

“I know,” Kurt says quietly. And Blaine loves that Kurt is confident but he loves that Kurt is nervous too, that he’s aching to have Blaine here, that Kurt is making a choice and he’s choosing Blaine.

Kurt wraps his free hand around Blaine’s cock and pumps a little up and down. Blaine’s cock hardens in his fist. “Do you want to come first?” asks Kurt.

Blaine shakes his head. “I want to come with you inside me.”

Kurt’s eyes flutter closed. He pushes a third finger inside Blaine. Blaine lifts his ass off the bed to meet him. He intends to feel this right through his body.

“Please Kurt,” Blaine says.

Kurt spreads his fingers fractionally, pushes a fourth past Blaine’s lubed entrance, then pulls them out. Blaine takes a shaking breath. He watches Kurt roll on a condom, then lower his hips between Blaine’s thighs. He has one hand on his shaft as he pushes the head of his cock inside Blaine. “Please,” Blaine breathes again. He wraps his legs around Kurt and tugs them closer together, his heels pressing into Kurt’s lower back. He presses hard. Kurt’s hips are forced down and his cock drives deep in to Blaine, balls pressed against Blaine’s ass. Blaine almost wails with the pleasure and ache of it.

They pause for a moment, Blaine getting accustomed to the stretch, Kurt panting and wide eyed above him.

“Oh god,” says Kurt indistinctly. “Okay.”

He works his hips, gently thrusting forward again and again. Blaine closes his eyes, whimpers. He lets his head drop back, moving it back and forth without intending to. Kurt leans down over him, kisses his lips and jaw. Blaine stills and kisses back messily, seeking Kurt’s lips, feeling almost insensible.

They keep moving like that, Blaine spread wide open with Kurt inside. It feels like they’re melding. It feels like Kurt is one with him. Kurt angles his hips and thrusts deeper and faster, over and over. His lips still press against Blaine’s skin but with less intent. When he moans Blaine feels it deep inside.

“I love you,” says Kurt and his voice is broken. Blaine reaches between them to touch himself. He comes in a rush, shuddering and lost in that bright, clean elation. Kurt moans and pumps his hips, pressing forward to gasp against Blaine’s skin. His body drops, spent against Blaine’s as he comes.

They catch their breath, wrapped in one another. Blaine smiles against Kurt’s shoulder and can’t stop.

“Okay,” says Kurt. “That was amazing. You are amazing. And you need to move back in so we can do that continually.”

Blaine laughs, though it stings a little to do so.

“One day,” he says. “One day we’ll move in together.”

“Together,” Kurt echoes because Blaine’s explained it to him and he does understand. Blaine blinks at tears and smiles again. He will always love this boy. He wraps his arms around Kurt to sleep.


When he wakes, Blaine stretches in Kurt’s bed and runs fingers across Kurt’s sleep warm skin to rouse him. Then he gives Kurt a blinking, early morning blow job. Kurt turns his head, muffles his moans in his pillow and then crawls down Blaine’s body to sleepily return the favor.

When Blaine gets up he borrows Kurt’s shirt, brushes his teeth with the toothbrush Kurt bought for him. He puts the kettle on. Kurt stumbles out of bed, still clumsy and adorable with sleep.

“I put the kettle on and there’s coffee in the press,” says Blaine. He looks around the room to see if he’s left anything.

“You’re going?” Kurt asks. His smile is wistful but it’s still a smile.

“I am,” Blaine says. “But I’ll see you later.” They stand for an extended moment. “Also I love you,” Blaine says.

“I love you, too.”

They kiss at the door. It’s a new promise.

Outside it’s looking to be a bright day. The city is waking up. Blaine’s breath puffs in clouds as he walks to his place. It’s not his home yet, but sometime it will be. Except that there will never be a day when his home isn’t Kurt.

The world’s best automobile in its most exclusive form.

Mercedes-Benz presents the flagship model in its new sub-brand, which stands for the very highest exclusivity and unparalleled comfort – the Mercedes-Maybach S 600. It rides on a wheelbase that is 20 centimeters longer than the long-wheelbase S-Class and is driven by a 390 kW (530 hp) V12 engine. It also has the quietest rear seat of any production limousine in the world.

To read more about the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 click here.

[Mercedes-Maybach S 600 | Combined fuel consumption: 11.7 l/100 km | CO₂ emissions: 274 g/km |]
This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps

That’s the funny thing about being poor. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone feels entitled to share. That was especially true about my husband’s Mercedes. Over and over again, people asked why we kept that car, offering to sell it in their yards or on the Internet for us.

“You can’t be that bad off,” a distant relative said, after inviting himself over for lunch. “You still got that baby in all its glory.”

Sometimes, it was more direct. All from a place of love, of course. “Sell the Mercedes,” a friend said to me. “He doesn’t get to keep his toys now.”

But it wasn’t a toy — it was paid off. My husband bought that car in full long before we met. Were we supposed to trade it in for a crappier car we’d have to make payments on? Only to have that less reliable car break down on us?

And even if we had wanted to do that, here’s what people don’t understand: The reality of poverty can spring quickly while the psychological effects take longer to surface. When you lose a job, your first thought isn’t, “Oh my God, I’m poor. I’d better sell all my nice stuff!” It’s “I need another job. Now.” When you’re scrambling, you hang on to the things that work, that bring you some comfort. That Mercedes was the one reliable, trustworthy thing in our lives.

Things to look forward to on glee this week

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Mercedes with her arm around Sam in that still

The whole clubbing scene and samcedes dancing near/with each other

Hopes Mercedes comforts Sam after Rachel takes the shears to his guitar

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