mercedes sign

  • Aries: Rolls Royce
  • Taurus: Bentley
  • Gemini: Mercedes Benz
  • Cancer: Porsche
  • Leo: Bugatti
  • Virgo: Maserati
  • Libra: Maybach
  • Scorpio: Ferrari
  • Sagittarius: Pagani
  • Capricorn: Aston Martin
  • Aquarius: BMW
  • Pisces: Jaguar
the signs as glee characters
  • Aries: Noah Puckerman
  • Taurus: Mercedes Jones
  • Gemini: Rachel Berry
  • Cancer: Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Leo: Santana Lopez
  • Virgo: Emma Pillsbury
  • Libra: Brittany S. Pierce
  • Scorpio: Blaine Anderson
  • Sagittarius: Finn Hudson
  • Capricorn: Quinn Fabray
  • Aquarius: Sam Evans
  • Pisces: Kurt Hummel
The Signs As Glee Characters

Aries: Noah “Puck” Puckerman

Taurus: Mercedes Jones

Gemini: Santana Lopez

Cancer: Finn Hudson

Leo: Kurt Hummel

Virgo: Blaine Anderson

Libra: Quinn Fabray

Scorpio: Sam Evans

Sagittarius: Brittany Pierce

Capricorn: Rachel Berry

Aquarius: Tina Cohen-Chang

Pisces: Artie Abrams

The Signs as Characters from Glee

Aries: Noah Puckerman
Taurus: Mercedes Jones
Gemini: Quinn Fabray
Cancer: Kurt Hummel
Leo: Rachel Berry
Virgo: Emma Pillsbury
Libra: Blaine Anderson
Scorpio: Santana Lopez
Sagittarius: Finn Hudson
Capricorn: Will Schuester
Aquarius: Brittany S. Pierce
Pisces: Tina Cohen-Chang

When Dwell The Brave At Heart

Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,400
Warnings: foggy idealisation of suicide

Summary: “And who knows. Maybe this whole Glee thing will even turn out to be something special.”
6x12 reaction. In which each of the original five have their own reasons for joining Glee club, and in the end they all get what they dreamed of. Gen fic; bouncing POV change. Yes, Blaine makes a cameo.



Let one thing be very clear: Mercedes Jones is a star.

She knows it. Her parents know it. Her church damn well better know it, because if they try to take away her solos again then there will be hell to pay.

And maybe McKinley doesn’t know it just yet, but in fifteen years time, her name is going to be twenty feet high in flashing lights and she’ll be selling out stadiums to fans wailing to see her sing. And then Jacob Ben Israel will regret saying that her hair should be used in place of steel wool, she swears.

Miss Jones is a very patient lady. She doesn’t need to be adored now – why would she, when she knows that one day she’ll have people panting after her every move? She’s got her family, and she’s got her church choir, and everyone worth knowing respects her –

And yet. 

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the signs as mercedes jones solos
  • aries: bust your windows
  • taurus: hell to the no
  • gemini: shakin my head
  • cancer: someday we'll be together
  • leo: spotlight
  • virgo: i will always love you
  • libra: try a little tenderness
  • scorpio: you make me feel like a natural woman
  • sagittarius: baby it's you
  • capricorn: i want to know what love is
  • aquarius: beautiful
  • pisces: colorblind
Glee 6x06 'What the World Needs Now' Review: Family matters, apparently

This week Glee proves to us that the writers are in fact capable of writing decent episodes. By giving the spotlight to performers such as Heather Morris, Naya Rivera and Amber Riley, ones that are actually able to do their jobs properly, we are finally able to sit through an entire episode without wanting to hit the mute button (for the most part!). It’s just a shame that some characters cannot be given the push that they deserve and that believability is still very much long gone.

Spoilers are included in this review.

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Teach Me How To Love (part 5) Almost Doesn't Count

Here’s the next part. It would have been more if I wasn’t dealing with so much crap. Anyway the title of this chapter goes out to dayjavoo1 thanks for reading.  And I’m still open to more title suggestions. If this is ur first time reading this please check the tags below for the other parts. Or search TEACH ME HOW TO LOVE FANFIC 


“What are you doing here, Finn?” Mercedes asked avoiding the stare Sam was casting upon her. She could tell that he was upset that she didn’t tell him that she knew the Finn that he spoke of. She really didn’t think Finn would actually just drop by her office like this.

“Oh…I just thought it would be a good idea to surprise you since I tried calling you and couldn’t reach you on your cell. I brought you these flowers that I know you love so much!” Finn added before walking over to her and leaning in to give her a kiss on the lip. Mercedes turned her head just in time to allow his lips to graze her cheek instead before stepping back and looking over at Marley.

“Marley, can you please take these flowers from Finn and put them in some water?”

“Sure thing!” she stated taking the flowers from Finn and walking away. Mercedes really didn’t want her relationship to be on display for her receptionist to see, let alone her patient, who was standing there glaring at Finn.

