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Perfume (Part 1/2)

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As our laughter filled the empty streets as we walked out of the abandoned cafe. The night air filling our laughter, I turned around and saw Baekhyun with his arms up and screaming, I ran over to him laughing and hugged him, he hugged me back and said “Let’s go for a swim”. I laughed and responded “It’s 1 am, Baek. No pools are opened” to which he laughed and said “Who said they have to be opened?” I smiled brightly as he took my hand and led me to someplace I’ve never been before. 

“Are you sure?” I asked as he opened the window of the inside pool carefully. “Yeah. Relax, (Y/N). Me and Chanyeol do this all the time” He finally opened the window and slipped inside with no problem. I followed him and slipped through the window, he took my waist trying to help me inside safely. When I was finally inside he ran towards the pool and started stripping himself. I followed his lead while our laughter echoed through the closed indoor pool. With only my underwear on, I dived into the pool and Baekhyun with only his boxers, did a cannon ball after I was already in the water. I swam over to him and held his shoulder while his hands were on my waist, our laughter died down and the only thing that could be heard was the sounds of crickets and the water slowly splashing. He moved a strand of hair out of my face while I caressed his cheek. He looked into my eyes and then said “I love you.” It was the first time he has said this to me, he continued by saying “When I’m with you… I can be myself and not feel judged. I can be who I want to be and not what everyone else wants me to be.” I smiled and said “I want you to be yourself. That’s who I love… I love you. I love your crazy extravagant self and I love the way you smile and laugh with me.” He leaned closer to me, our foreheads touching, his hands on my waist while my hands are around his neck. His soft lips finally touch mine, the slow kiss turned into a hot passionate make-out. Even if I was too distracted by his lips, the sound of keys and a soft whistle didn’t pass by me. I pulled away and looked at him “There’s someone here!” I whispered. He listened for a second and looked at me. We swam for the edge of the pool and got our gathering our clothes not even bothering to put them on. We made our way out of the pool while laughing.

We kept walking, making our way into my apartment, our hands intertwined with each other, the fresh breeze hitting our bodies. He looked pulled his phone from his back pocket and frowned. “I have to go…” he said while I responded “Is everything okay?”. He nodded and said “It’s just my manager. He wants me home. You want me to walk you all the way home?” I shook my head while smiling “I don’t want you to get in more trouble. I’m only a block away anyway.” He smiled and then kissed my lips, while whispering “I love you.” I giggled and responded with “I love you too”. He pulled away and smiled brightly, I waved at him as he started to walk backwards. He turned around and then started running. I looked down and smiled at myself while blushing.

He was asleep on my bed, the blankets were covering his naked body. Six months in the relationship and a lot of people might say that is rushed but for us it was nothing like that. I admired his sleeping figure while smiling lightly. His arms subconsciously wrapped themselves around me and held me tighter. I pecked his lips slightly and slowly made my way out of his arms. I took his shirt that was on the floor, put it on and made my way into the bathroom. I smiled as I looked at myself in the mirror. The undeniable hickeys on my neck, the after sex glow, everything about myself screamed, I just had sex with the man I love and I don’t regret it. His phone suddenly started to vibrate on the bathroom sink. I didn’t want to be that girlfriend that snoops around her boyfriend’s phone, but as I looked at the screen without even touching the phone my eyes widened.

I’m thinking of you. I can’t wait until you get home!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I heard groaning on the bedroom and decided to ignore the message I just read. The name was engraved in my mind “Taeyeon”, his ex-girlfriend. I walked towards him with a fake smile on my face, hoping he was too tired to realize this. “Hey. Are you ok?” He asked when he saw me, I knew this was gonna happen since he has been very attentive of my actions for a while. I jump on bed with him and smile while saying “I’m ok. I just had a nightmare.” He hugged me and laid me in bed while he accommodated himself on top of me “Wanna talk about it? What was it about?” He asked. I wrapped my arms around his neck and said. “You leaving me.” He paused for a second, the amount of shock his face was expressing was not enough to explain. “I would never leave you.” He leaned in to kiss me softly for a second. “I’ll cook breakfast” I pouted when I heard this and said “I don’t like burned eggs… Thanks.” He laughed and stood up putting his underwear on and throwing me my panties as well. 

