The VOW Samcedes Edition

Sam and Mercedes fell in love in high school. THey knew they would be together for ever. So when Mercedes moved from their small town to LA, so she could pursue her dream of becoming an R&B Icon, Sam, supported her by following her there after graduation. His parents were against it saying they were too young but Sam knew she was the one he was meant to be with for the rest of his life. Though he wanted to get married right away, Mercedes wanted to wait, she knew getting married would change things for her and Sam and she wasn’t ready for that just yet.

Four years after he followed her to LA, when he was 22 and she was 23, after she was nominated and won her first set of Grammy’s, Sam asked her to marry him and she said yes. Everyone worried about their relationship, questioning Mercedes loyaty to Sam and her being willing to sacrifice since it seemed Sam was the one bending over backwards to sacrifice for her, but the two ignored them and their relationship became stronger despite the naysayers.

Five years into their marriage, after spending sometime in Nashville with Sam’s family. On his way back to his parents ranch after dropping Mercedes off at the airport, Sam gets into a terrible car crash leaving him in a coma for four months. Mercedes dropped everything as she returned to Nashville. She spent everyday and night at that hospital waiting for him to wake up. She even went so as to move a lot of their belongings to their house in Nashville, knowing when Sam work up they would need to be there for a while.

Each day Mercedes would sing to Sam, read to him and just pray that he would wake up, that he would look up at her with those green eyes of his and say hi. At the end of the fourth month Sam wakes up and Mercedes couldn’t have been happier, until she realizes that he has no memory of her or their life together.