“Finn, this is not the time or the place!” she stated forcing a stern smile his way. Finn nodded then looked over to where Sam still stood watching the two of them.

“Oh, hey sup man! I didn’t mean to intrude.” He stated extending his hand for Sam to shake. “I just really needed to see my fiancée. You know how that is, right?” he asked chuckling as Sam looked down at his hand and then over at Mercedes again.

“You don’t remember me, Finn?” Sam asked as Finn finally put his hand down. He chuckled again shaking his head.

“Should I remember you?”

“Finn, just go in my office and let me finish with my patient here.” Mercedes said. After all this was still her place of business. Last thing she needed was for an all-out brawl to break out over something that occurred way back in high school.

“Alright babe, don’t keep me waiting too long!” he stated kissing her again on the cheek and going into her office and closing the door. Sam shook his head and turned to leave, stopping when Mercedes ran to him and stopped him.


“Why didn’t you tell me he was your fiancé?” he asked not even looking down at her. She sighed noticing Marley heading their way with the flowers.

“My relationship has nothing to do with my ability to help you.”

“Are you serious right now?” he asked finally looking down at her. “How can I trust you when at night you go home to the one guy that took my girlfriend away from me in high school?”

“I am a professional, Mr. Evans!” she replied lowering her voice as she watched Marley pretend as if she wasn’t listening. “Now if you feel that this is a conflict of interest, I can recommend my colleague on the 3rd floor. I can refer you to Blaine Anderson for this Friday instead.” She stated walking over to where Marley was and pulled out a referral sheet. She could hear Sam sigh behind her before walking over to her and pulling the pen from her hand.

“I am not going through this again with another doctor! I’ll see you on Friday at noon as we discussed.” He stated dropping the pen and then walking out. Mercedes had to catch herself as she watched him strut out of the office as if he was running things. It was definitely turning her on. She turned and noticed it had affected Marley as well.

“Now that I have the time…you and I have some things to discuss about your behavior while working for me, Marley.”

“Yes Mercedes?”

“I am signing you up for some classes that you will take during your lunch. These classes are mandatory for you to continue working for me. You’re the first line of contact my patients have to me and I need to know that you will remain professional at all times. So that means, no flirting with the patients and remembering what your job description includes.” Mercedes added as she wrote down the name of the classes on a sheet of paper then handed them to her. Marley took the papers from her and read it over with a frown on her face.

“Did I do something wrong, Mercedes?” Marley asked as she watched Mercedes walk over to her office door.

“You’re recent behavior with Mr. Evans has been questionable. If it were anyone else I would have fired you but I really like you Marley and want to keep you here.” She replied holding the door and then turned to her once more. “Don’t make me regret that!” she stated before entering her office and closing the door.


“Finn, you shouldn’t have come here! This is my place of business and you know I don’t like people in my personal affairs.” She stated moving away from him as he tried to kiss her again. “And I told you we were over…that’s why you have the ring.” She stated as she tried to move papers around on her desk.

“Speaking of rings, I brought it with me just in case you choose to put it back on after I explain things to you.” Finn said flashing his lopsided grin at her. She rolled her eyes before sitting down in her chair and looking at him.

“What is there to explain? You have a child out there with your ex-girlfriend…I think I pretty much get it!” Mercedes watched as the grin on his face faded, which in turn made hers appear. “I told you that if I heard anymore rumors we were through!”

“Look Mercedes, I didn’t see a reason to tell you about the child because Quinn gave the baby up for adoption!” he stated and prayed that she would believe him. Mercedes felt terrible that she didn’t give him an opportunity to explain himself. She couldn’t help but notice how sincere he was looking as he held that enormously cheesy teddy bear in front of him. Then she heard the voice of Unique in the back of her head and she snapped back to reality. He still never mentioned having a child out there and to her that was another lie.

“Finn, you need to leave!” she stated turning back to her computer and started to type just to avoid looking at him. She could see in her peripherals that he had the dumb baby look he always sported when his charming ways didn’t work on someone.

“Mercedes! It’s the truth! I swear!”

“Yes it’s the truth! But guess what? It’s too late! You waited…what…3 years…you’ve know for almost a decade! And only to tell me that you have a child with your ex, now! You have pictures of you in Mexico with Rachel Berry. All these crazy rumors! You have all these lies and rumors that just keep piling up on me and I’m supposed to run back to you…now?” she looked over at him as he frowned and continued. “I almost fell for your games, Finn Hudson, but almost doesn’t count!” she turned back to her computer and started typing again. “Now get out of my office with that ridiculous looking teddy bear!”

“Fine!” he said before kicking the chair that was near him and then swinging the door open and walking out. Mercedes closed her eyes and sighed remembering she was doing the right thing.

“Are you okay, Mercedes?” Marley asked running in and picking up the chair. Mercedes opened her eyes and smiled at her and shook her head.

“I am now!” she replied smiling. “Close my door please and throw away those flowers for me when you get a chance.” Marley smiled and closed the door before grabbing the flowers to discard them as she was instructed.