After that he became strangely distance. His stare was more longing, or maybe I’m imagining things, but that’s what I catch when I meet his stare. I hate myself, and I feel crazy just thinking about this. I know I shouldn’t be worried, Taeyeon was only his ex-girlfriend. and he loves me. He wouldn’t cheat on me, right? He’s not that kind of person. Maybe I’m being paranoid, maybe I’m just insecure but as of late, I feel like this relationship is not just Baekhyun and I. Is Baekhyun, Taeyeon and I.  

Baekhyun and I were coming back from our camping trip with the boys and we stopped to take a break watching the scenery in front of us and the sunset while we laid on the hood of the car. “Do you think the boys liked me?” I asked, he was hesitant at first but said “Yeah. They all told me how much they loved you.” Liar… I heard them talking about how much of a ‘downgrade’ I was from Taeyeon. I wanted to say this… So badly, but the words just didn’t form on my mouth, so being myself I decided not to say anything. I then shook my head and looked at him and he stared right back. “I got you something.” He sat up straight and took something out of his pocket. He took my hand and placed something cold on my ring finger. I looked at my finger and then back at him as he showed his hand. “I got us a promise ring. I know I’ve been acting a little weird but that’s only because I’m fighting the company over something, but that doesn’t mean you have left my mind.” I looked at him questioningly and asked “Fighting the company?” He nodded and said “If I win I’ll tell you what it is, but for the moment. I’ll keep it a secret.” He smiled brightly and kissed me softly for a second and pulled away. He caressed my cheek admiringly and said “I love you”.

He was in such a rush to leave for practice that he left his phone on the bathroom sink once again. I shook my head smiling and then took his phone wanting to return it. As I gathered my stuff his phone started vibrating, a phone call… It was Taeyeon. I don’t know what got over me, but I decided to pick it up. “Hey babe.” It was definitively her. I covered my mouth trying to stop myself from saying anything. “I know you’ve been on tour for these past months but I just wanted to make sure you were ok. You haven’t been answering my calls… But anyways… I just wanted to confirm our meeting in an hour. At the gas station, near the pool we used to sneak into–” That’s where he took me… Deciding I couldn’t take this anymore I hung up and inhaled trying not to cry. I went to the bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I’m his girlfriend, so why would his ex-girlfriend talk to him like they’re in a relationship. I looked at the bottle of perfume next to me and sprayed it all over myself and his clothes on the closet, marking my territory. When I was done doing this I heard the door open, as fast as I could, I put my perfume bottle back to its original place.He came into the bedroom then started looking around his closet lightly. “What’s wrong?” I asked to which he said “I’m meeting the boys for boys’ night out. I have to hurry up.” I hugged him tightly trying to rub my perfume all over his body discreetly. “I love you, Baekhyun.” I whispered on his back, he lightly chuckled and turned around saying, “I love you too.” while leaning into a kiss and pulling away so he can look for his clothes for tonight. I hope she smells my perfume. 

When he left the paranoia was killing me. Was he thinking about her or about me? I’m trying to be cool about everything but how can I be cool when I know that Taeyeon is his ex-girlfriend, and they have history together. What if he realizes that what the boys said about me is true? That I’m just a downgrade from Taeyeon and he would be happier with her?

So I found myself in front of my friend’s place asking if I could borrow her car. Being the cool and easy going person she is, she decided to lend me the car for 2 hours. I drove myself about five feet away from the gas station wearing glasses and mask. That’s when a Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG pulled over the gas station and Baekhyun looked up from his phone and pushed it into his back pocket. He looked so happy to see her, and when she got out of her car, the smile on her face was undeniable. I rolled my window down trying to hear what they were talking about. That’s when I heard him say “I missed you babe.” as he pulled her into a passionate kiss. Those simple words and actions were enough for me to understand that I was indeed not his girlfriend, but I was the other woman. The side chick. I took my mask and glasses off, then turned the car on and did a U turn trying passing by them slowly. He looked up at the car, his eyes widened as he and I made eye contact for the split second. I turned my gaze at the road and drove full speed at my friend’s house.

“Whose perfume is this?” I heard Taeyeon say angrily at Baekhyun before I fully left the scene.

This was for my friend @sleepy6ub since she told me there’s not a lot of Baekhyun scenarios.

Part 2