mercedes boys


The adventures of Blaze…. aka my fat boy

Now that he can walk this fat boy is everywhere lolll. Finally he lets me take pictures of him. He was on this phase where he would not let me take pictures of him lol, but now he i feel like he is camera ready. Which is perfect because he is getting some professional photos taken in two weeks. So we will see how bubba will react to strangers taking photos of him if he is anything like his momma then he will be a natural lol!  Oh and for some reason he just wants to wear pants and no shirt in the house now, he is so weird. 

Oh! please ecuse this mess, im looking for another place to stay im thinking a townhouse, idk yet but ive been re-packing which is so damn annoying. so please wish me luck with the house-hunting!

and thank you @aceproduces for the Gucci slides! he wont take them off ^.^