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Since You’ve Been Gone -- A Brittana Valentine’s Semi AU (Updated Daily Until Valentine’s Day)

A daily (until Valentine’s Day) updated work! “It’s been one year since Brittany stormed out of the door and left Santana to head to New York City. Things had been looking good for the pair with their wedding day only a few weeks away, but when Brittany got a new job in New York that would have meant a fast track for her career, Santana let fear keep her on the West Coast. On the anniversary of their engagement (and with the help of her friends Mercedes and Sugar), Santana has to put everything on the line to win Brittany back, and show her how much she’s missed her since she’s been gone.”

The phone had been ringing for about 45 seconds before Santana managed to untangle herself from the blanket, dig under one pillow (wrong one), another (another wrong one), and then finally flip herself upside down and slide a hand under a bed. It stopped ringing and she pulled it blurrily up to her face.


‘One Missed Call’ flashed harshly back at her. Of course, she should have been up. It was almost ten. But her job kept her up late most nights, and she’d gotten used to sleeping in, even on her days off. The call looked like it was from Mercedes, and she wondered what her friend would have to tell her in the middle of the day. She’s rubbed a hand through her thick, dark hair. Mercedes had only been back in the States a couple of months, but they wanted her for a production of Dreamgirls. She’d killed it in the West End for the past year, and now investors were scrambling to get some of her talent across the pond. She smiled thinking about Mercedes. She was so proud of her. In the meantime, the rehearsals had been running her friend ragged. She barely had time to chat as opening night got closer, but Santana had understood. She was about to call Mercedes back when the phone began ringing in her hand. She nearly dropped it again, before getting her bearing, and pressing Accept.

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A stroll in the fields - Artcedes

After receiving a text from Mercedes to say she was on her way over, Artie, realised that he’better make an attempt to look semi human, Grabbing his chair he carefully transferred off the bed, making sure he didn’t knock his hip and headed for the bathroom,  After a quick shower, he changed into a loose pair of pants, and one of his infamous sweaters and headed out to the family room to wait for her.  Just as the door knocked he noticed a small tremble in his left leg , “fuck” muttered to himself,  Shifting himself into a more comfortable position, he started to massage the limb hoping he had time to stop the spasm before Mercedes noticed it.  Turning to the Labrador that was for ever at his side, he spoke with an air of authority that was laced with love.  “go let her in Tess “ and with that the dog turned and headed to the front door, grabbing hold of the rope attached to the door handle,and with a huge excited wag of her tail let Artie’s friend into the house.


Day Three: Canon - favorite scene / episode

I have a hard time deciding which scene to write because I was torn between the couch, the footsie and the domestic ‘she fights dirty’ in the finale. After a long thought, I decided to go with Bash because yeah, nothing beat the way Sam concentrate on his food while playing footsie with Mercedes.

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just fyi if you say you hate mercedes because of her diva attitude and because apparently she has a “superiority complex” and then say rachel is one of your favorite characters then lol

Please Wear Clothes (Blaine’s POV)

Word Count: 1,253

Summary: I saw this post on Thursday and my brain just kind of… wouldn’t shut up about it. Kurt is a tour guide at OSU. Blaine is a student who apparently struggles to follow the “Please wear clothes” rule.

Kurt’s POV

Blaine was roused from his nap by a knock on the door. He checked the clock next to him, sighing as he got out of bed. He was supposed to have a whole eight minutes more of naptime.

There was another knock and Blaine picked up his pace, walking to his dresser to pull out a pair of boxer briefs, grumbling to himself.

The door opened just as he was bending over to step into his Captain America briefs, a voice floating in.

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